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Tempurpedic allura vs Rhapsody vs Cloud supreme firmness & comfort comparison



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Guys, I am in a bit of a pickle.

I am pretty certain I am going with the Tempur-Pedic, because my girlfriend has TP and she says it’s the best memory foam brand in the industry, and I’m a newcomer (to this forum as well as industry), so I don’t have much to compare this statement with. Anyway, she took me to one of the retail stores and made me lie down on a few TP mattresses and what can I say, it was love at first sight :’) Not only was it super comfy, but probably some of the best mattresses I’ve ever felt in years. Anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to three models so far, the TP Allura, Rhapsody as well as the Cloud Supreme. Now, I’ve heard many good reviews about the Supreme (my girlfriend has the Cloud, and she says that the Supreme is a modified (better) version of hers, and I love hers), but honestly, I like the feel of the Allura more. Like @sleepmaniac has said in many posts though, the feel of any mattress is a factor that is purely subjective, and perhaps Allura may not be as established or popular as the Cloud Supreme or the Rhapsody, but I liked it better. There’s no saying that either of the mattresses are better in general, but for me, in terms of PPP I found the Allura better.

Now I’ve been reading up a lot (evidently?) and I do know that the second factor to be considered while making a mattress purchase is the durability (i.e., how long it’s going to last you) and for that, I need to be able to compare these mattresses. For that, I will need some information regarding the various layers of foam, their densities, etc. Oh, one thing I found absolutely disregarding was that when I asked the salespersons at the retail store to give me some additional information, they seemed confused (like I wasn’t supposed to know about those dynamics). They repeated the same thing about these mattresses being widely accepted in general by everyone. I insisted that I needed to find out about the mattress specifics, to be able to make an informed decision and they said they were uncertain about this. This sort of threw me off considering they are supposed to be there to help us out when we need information. Regarding informative employees, I have to rate them a 2 on 5, really unsatisfied. They just seemed to be throwing words around to make me happy, but lucky for me, I went with my researched knowledge and took them down (completely unintentional, but I felt happy about it;) ). Honestly now I’m having second thoughts about it, but my girlfriend is assuring me the company is still excellent. So some information I was hoping I could get off this forum? Like the thickness of each layer of foam. Also, are they durable enough to last me a good 5-10 years? One reply I did get from three different salesmen within the same retail store was “they use the space age foam in mattresses, something that NASA uses.”

I’m not even quite sure how that applies to ANYTHING but if that does make some sense, someone, please do the honors of explaining that to me. Also, if there are better options than the Tempurpedic, let me know? I know that many other memory foam mattresses may not be made from such globally recognized brands, but have good value. But if I'm honest, I think I’d be more comfortable buying it from a brand that I know I can contact at all times. Buying from a local manufacturer is just not what I’m going for. Any other brands, which has the same feel as the Tempurpedic Allura would be a good choice for me (preferably less pricey, but not more). I’m not sure if this is necessary, but I will enlist some of my body specifics as well, I am 6’2, weigh about 200 pounds (hence a King or Cal King would be an ideal size for me), sleep mostly on my sides, although sometimes on my back as well. I do have a low backache that has been stimulated by a herniated disk in my lower back, so I have no intentions of making that worse. Thanks for any feedback I may get on this. Also, great job on maintaining the forum, I don’t know what I’d do without it.


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Let me start off by saying, don’t trust anyone else’s word over yours. It’s what feels best to you and your back, over what other people feel. From what you’ve said, your lower back pain can only get worse by listening to other people’s reviews on the same. If you ask me, test them again, in different positions and see which one has the lesser effect on your back and go with that. Oh, also something I experienced at the store was the salesmen pushing me to buy the pricier mattress. Why? Perhaps they get paid via commission.

Since you have an intention of keeping the bed for a longer period, it only makes sense that you go for a mattress that has a great level of comfort as well as supports your back just right. So the Allura is a nice mattress and includes in its construction only high-density material. In other words, this sort of mattress would be most comfortable and soft for a heavy sleeper than a lighter sleeper to whom it may seem relatively firmer. Rhapsody has TEMPUR® material as its base and support layer, while the comfort layer has TEMPUR-HD® material. Cloud Supreme, on the other hand, includes in its foam an additional soft property that makes use of the Tempur support foam (which if I’m not wrong is about 5.34 lb in density).

