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Mattress Sleep Science split cal king adjustable bed from Costco


Honest Abe

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Hey guys, I’m in soup. I have been looking for a new mattress for a while now. I had the opportunity to read a few threads from a couple of forums and found that many people regretted their purchases because they didn’t do enough research.

Coming to my story, I am a regular at Costco, since their return/refund policies are highly desirable. Plus, I’ve heard a billion reviews from customers, who seem to be happy with the results. Anyway, I am considering getting a memory foam set in its adjustable split (cal king) – Sleep Science ISwitch Comfort mattress which is 10 inches thick having interchangeable memory foam comfort inserts and further modifiable by having the adjustable base, making it much more convenient in general. I’ve never used this base, and was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with this mattress in general and with the adjustable base?

I don’t know if I’m headed in the right direction but could use some insight from someone; preferably mention if your experience was troublesome? I’ve been reading up other mattress reviews, and I’ve seen many people saying “be careful of careful of that” which is precisely what I’m in search of :D So keep the reviews coming in, people! If there’s something I need to look out for, do let me know.


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Good going @Honest Abe. I am also in search of something similar. In fact, I’ve narrowed it down to two mattresses, both from Costco and one of them is this very mattress of Sleep Science - ISwitch. From what I’ve felt, it has an amazing feel, and I am not too sure about the mattress dynamics, but I’ve heard it is a stand-up mattress and makes use of high-quality products in its construction. Hoping to get some good reviews myself, after which I can also finalize my decision, though I must say I am also leaning towards this mattress.


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Hello, @Honest Abe and @SusieQ. I hope you’re both finding it fun being part of this forum. Whenever we make purchases, our most focused phases are whether it will last us the right amount of time and also, the cost factor. I mostly review mattresses based on these two, and I can tell you my experience thus far through means of these two factors. If either of you has been on forums before, you will know that these two factors are the most important considerations while evaluating the “value” of the purchase, so even though my advice may not be “professional” as such, I will try to make it appear so as much as I can.

Anyway, first off, great choice with the Costco, if you are interested in getting a refund policy that is beyond reasonable. This is the safest option people run towards, mostly for financial convenience. You can return at any time and instead get a brand new mattress. I gotta hand it to them; they handle it very well. I’ve bought half-a-dozen mattresses over the course of ten years already, and I think my experience will be useful to you guys. My first mattress was the Spa Sensations that I got from Wal Mart because it also had a great value and I loved everything about the mattress. In hindsight, the other option I had narrowed it down to, was the Tempur-Pedic mattress!

Now while I was wondering about purchasing this mattress, I was doubtful of its value, and since it was costly, I decided to go with the Spa Sensations. I did see some negative reviews on the Tempur-Pedic mattress so that just made me question its durability! That, in fact, helped me confirm my decision with purchasing the SS, which had numerous reviews online and when I saw it in the showroom, I was flabbergasted.

It felt like butter against my skin while being a cool surface to sleep on. This seemed to be an unbelievable sale to me, an almost “too good to be true” sort of deal, to which the Tempur-Pedic mattress didn’t hold a candle. Plus the fact that getting back the money I spent if I didn’t like it is just so much more reassuring.

But honestly, it didn’t hold out to be as great as it appeared in Walmart, which honestly was a real ball buster. Thank god for the refund policy though, because in less than a month that’s exactly what I did, left me on the streets again because I didn’t have a mattress.

I did not miss out on anything from a financial point of view and dealt with the inconvenience by looking for my next mattress. Then I made my second biggest mistake, by investing in one of the Big S’s, despite hearing about the bad reviews. I am assuming the low price had my head wrapped around it anyway, UGH. Bad decision, I tell you. They come with a price. I got the Posture-Pedic, and it is known for being comfortable while providing the right amount of support, but it is not as thorough as I’d expected. And my back remained a little stiff in the morning, so I don’t know how much of its promise it’s keeping up to.

Either way, this one too had to go, I knew this from the second week itself, and I was quite disappointed with the returning procedure, considering that I hadn’t made an online purchase. When you buy it from retail stores that are set up locally, the one issue you face is returning it. You are expected to bring it back to the store by yourself, which was a real hassle for me, considering it was the King size. Either way, just happy those days are behind me now.

