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Simmons Olympic Queen mattress replacement



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Folks, I need some help. I currently have a Simmon’s Olympic queen model mattress, and while it has lasted me more than ten years, I need to get it replaced now, considering that the sag factor has increased exponentially in the past couple of months.

Even so, I won’t say it is unusable because that’s just not right. I bought this model nearly a decade ago and to be honest I am surprised that it lasted me this long, considering all the hate I am getting from other customers who have invested in the same brand.

Perhaps it’s possible that Simmons was a much better brand back in the early 2000s, but that’s just my opinion. This mattress has been a total lifesaver for us from the very start and was a gift to us from my parents for our marriage. This year marks our 12 years together, and until now we have used no other mattress but this one, so that’s saying something about the quality of the mattress.

I have heard a bunch of negative reviews from so many mattress forums not only for Simmons but other Big S companies such as Sealy and Serta? Is that true that they are not using the same high-quality products they once did long ago? If so, what an absolute shame.

The reason I’m asking is that I wanted to write my experience with my mattress on some of these threads, just to take away some hatred off the post, but honestly, the number of negative reviews for this brand right now is excruciating. We have had some of our most valuable memories on this mattress, and I cannot even think of giving it up.

What we are considering now is more of an upgrade (our current mattress is a Queen size, but we want to go for a King size) since we will be moving into a new apartment soon in Georgia and are not considering taking this one with us.

Actually, at first we did have intentions of it, but honestly, I am scared that shifting something this old can lead to issues during the transportation process and whatnot. It’s a definite risk, no doubt about that, but now that we think about it, we might just take it with us for a backup and keep it in our guest room, plus

I’ve read a bunch of cases where customers threw out their old mattresses in order to make room for the new and ended up hating the new one, having to return them. Neither of us like sleeping in sleeping bags, so even if it’s a risk to shift it, we are taking it with us. Now onto my query, I need to replace this mattress in our master bedroom and could use some help finding some high-quality mattress instead of it?

Keep in mind that when we first purchased this mattress it was really “in” and the company had an excellent reputation (not sure what’s happening to it now).

Anyway, I had seen many instances where the mattress experts make some personal recommendations of local manufacturers who make a quality product, and I was hoping to get some suggestions in the Georgia region.

We are ordering it and hopefully have it delivered by the time we reach there. I want something very similar to the Simmons Olympic queen, which was an innerspring mattress. Please shed some knowledge in our direction and note that we want the right mattress that feels just like the older one (also, not memory foam).


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Hello @cristian23 and I am glad that you had such a great experience with your Simmons mattress. I hate to be blunt but the company just doesn’t manufacture like it used to, and there are increasing complaints about it with every passing second.

My honest opinion would be to stay away from any major S brand as far as possible, not because these producers are bad, but because they often tend to hide some of their major specifications when it comes to the description of the mattress. What I mean in particular when I say this, is the layers of the mattress, their composition and exact densities which are often useful in being able to calculate an estimate of its longevity.

Any company that is being shady and trying to hide this information has something to hide, and I’d say stay away from all of them. The chances are that they make use of the cheap material in their construction process, leading to further generation of weak links within the mattress, making it easily succumb to softening or sagging of the mattress. This, in turn, questions the durability of the mattress, which is what most customers go for anyway (evidently, yourself too). This is irrespective of how it feels in the showroom, keep in mind that if you are investing in a brand that uses low quality (or questionable) material, there’s no saying that the mattress won’t sag or soften much faster than you’d expected, forcing you to replace the mattress.

Since you are going to shift to the Atlanta region, I would make a recommendation of going with the Smyrna, which is a great producer of the mattress and uses good quality/durability products in its construction. Tapping into some local manufacturers is a great idea in my opinion because that way you can get exactly what you’re looking for, someone who can customize the mattress according to your likes. I am not sure if Smyrna does this, but you could call them up and find out.


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I did have some other options for local manufacturers. However, I needed to do some background check on one of them before I recommended, and so did not post the options before. Some good options for local manufacturers, besides Smyrna, around the Atlanta area, are listed below. Note that some of them may or not produce customized mattresses, but that depends on availability and other factors only they are aware of. So I recommend you call them up if you find either of them interesting before driving up there and finding out they do not.

· This is a brilliant local manufacturer (direct factory), which is led by a team that makes use of only high-quality materials in its construction. I like them because they are led by a husband and wife who are passionate about what they do, certainly know what they are doing and have some great prices on their latex mattresses.

· Again, a factory direct local manufacturer which is known for its traditional good quality polyfoam cum innerspring mattresses while having a low price factor, making it ideal for many customers. I was able to get in touch with the manager, who told me that they used 1.8 lb density polyfoam in the base and relatively thin layers of 1.2 lb polyfoam in the quilted cover. This ensures that the overall quality of the mattress is kept intact and has a higher quality/value than most other major brands in the market today.

· This is a regional factory with several outlets in Atlanta. They do not constrain themselves to a particular type of material in their mattresses and make use of memory foam, polyfoam, latex, you name it, with excellent value.

