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Mattress Pure Talalay Bliss Worlds Best Bed mattress reviews



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Good day to everyone here. I’ve been looking for a new mattress for about 2-3 weeks now even though my lovely wife and I have been itching for a new one for over three months now. We recently started noticing some minor problems in our sleeping processes and while we assumed that it was stress triggered, only until recently did we discover that our mattress had something to do with it.

My wife wouldn’t want necessarily wake up in pain, but abnormally sore and render her unhappy for the majority of the day. I, on the other hand, would wake up with a severe low back pain that only seems to get worse with time, and would be at its peak early when I’d wake up in the morning. Since we both are under a lot of stress at our respective jobs, I didn’t have much time or energy to pay attention to my back, which has only made it worse.

The back pain is so bad that some nights I’d wake up in pain and just go back to work so that I wouldn’t have to be in pain. I guess that would be my first clue, which the mattress was the real problem for my back, but I have had spine fusions in the past, so my back has always been at fault for me, hence blaming the mattress was far from it.

My wife normally sleeps just fine on any mattress, considering we both don’t know much about mattress dynamics, but still until a month ago, she was complaining about soreness throughout her body as well. The cherry on top of this horrific year was when we went to NY and stayed at a hotel, waking up fine and realizing, it was our mattress after all.

So yeah, without saying much more about our sad story that entails our past, I will dive right into our current situation. My wife sleeps mostly on her sides, and the pressure points are on her shoulders and hips. She is very tall, but extremely thin, about 6’1 tall and weighs less than 140 lbs. I, on the other hand, am 6’6 and weigh close to 200 lb.

I also do sleep on my sides when I start off, but from what my wife tells me I toss and turn A LOT in my sleep and I usually wake up on my back (and with a sore throat from all the snoring). So I wouldn’t say I have a sleeping position as such, but my wife does sleep on her side, so we are looking for something that will not have excessive pushback on her, making her feel uncomfortable.

We have been hitting a few stores, walking in and out, day and night looking for mattresses (might just be an exaggeration). We have also tried almost all kinds of mattresses – memory foam, polyfoam, innerspring, hybrid, latex, you name it.

What interested both of us was how efficient the latex mattress seemed to be for us, which is weird because we barely have the same mattress taste. Surprisingly enough, the feel of this one mattress by Pure Talalay Bliss, (I think World Best Bed, am not sure), felt amazing to us, that we ended up lying down on it for a good half an hour.

Now while we are leaning towards it, I just wanted to know if our approach was correct and stay fixed at this mattress or continue our search.


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Hello and welcome to the forum. On the face of it, mattresses offered by Pure Talalay Bliss are excellent in quality and have been known to last long. However, if you require help, you would have to give more details like, what kind of comfort you are looking for, price range, etc. Also, you have not mentioned the model that you have tested. Please give more details so that we can help you in your decision making.


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Thank you @Mattresso for replying. My apologies for not giving more details. Well here it goes – we both want a mattress that suits both of our needs just fine, which is usually hard for us because we have varying needs. My wife is a very light sleeper and prefers her mattresses to be super plush and feel as though she is floating amongst clouds. This is mostly so that there is a comfortable amount of feel to diminish the pressure point effect, which she feels the most, considering her weight (for her height). As for me, I’d assume that a little firmness was most suitable for me because I’d grew up sleeping on a mattress that was relatively firm, but as it turns out, I do not mind some extra plush on the mattress.

Coming to the details about the mattress, we had asked the salesperson for more information, and he did say that this model was known as, “World’s best bed.” We had also tried another model called “Beautiful.” Now, they were also kind enough to let us in on a little secret, about how they had accidentally ordered a Cal King instead of a King size. Since we definitely cannot make do with anything smaller than a Cal King, it seemed appropriate for us. We tried that one too, which also had the PTB topper, and it felt nice, but I still liked the Beautiful model better.

They did mention that if we would get the Cal King of World’s Best Bed, he’d make us a nice offer, selling the bed at $3000, free delivery and even give us a free Pure Talalay Bliss pillow. Even though all in all, it was a nice mattress, and my wife is totally in love with it, I am questioning whether they are selling us a good piece (because they seemed pretty intent on getting rid of it). I mean Cal King is a great size and there’s no saying that no one will eventually buy it right? That didn’t seem like their selling point, and I am not sure if there is some backstory here, but I really can’t afford to get another bed that may or may not be damaged goods, especially considering our current situation at work and home. PLUS I’m not sure the comfort levels are just right for me, even though they seem apt for my wife.