My current mattress is ISwitch from Sleep Science. To be honest, I was afraid because the first couple of days is when it undergoes the break-in process and what not but so far, the mattress is GREAT. My back feels so much better, and there’s no stiffness whatsoever. This is the one investment I don’t regret (so far at least). Your question regarding how it feels, honestly I think you should rely on your judgment.

The Sealy was a review I’d gotten from a friend, who said it felt amazing and made her back feel like it was personally tended to but I felt no such thing, that too after getting the same model. If anything, my back cracked while I was returning it. So I suggest that you try out the mattress yourself and rely on your testing mechanisms, over what people have to say.


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Thanks for your insights @Caiaphas, however, I feel like you lost the point of this thread. @Honest Abe, wanted detailed information about the mattress in itself. To make it easier for you, and for those of whom have never used the mattress, I would post the gist of what the company says about their mattress on their website, just to ensure that the same is not repeated.

Sleep science mattress that comes with an adjustable base is made entirely of memory foam (with the viscoelastic properties) and is a luscious 10 inches thick. It is known to be the perfect sleeping system mattress where they are said to transport your body to a state of utter tranquillity. To this, I can vouch for, at least from what I’d felt at Costco. But then again there’s no saying the mattress that I receive will be the same. This memory foam mattress was designed to make sleeping experience outstanding but also extend the possibility of relaxing in any position on the mattress even while catching up on some late night reading or TV or working on your laptop.

Memory foam: People say no to memory foam in general. The reason for it is the use of low-quality products infused into the mattresses. Sleep Science uses visco memory foam that is designed to give the user a therapeutic experience of comfort that they’ll get nowhere else, with the 10 inches of foam. The comfort layer is a beautiful 3 inches of premium visco that has a nice plushness. This top layer is essential in relieving pressure points that are possible to form and supports your body, no matter how you sleep or how much you weigh. The mattress is also known for its extended longevity, which makes it an immediate shortlisted candidate for most customers. The cover is also airy and known to neutralize temperature in the right away, as it absorbs body heat just right. This, in turn, is known to maximize comfort levels on the mattress and the fabric used on top gives it a classy touch.

Adjustable base is probably one of the most bases going around in the mattress industry. It has three pre-programmed positions (flat, reading and Zero Gravity), wireless remote, customizable bed height (3”, 6” or 9”) and has various other features. The best part is the base fits into most bed frames and is known to operate silently. What makes it stand out, however, is the availability of massage on the feet or head (or even both).


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I'm sorry I did not realize that the post was not complete, which is why @Sarah felt that I was veering away from the topic.

I have some more points that might be necessary to know about this mattress, which I have not gotten from the official website or anything but made a note of from the salesman while making the purchase. Note that some of them might be present on the website as well, I just feel like I should tell you, in case there’s something you should look out for:

  • I like the King size, which is what I got but since it’s adjustable base, there is the option of a Cal-king split. The mattress is Comfortable overall, and there isn’t the obvious feel of the partition
  • Even though it is all memory foam and there are chances of potential heat retention issues, the mattress has met the requirements that are stated by the 16 CFR. In other words, the open flame standards have been met, and flame retardants are present.
  • The adjustable frame in itself can act as a stand-alone bed!
  • The frame is also beautiful, and the fabric that is used for it is micro-suede (look it up). The color is also rather unique and interesting, a light brownish color.
  • The motor is super quiet and very efficient, there is a battery backup in the case, and the OS, in general, is very well functioning and put.
  • There is the provision of the remote control, which is backlit and has three positions
  • The legs of the frame are customizable (3”, 6” or 9”).
  • The bed has a lift capacity of 700 lbs, so make sure that if you are buying it from Costco, you have services to help you while returning them.


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Hello and thank you for this thread. It was pretty informational. I just found it funny because I had the Tempur-Pedic mattress before this and had been using it for a good decade before it started to disintegrate (literally) but I am just happy it lasted that long. I think it’s safe to say that they do not make ‘em like that anymore, and it was the classic/original model I’d gotten. I would’ve stuck with Tempur-Pedic, but I don’t have the money for it at the moment and instead would prefer a mattress from Costco instead.