· This again is another great regional factory that has a nice, quaint outlet in the Peachtree City, it is quite famous actually (in the mattress world, at least) and they too make use of a large variety of products in their construction. They are transparent about the densities of each material used, so you can ensure the quality of the mattress before buying them. Also, qualified employees guide you through the process, so no hassles there also.

· They are responsible for selling so many types of mattresses, most famously known for the use of their pocket coil modules. They can provide pocket coils of varying firmness that different configurations can use. Their biggest bonus is the use of various comfort layers that can be “zoned” according to your preference. Outlet founds in Atlanta, Georgia.

· Again a nice outlet is present in Atlanta, Georgia, and sells Atlanta mattresses. They are known to have a more sophisticated range of premium line of mattresses, some of which are Posh + Lavish, Pure latex bliss, Mattress Bliss and so on (all are ultra-premium manufacturers, so the quality/value of the purchase is guaranteed).

· The retail store that is present in the Atlanta region carries a nice OMI latex mattress, which is what it is most known for. It also carries Pure Talalay Bliss, Naturepedic mattresses, and also Natura line of mattresses. They make use of only high-quality materials in their mattresses, ensuring extended durability and excellent quality. That said, I would make sure you read into the comparisons of the latex mattresses with other types of mattresses. But please remember one thing, do not believe everything you see. Probably best to call them up and ask them any queries over assuming things you’ve read.


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Hi, @cristian23 and wow, what a pleasant coincidence. I too am one of the few owners of the Simmons Olympic, and what a mattress, eh? Such a beauty, she lasted me a good 15 years before it started to get a little raggedy (it still works just fine, and from what we have experienced, there has been little to no sag, even in the ten years that we’ve used it).

Certainly, there is an evident amount of softening that has taken place, which my husband complains more than I do because, for me, the softness works just fine. Being a light sleeper, I can float amongst the comfort layers and feel comfortable enough in my sleep.

However, my husband is a heavier sleeper (he is 6’5), so you can imagine how he feels, now that it has softened quite a bit. He complains that he barely feels any comfort at all because his weight makes him sink to the support layers of the mattress and apparently sometimes he can feel the springs beneath (LOL).

I know I shouldn’t be laughing at his misery, only he knows the true pain in that experience, which is why I am here, to put him out of his misery and buy him something that he wants (he never asks for anything, so I often feel guilty).

Anyway, I too have been seeing all the bitching about Simmons, but honestly, it breaks my heart a little. Our Olympic Queen has been a true warrior, and always been a comfortable space for both my spouse and myself and throwing it out is still off the table (we too plan on keeping ours, but giving it to our son). He loved the mattress and pleaded us to it, so I figured what the hell.

And this way, I can focus on getting my hubby the perfect mattress that he is in search of. Preferably something that has similar properties to our old mattress, because for the initial 5-8 years he loved the feel of it, the support system, everything. He barely ever complained (until very recently), so that’s saying something about the company.

Also, I am worrying that perhaps we do not know too much about mattress dynamics that we are not complaining as much as others, because how much different can the company be now? Do you think they’d make use of the cheaper product within this timespan? I doubt it.

We have no complaints as such about this mattress. Every mattress sags after a particular amount of time, but that’s only expected, right? I read somewhere that it is not advisable to keep the same mattress for more than 5-7 years. I say stop complaining, get off your high horse and do what everyone else is doing, look for a nice replacement. Anyway, I believe that this model shortly got stopped after we made our purchase, but we are pleased we got the chance to experience it.

Either way, do you think that latex mattresses are something I should tap into? I don’t mind getting an expensive mattress for my beau, especially since it’s the new “it” mattress and also I’ve heard that the longevity is insane and the quality is better than any other material used in its production? That sounds like something I’d be super interested in.

Since it is generally supposed to be firmer than normal, I am guessing it’d be perfect for my hubby. As for me, I do have a memory foam comforter, and I am hoping that would suffice regarding comfort? Hoping to hear what you have to say about this and reply as soon as you can, so I can look for good latex mattresses. Thank you so much in advance.


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Hello, @phazer1980 I hope you are finding this forum informative. I encourage all newcomers to know the importance of understanding the value of any purchase. It cannot be explained in a few words, but I don’t want to make this post long and boring, so I ask you to read through articles which would enable you to make comparisons between mattresses based on some standard factors, such as suitability, general PPP and overall longevity of the mattress.

The best way to know whether or not a mattress is working out for you, or is your ideal match with respect to your suitability and PPP is simply using personal testing. In other words, you are to go out and try some mattresses out yourself. While doing so, using the provided guidelines, you can make an informed comparison between the current one and your old Simmons.

Apart from the feel of the mattress, the essential part of any mattress purchase is the value of the purchase: whether it was worth the price. This can only be understood if you have the durability of the materials, which in turn has to do with the quality of materials used during its construction process. This is regardless of the brand and must be questioned, for sure if you want a quality mattress.

A latex mattress is a great option, but I strongly recommend you ask him to try it out or invest in a mattress that offers a suitable amount of trial period so that he can try it out and find if it is his suitable choice.