My worry as I mentioned earlier is whether this is a sale that I should make on a whim? Surely we are not the kind of people who impulse buy, and I have asked them to keep it on hold for a week so that we could mull over it a little longer. If it is a great deal that we shouldn’t be missing out on, someone does chime in because honestly, we have lost our touch with the mattress world.

If someone were so kind to acknowledge whether this deal is in fact as great as they claim it be, that would be a big relief. Also, the softness of the mattress seems fine but what about the support system, and what about this mattress’ softness with regard to other mattresses? Will it soften anytime soon, or sag? These are some of the terms I was able to study on short notice, and I hope I’m using them right. The reason I’m asking is that it is already a little too soft for me, and I am hoping it doesn’t undergo premature softening or something, causing a whole situation for us to get rid of it

Since we are putting good money into this, I need to be sure that this is, in fact, THE mattress for us and hoping it will last us a good couple of years at the least. While @Mattresso has mentioned PTB is a good brand, I was how good their customer care would be. If there are any issues, what would be the refund/replacement/warranty process? Since @Mattresso has said the products made by PTB are of good quality, I would take his word for it. I don’t mind swinging it, just that I need to be certain and get some sort of surety that I’m not making a huge mistake.


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Since your wife seems to have issues regarding the creation of pressure points, I’d just like to point out that testing for them, or rather looking out for them while testing a mattress is fairly easy. You can point out if a mattress feels too firm for you (especially in the top layer, or formally known as the comfort layer) and feels like the pushback is significant on your body, therefore preventing blood circulation. In such situations, the pressure points are easily identifiable.

Let me give you an example. Imagine yourself sleeping on the floor. Now since the floor does not contour the natural curvature of your body, and you’re sleeping on your side, the pressure points are obviously your “curves,” in other words, your hips and also your shoulders. This is what she must feel on a firm mattress.

Similar to this, you can also easily identify the lack of proper spinal alignment of the body when there is not enough sinkage into the mattress, where your body is in the same position as sleeping on the floor, wherein your body is placed rather awkwardly, creating a weird angle between your body and spine, leading to a bad posture and spinal alignment. These issues can become more prevalent and lead to severe or chronic backaches, depending on how fast you identify them and try to rectify your sleeping habits (or mattresses).

Usually, backaches arise from an issue with the joint or muscle (depending on how it’s placed on the mattress and where the pain is coming from), and there’s no saying that it is coming from a mattress that is too firm (it can also be because your mattress is too soft). Now even when the mattress is too firm, the body will tend to twist away from the pressure points, i.e., rolling over/tossing and turning in bed, to get relieved of the pain, which makes us attain less natural sleeping positions which then lead to straining of other muscles and joints. Also, if the mattress is too soft for your liking, you may stretch your muscles over the course of your sleeping period, lest you wish they remain tense throughout the night.

As you may notice from both these scenarios, the point I wish to put forth is that your body cannot just let go and relax in a position they wish to, while letting the mattress be as it is. What you’re expected to do while testing mattresses out practically, is finding the right balance between a mattress that relieves the pressure created from the pressure points and gives you the right spinal alignment with regard to the rest of your body, hence it’s important to consider this: either too firm or too soft, both are harmful to the body and in simpler words, can lead to higher levels of discomfort.

Now you’re comparing both PTB Beautiful as well as PTB World’s Best bed. While both are great mattresses, they are both super plush, in other words, excessively soft (especially with an additional topper layer). While it might just be the right option for your wife, who sleeps on her side and is also a lighter sleeper, I think it might just be taking quite a risk for you, being a back and stomach sleeper (whenever that is during the night). This is just my honest opinion though, and I would just suggest that you go out and have it checked. Make sure that it is giving you the right body alignment in whatever positions that you try out and wait for a few minutes in the same position to see if there is a sinkage after the initial lying down on the mattress. Be careful while evaluating them and make sure to explain your situation to the salespersons.

When you ask whether it’s an overall good deal, I assume you’re asking regarding the price. Well yes, the value of the purchase does depend on the price factor as well, and with regard to the other PTB World’s Best Bed mattresses, this price is good. That said, there are still excellent (and better valued) mattresses in 12” thickness latex that is not PTB. But if your mind is set on PTB, it’s your choice because you know what you felt and how comfortable it was. I guess it is just a matter of personal preference at the end of the day.