See, what it boils down to is simply this – which one is most comfortable to you? Now as you said, this is a subjective term and can only be answered using personal testing, and I am not sure if you intend to buy it online or not, but it’s always best to have it checked out more than once. I remember going to the retail chain about thrice before actually going through with my purchase. It is totally fine because when you’re about to invest (that too with TP the cost is pretty high), it’s always best to ensure you’re doing the right thing. To me, the most comfortable choice would be the mattress that upon lying down would transport me to a world of feeling lulled and pampered and make my muscles undergo a “melting sensation.” I am not sure how else I could explain my feelings in words, but that’s my understanding of it. It may or may not be the same for you. Also, a mattress that helps you relax more naturally is preferred. Not something that you have to adjust time after time to get the right position.

See, about the longevity of the mattress, there’s no comparison as such because essentially the same proprietary material is used in the construction of nearly all these lines: TEMPUR-ES®, TEMPUR®, TEMPUR-HD®, etc. I too had narrowed it down to either Rhapsody (the Tempur HD) or the Tempur Allura, both of which were super comfortable and lovely, but then came along the 3rd Cloud, the Cloud Luxe, I couldn’t help myself. I was transported to a world of tranquillity, absolutely and completely indulged in comfort. There’s no better way to explain how it felt to me and I suggest you try this out if you haven’t already.

For me, the TEMPUR-ES® is always better than the TEMPUR-HD®, just in terms of feel and luxurious additive properties. The real decision is in your hands, as to make a decision based on your personal preferences. For example, I like a mattress that sleeps well, sleeps cool as well as looks super plush and comfortable. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I wanted to go with the Allura in the first place, but then when I saw the Luxe, I knew it was the one.

I suggest you look around some more before really narrowing it down to the Allura, because I found the Luxe to be 5x better, hence didn’t even think twice before making that purchase that very day. But as you said, this does depend on various personal preference factors, so check it out :) Hope I was helpful in some way to you. All the best, @John, hope you find a mattress soon.


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I’d suggest that you get in touch with Tempur-Pedic ASAP. It’s always best to get the information you need from them because maybe the salespersons do not know as much, but the customer care reps usually do have a lot of detailed information as to these queries (they are given the training to answer specific questions from customers). Also, I had called them up when I was going through some stress before buying a Tempur-Pedic mattress myself, and I found them very helpful. Granted I didn’t even end up buying one; I feel that they were not upset about it and genuinely cared since they won’t force you to order something or promote themselves (as much) over the phone. Also, keep in mind that the Cloud Supreme is way too plush (especially for a foam mattress). I steered clear of it mostly because my budget was $1000 less than its price, but also because of how plush it was. Since it’s a memory foam mattress, there’s no saying when it’ll start sagging, so it’s always better to be certain, especially for a high-priced mattress. Also, my sister has the Cloud Supreme, and she found it very comfortable and everything, but got rid of it in less than four years because of increased sag. Also, it’d lost all its beauty by then, and she was just in a real rush to get rid of it, from what I recall. I think my honest opinion would be to look for better options than TP.


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Hello @John, if I were to give you some advice, I’d say, be certain that you want to go with Tempur-Pedic before making this choice. How long has your girlfriend had this mattress on her? Don’t listen to anyone else when it comes to selecting a mattress that is supposed to satisfy your needs, especially when you’re about to blow a large sum of money on it. I too, invested in a Tempur-Pedic less than three months ago and not a day passes when I do not repent it. The experience I had in the showroom was amazing, I fell in love instantly, didn’t do any research whatsoever, consulted a friend who sells mattresses for a living, and she said that the Tempur-Pedic was one of the biggest mattress giants in the industry, so I went with it. But I couldn’t sleep for more than three weeks on it before I had to get it out of my apartment. The main problem I faced on day one was that it felt like a rock. And this I noticed was not because of the break-in period or anything, because I waited a good three weeks before returning it. It had that issue on days when my air conditioner was cranked up all night (I like sleeping with the a/c on all night, at 17 degrees) and this made the surface of the mattress as hard as a surfboard. It was insane when I woke up my back hurt like mad, and I figured it was because it was brand new. After a week, I suspected it was because of the air conditioner and turned it off, and just kept the windows open, and OMG it was way too soft. In fact, when I woke up in the morning, I was way into the mattress that it felt like I was sleeping in a hole. I had to push myself up so I could get out of it. This is what happens with all foam mattresses, and I’d been using spring mattresses until then, so this was a major downfall for me which caused me to return it just after three weeks. If you are also like me and prefer sleeping on the mattress with a “hovering atop of the mattress” sort of feel, this mattress is not for you.


