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Pillows SensorPedic Maximum Cooling Memory Foam Contour Pillow



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A motorbike accident led to a herniated cervical disc and a painful sleep every single day. I was advised to use a memory foam pillow. My search led me to the SensorPedic memory foam contour pillow.

I received the pillow on the scheduled date and tried it on. I had the most restful sleep since my accident. The headache and the neck ache were gone. Regular use of this pillow has made sure that my neck pain is now a history and headaches a distant memory. This pillow contours to the shape of my head and neck and also changes when I move during my sleep. Definitely worth recommending.


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I sleep all over the place. I got the SensorPedic memory foam pillow on address my neck issues.

I am not satisfied with the pillow. The fabric was the only good thing about it. This pillow did not contour enough to my liking. The neck started hurting after a few days and it reached a stage where I started having neck pain throughout the day.

I bought this pillow to address my neck problem, and a few days of use has worsened it. Not using it again.


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I prefer firm pillows, but this was way too firm for my liking. The moment I put my head on it, I felt I was lying on a piece of brick. The pillow also had a strong odor. I let it breathe for a few days, but it still off-gassed. I called up the company, and they agreed to take it back. Too bad it did not work for me. The milemont contour pillows are easily better overall.

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SensorPedic Memory Foam contour pillows are the best antidote for neck pain. I suffer from neck spasms quite often and sleeping on pillows is like playing with fire. My chiropractor advised me to try this out. The first night I slept on it, I slept through, unusual for me. I did not have neck pain. The pillow contoured to my neck. The firmness was balanced; one can say medium –firm. The cooling feature was a bonus. Very happy with the pillow. It has been a month now and the pillow has served me well.