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Hello @Hero

I assume that you’ve gotten somewhat of an understanding with the answers that @Mattresso had posted. I shall reply to certain specific questions that you asked. , but since you did ask some specific questions and mentioned you wanted my assistance, I shall reply to those specifically.

My worry as I mentioned earlier is whether this is a sale that I should make on a whim?
This I am assuming is where I’m supposed to reply with a “YES/NO?” as to whether it’s a great deal or not. Like @Mattresso said, with regard to other PTB World’s Best Bed, definitely this price offers a competitive edge and I’d consider it since the company is decent and the latex mattress guarantees elongated longevity in general.

So yes, compared to their normal prices, this price that too for latex is something you should be considering, but that does depend on the value of the purchase. I am not saying a definite YES because you mentioned you had issues with its comfort.

Also on a side note, I think the deal would be even better if they threw in their foundation of latex that is 4 inches thick, but I am assuming this they have not included. There might be other companies that offer a greater value of the sale, but that does depend on how much you enjoy this mattress.

Nevertheless, I suggest you test it yourself to check for potential pressure points and the overall spinal alignment. You never know, you might just end up being surprised with the results.

what about this mattress’ softness with regard to other mattresses? Will it soften anytime soon, or sag?
One main misconception that has been circulating on mattress forums is that latex automatically equates to durability. This is not always the case. Take, for instance, your considered mattress. They are the softest latex mattress manufactured in the industry, even though they also make the thickest comfort layers and there is some inclusion of foam in these layers. Even though they are infused with latex, all foams will soften eventually, at some point in time. Now if the foams are particularly soft, they tend to soften faster than firmer foams because they have been designed in such a way – they are compressed more when used on a regular basis. Therefore, their durability is questionable, especially with regard to firmer foams.

Similarly, soft latex is also not as durable as firmer latex, and here the question of durability comes into the picture. Now since you have been complaining about the softness of the mattress already, you’re right in assuming that this problem has every possibility of worsening in the near future. The worst part is after a mattress softens, there isn’t much a fix to the mattress either. What I mean by this is that, assume a mattress is too firm for you. In that case, you can always use a topper or comforter to provide additional comfort. But this is not the case when the layers become too soft. In that case, the only thing you can do is remove the layers (instead of adding), which is not possible with an-zonable or customizable beds.

While @Mattresso has mentioned PTB is a good brand, I was how good their customer care would be. If there are any issues, what would be the refund/replacement/warranty process?
Pure Talalay Bliss is a good company and is owned by Latex International (or LI) which ensures the use of only Talalay latex in their mattresses, hence the quality of the materials used for construction process is high. Latex in itself is a premium material, and there’s a good chance of it having higher durability than most other construction materials.

However, the durability of the mattress has little to do with the company in itself, but more to do with the material, its quality, and density used during construction processes. As mentioned, since LI takes care of the manufacturing, with regard to the quality of products used in the mattress, you’re in good hands.

That said, I don’t think you must rely on any of the warranty schemes offered due to the possibility of the foam softening. Most people consider a longer warranty to be somewhat of a blessing, but something they oversee is that the loss of comfort or softening of the foams is not the factor the company considers while cashing in the warranty. It has nothing to do with the durability of a mattress, or how long it might last you. It mostly depends on the personal factors of the sleeper (such as body type, weight, sleeping positions) and how much of the softening of the foam they can tolerate before there is a total loss of comfort/support for them.

Note that warranties offered by any company does not include the loss of comfort or support but rather depends entirely on how deep is the impression on the mattress when there’s no weight on the mattress. This is a pretty hard claim, and you have to wait a fair amount of time with the existent impression to see that happen. Even though the warranty claim for PTB is quite lenient, considering only 0.75” of an impression needs to be present to cash this in, foam softening is a real pain in the ass.