We had seen this Sleep Science mattress online and a few good reviews on it, and I asked my husband if he’d wanted to make the purchase. He asked me to give him time until the weekend because he wasn’t sure rushing into any decision was the way to go. Man, am I glad he decided that because that Friday we went to Costco and checked out the mattress. First off, we were pretty impressed with it because there were many advertisements and fliers about this very mattress, and its display was pretty elaborate and well presented.

The funniest part was that I was considering this mattress the night before without even having tried it out, but it seemed like a real steal from all the advertising schemes that were invested into it. As soon as we got a chance to try out the mattress though, my impressions sunk to the ground, yes it felt horrible.

It wasn’t just to me though, because my husband was taken aback by how firm it is, and he usually prefers a medium to firm firmness for any mattress. We said that was a statement in itself and I thanked my lucky stars that we hadn’t made the impulse buy the day before. It was way firmer than any other Tempur-Pedic mattress we’d ever tried before, and I guess that was the real deal breaker: the firmness.

Our intention was obvious; we’d get the mattress and just return it if it was uncomfortable. But, thank God, we tried it out and avoided the hassle of carrying back the mattress to the store on our own because it was unfit for our comfort levels. For anyone who has slept on memory foam mattresses all their lives, this mattress feels like a surfboard.

I hope you got the answer you were looking for @Honest Abe.


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Hello @Honest Abe, we too have been looking for a nice mattress that would match our needs and heard about Sleep Science. Honestly, we had a big budget because we’d been saving intentionally for a new mattress, so our budget was less than $10,000 which I believe is very expensive for a mattress, but we wanted something that was JUST RIGHT for us. I have to side with anyone who says that we should not listen to anyone else while making this decision because their levels of comfort need not match ours. In fact, from what I’ve read, this term is mostly subjective to our personal preferences.

Anyway, my best friend said that this mattress, though costly is excellent in terms of quality (which I am not negating) and also has the best kind of comfort levels. We too, being the lazy folks that we are, just wanted to get over with buying a mattress and didn’t put in much time or effort to go try the mattress out and find out if it matched our required needs, which was the biggest mistake ever.

In fact, we weren’t even the ones to order it and the first night sleeping on it, I had the worst back pain ever. The firmness was beyond what I was ready to suffer, and it caused soreness in my girlfriend’s back as well. We kept the mattress though, considering it was so expensive but also because sometimes a mattress just takes some time to break in. Also from what I’d heard, memory foam does soften over time. But beyond anything else, we are very lazy people. Starting from scratch would require us to do some legitimate research, and that takes a good two weeks.

We both stopped complaining and kept the pain to ourselves until one night I woke up at the break of dawn out of pain, which she saw and said it was time for some damage control. The same morning, she went mattress accessory shopping and got us some nice memory foam toppers which turned out to be just great. We both have separate toppers though because we have varying preferences, but honestly, since we started using the toppers, we have been sleeping like logs. It is perfect and anyone who has an issue with this, this is the true fix. Our toppers are both 2 inches thick, and it works with the firmness just right.


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@Honest Abe, just wondering whether you finally went ahead with the purchase of this mattress or not. I am also considering buying it, but before spending so much, I want to make sure whether I’m making the right choice. I tried it out at Costco, and I didn’t find it particularly firm, but with all the reviews I’ve seen I’m getting cold feet. I am supposed to make a purchase tomorrow, but now have no idea what to do. I can’t even sleep. One of my family members is a professional in the field, and I’ve asked for his advice, I’ll let you know what he says about it, but I was wondering about your particular experience with the mattress, considering you too had wanted it for a while now. No offense, @elrjlr22 but how do you think that’s a quality buy when you had to get toppers to rescue the feel of the mattress?

I mean why buy a mattress if it is not even comfortable. I would return it and start from the beginning if I had to, which is what I want to avoid by being smart and doing my fair share of research ahead of time. Hope I get some answers here, but from the looks of it, I have joined here rather late. Sigh. Anyway, thanks for creating this thread and I do hope someone gets back to me on this.