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@John, I don’t know how much of this forum you’ve been reading, but my honest opinion would be to go with your gut feeling. I think we have very similar specifications and when I saw all the hate Tempur-Pedic was getting, I knew I had to say something. Honestly, I still remember the day my wife and I first tried out the Allura, and I remember telling her and the salesman that I had finally found “the one” (to which I got an ear full from my wife HAHA), but I don’t think I’d ever felt anything that was as comfortable.

I came back and did some research and found many customers complain about the quality of Tempur-Pedic mattresses, even though I did notice a significant difference between TP’s reviews from other memory foam mattress brands. I know that Tempur-Pedic is also way pricier and everything, so my wife said maybe we should keep looking, and that was what we did eventually.

A week after we tried out the Allura, we were still searching, and with each passing mattress, I would compare the sleeping comfort levels to what I’d felt with Allura, and truth be told, I didn’t find a single one that matched the feel. After this, my wife became an active member of a mattress forum and started having discussions with professionals, who had suggested a few local manufacturers. We went to them as well, and I described the Allura mattress and that that was what I was in search of.

They also showed whatever they had in stock and how they could customize it to make my levels matched (somewhat), but I refused. I got back home and told my wife that I wanted it from a known brand, unlike these local manufacturers. I have nothing personally against them, just that I wouldn’t feel comfortable unless it was from an established brand.

The reason to bring this up is that I gather you have the same issue? You also want a mattress from a globally recognized brand and honestly even though Tempur-Pedic is a little pricey, it has great purchase value.

Today marks our 14-month anniversary with this mattress, and I got to say that I’ve never slept better in my life. I also am close to 6’5 and weigh close to 225 pounds, so buying a mattress that suits my needs is very hard. We got the Cal King size, and I am so glad that my feet are finally tucked in nice and snug, unlike our old beds that would just keep my feet dangling off the edges, which was a real deal breaker.

Also, I used to have chronic back pain which I never got checked out, but I just assumed my back was bad because of bad posture and too much work.

But after I started sleeping on this mattress, I can’t tell you how soon the pain alleviated. It was insane. Now I’m not sure if the spring mattress we had before this was the reason for my backaches or not, all I can say for certain is that this mattress has no added effects on my back pains and I am beyond happy with my purchase. In gist, all I would say is that my gut feeling helped me to get “my ideal mattress.” Follow your gut feeling, and you would end up finding your perfect mattress.


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WOW guys, I never knew the gut feeling was so powerful.

Frankly, I am a BIG FAN of Tempur-Pedic. The reason, I own a TP Cloud Supreme. My friends and family had warned me before purchasing a TP that this decision would be one I’d regret. Honestly, I don’t know why Tempurpedic gets so much hatred, but it’s probably the best investment I’ve made in my life. I’ve never looked forward to coming back home and lying down on my bed, but now I do, more than ever. Also, sleeping on a mattress that is not ours makes us wake up to feel a significant difference between the two, and I am so happy with the Tempur-Pedic. I am so happy that I called them up just to say that. I feel they get enough hate from social media and forums such as this, so I thought they needed to know that at least some of us appreciate them. They do have a 100-night free trial period, so I don’t know what you’re worried about. I suggest since you liked Allura’s feel the most, you buy it and try it out. You owe yourself that, which is exactly what I told myself right before going back and ordering the Cloud Supreme. After the first week itself, we knew that this guy was a keeper. Also, I’ve never had an experience with a bed wherein both my husband and I enjoyed the mattress equally (I’m 5’2, and 108 pounds and he is 6’2 and 190 pounds). So you can understand what I mean, this mattress made us both so happy. We didn’t have to return it before the 90-day trial period, and I am sure we will stay happy with it for another five good years. I love this mattress, and I’m telling you, you won’t regret it. Also a tip I’d give you would be to sleep in a room that is above 65 degrees Fahrenheit because chances of it hardening are there. But this issue doesn’t last for us because neither of us can stand the air conditioner on all night. I’d also say that keep as less amount of layers between you and the mattress as you possibly can because, with more layers, you tend to get the lesser effect of the mattress. This is from personal experience, and that’s why we took out our mattress protector. Also, use high thread count sheets to have an enhanced experience. Happy shopping :D