In most mattresses, when there is a considerable amount of impression created when you get off the mattress, it seems to level with the rest of the mattress. The effect of you “sleeping in a hole” or “being caught within the mattress” is only when you are lying on it, i.e., the weight is being applied to it. This process is very frustrating for many customers, and if you reckon you’re one of them, I’d say steer clear of this. Go for something that is completely made of latex.
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Joyce McGregor

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I would just like to add that while making a choice (that is as expensive as yours) I believe it is important to check out whether any factors are being overlooked by the buyer. This is important because they only see the straight line vision of the same, and sometimes since you want the mattress so bad, you don’t notice the other options (possibly better options) around you. However, since you took the time to post such an elaborate scenario of your current situation, I just wanted to post my opinion too. I think that first off, like @Mattresso and @sleepmaniac said, you most certainly MUST try out the mattress for yourself, and make sure it is not defective in any sort, or feel different from what it’s supposed to. Also, check for the alignment as well as relief of pressure points in each sleeping position that you acquire. This is something that many people don’t take out the time to do and end up regretting their decision. Technically they cannot be blamed either because they are not aware of what they’re supposed to do but thank God for these forums, am I right?

Also before you go through with this purchase, I must push you to look up some local manufacturers in your location, or other local latex options you may have around you, to make an informed decision about which mattress has the most value. The World’s Best Bed mattress in your opinion did not have the amount of comfort that you were looking for, but there’s no saying that you won’t find another better option somewhere locally, which both your wife and yourself like and has an even better price point. I just think you should be thorough, because when I made my mattress purchase three years ago, I saw the same mattress, with some innovations and a significant reduction in price less than five weeks after making the purchase. The only thought that went through my head was, I wish I’d done more research. I don’t know your current situation, but if you’re the kind who kicks yourself for losing on great deals, I’d say keep looking.

Plus for the mattress you’re getting, there’s no saying that you won’t get better options. Hell, I know of companies that sell fully natural latex mattresses for $3k! That I think you’d benefit from more as it is as well as pay the same amount ALSO having greater durability because those mattresses legit last for decades. So that’s something I’d suggest, look up other prices and make sure what you’re paying is a comfortable choice for you. Also, probably best you choose a local manufacturer which has its perks than say an online purchase which is lesser, price wise but you cannot check it out yourself or tell whether it is the mattress for you.

Please note that I am not implying this sale is not a total catch, I am just saying that you need to be comfortable with the money you’re about to spend on your new mattress. Certainly, if you check it out at the store and find that it checks out all the critical factors you need to be covered while sleeping on it and are comfortable with the value of the purchase, find it suitable for your needs as well as think that it offers the right amount of comfort, there’s no doubt that you shouldn’t consider buying it. Just be thorough that you’re certain about buying this mattress, and if your gut tells you that it is the mattress for you and you get some surety that the mattress will last you as long as you want, definitely go for it.

For now, it does appear to be your best option, considering you only had two options, to begin with, but honestly, regarding value, I’d rank it a good and not excellent value. I would say continue looking until you have some more competitive options and then compare them together and see which one renders most effective (and efficient as well as has the highest value of purchase).


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Thank you SO MUCH @Mattresso, @sleepmaniac, @Joyce McGregor for your detailed replies. Very much appreciated. I wasn’t aware of the additional perks of the mattress, so I went back and tried out the mattress that they were offering to me, which I’m getting for $3000, including tax+free delivery and a free pillow as well as the 4” latex foundation as well!!! That’s pretty insane for this, yes? Considering it is a Cal King, I mean. Yes, it was the softest mattress I’ve tried thus far and surely I do have my concerns with it, so I decided to keep looking.

I went to another retail store that was selling the PTB World’s Best Beds, and my world turned around. There were more options of their foundations, and we were able to try three of them, out of which the first one was the latex topped foundation, that we tried earlier and found it to be the same. My wife was very much in love with it and claimed it was the one for her, but for me, it was still rather soft.

After this, we tried another foundation which was the normal firm foundation. I was so overwhelmed with emotion when I realized how much of a difference just the foundation of the bed had. It felt so much better, and the amount of support that I felt was beautiful. In fact, it felt like a completely different bed altogether, and now the only issue at hand is that I cannot explain this feeling to my wife. She claims the other one is what she wants, although I cannot imagine sleeping on that for more than a few days together. Just thinking about it is making my head hurt, anyway I know that there’s no way I’m getting the first one. We might just keep looking for a bit more, hoping we find something we both like.

The firmer one seemed fine for her for the time being, but she is concerned about the levels of its firmness. To this, I told her that I would get her any comforter/topper she wanted to go with the foundation, which she’s fine with for now, but said she wanted to try it out again before setting her mind on it.

Also, she’s open to trying some other options first before settling for this one, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. The salesperson, of course, was trying to sell to us the latex-topped foundation, because that was a couple of extra bucks he could get from a commission I’m assuming. There is no way I am getting that, especially after reading everything you three have mentioned, to which I agree with. I am not open to buying something only one of us likes, especially considering I’m the one with a chronic backache for ages now.

My wife is super supportive though and said that we would keep looking and we won’t stop unless we find something I like as well. The salesperson did mention that we buy this latex foundation because otherwise, the mattress ends up too firm and that if we felt it was too soft, we could get the firmer foundation for free. Do you guys think this is something I should consider? Still mulling but could use some help. Also anything I’m overlooking? Thanks for all your help, guys :) Such detailed replies, I’m so happy.


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Thank you for your kind words, we are only happy to help.

which I’m getting for $3000, including tax+free delivery and a free pillow as well as the 4” latex foundation as well!!!
While their throwing in of the extra foundation is entirely a deal changer, and it adds extra value to the overall purchase, it’s much like you said. Unless you find it appropriate enough for the both of you, no matter how many extra elements they add into the make the deal seem more attractive, you’ll only end up happy with a mattress that feels comfortable to you, with regard to suitability, PPP, durability and so on.

Make sure you consider all those factors before making your purchase. Otherwise, you’ll end up complaining to the company when you had all the information and instructions at hand but chose to be ignorant of them. Since you’re taking your sweet time to make this decision as well, it’s only best that you land on something that is ideal for the both of you, considering you have had issues for a while now with your mattress. I hope you’re not still sleeping on that mattress and using a spare.

The salesperson did mention that we buy this latex foundation because otherwise, the mattress ends up too firm and that if we felt it was too soft, we could get the firmer foundation for free.
I feel this is very misleading, from a mattress perspective but I am also impressed with how well the salesperson was able to impress you with words. One of the biggest mistakes that most customers make while undergoing any mattress purchase is fall for what salespersons tell them so contently, that you often think not to question what they have to say. I am glad you brought this up on the forum so that other customers who might also go through similar situations in the future can see as this a sample and avoid it.

Perhaps a mattress might be just the right amount of soft, but you figure, what’s the harm with softness anyway, isn’t that just added comfort? This is SO wrong because often the opposite is what happens. So many people who are not cut out for memory foam, for instance, buy it considering the price is lower (some brands) and thinking the softness will only benefit me, but what they end up with is a mattress that’s given up before it was supposed to. You could end up with severe backaches, due to the mattress compromising the promise of maintaining the same amount of comfort as well as lumbar support for your back that they require in the long run, making you longing you’d made a better decision while purchasing the mattress in the first place.

Note that if you buy a mattress that may just be too firm upon feeling it in the showroom, there’s always the possibility of the material softening with time and after the break-in period you might end up with the right amount of comfort. Even without this, you can always adjust with a topper to make it soft, but if a mattress is too soft, there’s no “fix” to it and leads to additional problems with regard to horrible backaches.

I was so overwhelmed with emotion when I realized how much of a difference just the foundation of the bed had.
Well, there’s no doubt that the extra layer (that contains four good inches of latex) can make a significant difference to any sleeper, but honestly, I would suggest that you go with your gut feeling, over some employee who is arrogant and intent on getting his commission.

Trust your instincts, more than anything else, of course after testing it with regard to how it feels, the pressure point relief, the comfort levels and how well it supports your body, spinal alignment, and all that jazz. I’d suggest that since you tried out the firmer foundation and found that most ideal to you, you should somehow convince your better half to like it as well, because of no doubt, in the long run, that is the best option for the both of you. I suggest you ask her to read these posts to understand the downside excessive plushness can have on an adult, especially while growing old.

A non-flexing foundation such as the one you chose to be ideal for you is a better option, but do keep in mind that alignment issues may not be an issue in the showroom but has the chance of becoming a bigger issue when you start using your own at home.
Joyce McGregor

Joyce McGregor

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The salesperson did mention that we buy this latex foundation because otherwise, the mattress ends up too firm and that if we felt it was too soft, we could get the firmer foundation for free. Do you guys think this is something I should consider?
Now since you did mention that the firmer foundation is more costly, I would say that this deal of getting it for free, after using the latex foundation and finding that it was not as comfortable as you’d hoped for would be something you should consider. I mean, there’s no loss in any way for you, and he was just finding some way of making the deal sound more and more irresistible. A little spooky, but there isn’t much to worry with regard to these mattresses, as they are manufactured by the LI and hence quality will by no means be compromised.