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Hi @John, there are so many varying reviews about the same brand that I can only understand just about how confused you may be at this point. I am sorry if I am making this worse, but if I were to give my reviews on my purchase of the Cloud Prima, I’d say steer clear of it, especially if you have prevalent back issues. I noticed that waking up on the Cloud Prima was pretty horrific.

I started developing this weird soreness in my lower back, and it would dissipate by the time I got to work, but straining my back in any way (even if I bend to pick up a pen off the floor), I’d notice the pain come back for a second. So it was like it was still there, but was only at its worst when I’d first awaken. Now I am not sure if I have some issues with my back (probably best I have that checked out), but honestly, I do think it has something to do with the mattress.

A day after this, I tried using a memory foam topper between myself and the mattress (topper made of egg crate) and slept, waking up to a much-reduced soreness in my back, and I realized it had to do with the mattress. I think perhaps the worst part about the Cloud Prima is how soft it is; I think for a person who is on the heavier side (I am too) it’s best we avoid such levels of softness because it cannot support our bodies as efficiently.

Anyway, I started using this topper for a few more days to avoid the pain and then I decided that there was no purpose of me keeping the mattress, since that was the real cause for all the pain in the first place, and decided to get rid of it. I had it exchanged for the Allura model, and it is a better choice for me and my back. This is mostly because of the difference in feels. Not only is it still soft (adequately), but it supports my back in a way that I require it too :). This made me extremely happy, and I noticed that some days the soreness is still existent, but it is almost negligible.

Also, the pain that I used to feel while bending my back is completely gone, so that’s one thing I am happy about. I like that this mattress is soft while being firm in the support layers, hence being a major reason for a good support system for my back.

I am not sure if you’ve bought the Allura yet, but if there is one thing I would complain about this mattress is that it has a hard initial feeling upon lying down on it (which dissipates with time), but I do wish it’d not be as hard initially. Perhaps this is because it is still in its break-in period or whatever, and I will post again in some months about how it feels.


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if I were to give you some advice, I’d say, be certain that you want to go with Tempur-Pedic before making this choice......After a week, I suspected it was because of the air conditioner and turned it off, and just kept the windows open, and OMG it was way too soft. In fact, when I woke up in the morning, I was way into the mattress that it felt like I was sleeping in a hole. I had to push myself up so I could get out of it. ......
What is this nonsense? Tempur-Pedic is anything but a mattress that is known to sink overnight. Are you sure you got it from a trusted source? I have never heard of this experience with any of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, could you please do the honors of explaining which model you invested in? Also, how cool do you let your room get? Like @Joseph said, it’s always good to keep your room above 65 degrees F, which is pretty cool as it is, and below that there’s always a chance for your mattress to harden, but this is the case with ANY mattress. Tempur-Pedic does a good job at keeping this temperature lower range, pretty low. I also like keeping my room chilly before I sleep and I maintain it within the 65 degrees lower limit, and I sleep just fine. I am not sure how anyone sleeps below that temperature, that too all night unless you are cold-blooded :O Just a general concern, take no offense at it.

I think perhaps the reason you are sinking into the mattress has more to do with the fact that the mattress is not able to maintain your weight evenly with regard to its support system and that’s why you get the continual sinking feeling. Your mattress is definitely way too soft for you. For me, it’s been only three months of using my Tempurpedic, and I love it so far. Also, I’ve found that at a normal constant temperature of 65 F, the mattress is constant in terms of firmness as well as additional comfort. The best mattress choice I’ve made in years, and am in no rush to give it up anytime soon.