However, I do have some concerns regarding how the mattress foundation is with the transition area in the middle of the mattress, and if you’re not used to it, it might just be that the two sides are significantly felt separately, and hence feel a little weird (if not used like this before). That said, there’s no guarantee that this wouldn’t be a nice little trade-off for the other benefits that this might provide you with, that is a good amount of customization that you can get on either side of the mattress. It is an overall trade-off for you, and you should consider whatever you like and dislike and weigh those factors against each other to make the most informed decision for yourself.

One thing I would stress on, yet again, is that you take enough time checking your sleeping positions and the acquired amount of support that is returned to you from the mattress, given the setup you’re considering: whether latex or just firm. Also not just the appropriate alignment, but also the right amount of time you spend on the mattress. Ensure that in each of the positions you’re trying out, you’re obtaining a good amount of relaxation, just so that you are sure that the odds are in your favor. This time of sleeping system might also be a tad bit risky for a stomach sleeper, so you should consider trying out sleeping on your stomach, given that you’re known to acquire all possible sleeping positions.

Just like @sleepmaniac said, there’s no better judge of how well you sleep on the mattress than you, so there’s no better way of judging this, except for personal testing. Don’t even think twice before going to do this again and make sure you’re through with your process. Plus, I am assuming that what you said is correct with the latex foundation not being as comfortable as the firmer foundation, but even if not I am glad that you have the option of exchanging it and getting the softer option, should you feel that it is too firm for you (later on). Even if the value of the purchase would somehow be reduced, I’d still consider that you got the better part of a deal and said you go for it.


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Thank you guys, again for your detailed replies. I am so thankful to be part of this forum, I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, this site is genius. I do believe that now is not the right time for us to go all out and dig into other brands because we just don’t have the time. Past week every day after coming back home we’ve been going to different outlets and trying out a large number of PTB mattresses, out of which the only two that we still like are only the Beautiful and the World’s Best Bed.

Now since the first one is a definite no for me, and only worked for my wife if we coupled the mattress with its topper, we decided to go with the only choice left, the World’s Best Bed. I mean it is named that for a reason, yes? Either way, the salesperson also said that for our case of conflicting likes, the best option would be this very mattress. Now the foundation we will land on is still on the table, we haven’t decided as yet, because like I mentioned my wife loves the latex foundation and says it’s perfect for her while I find it a little too soft for my liking.

On the other hand, they also have a firmer foundation that does not have any latex in it, and I found that very supportive of my back while being just the right amount of comfortable, without having an explosion of softness on my body, which I really cannot take. Either way, since that does seem like a good deal, we might just go with the latex foundation for now, even if it is a little soft for me because she doesn’t seem to be budging from her dream mattress :(. I just hope this doesn’t make my back issues worse off, but if it does, I am coming in and exchanging the latex foundation for the firmer one.

Granted that neither of us is as educated about mattress metrics and such, but I can say with confidence that we did end up making a solid purchase, only with the help of you guys on this forum. Thank you for all the love and support. Plus I am not worried that what we made is at all questionable because the value of the purchase is justified. We checked out a few other stores and found that the price we got is a couple 100 dollars less, and that’s always great.

Of course, hoping that soon enough we can get the firm foundation in and with the extra money we’ve saved, I can just get a nice latex topper for my wife, so that she feels comfortable on it, but we’ll get to that when it happens. I want to thank you all once again for all your replies and support.

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Hello @Hero and I am so glad you created this thread. I too was in search of the right mattress for myself and my boyfriend, and after three months of searching, we finally landed on something we both liked. We didn’t do any elaborate studies on the mattress though and ended up buying the PTB World’s Best, which is why I am here as you would’ve guessed. I was just wondering how the setup is working for you and which one you finally ended up buying. We do not have the awesome option that you do, of exchanging the foundations, but I will look into that.

Also, we bought ours online, and it should be delivered to us in a couple of days, so I am getting cold feet. This is something we have been planning for a very long time, so I cannot afford to screw this up. Also, we did get the 3” topper with it as well which felt like heaven personally, and that’s the main reason I even decided to go with it, but the mattress felt brilliant in the showroom as well, so we are not concerned as such, just a little worried considering that now I’ve finished reading everything that these three experts have posted. If there are any tips you could give me or “look out for this,” I would appreciate it.


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Would just like to share my insight on the same considering that I have been using the Bliss Latex for quite some time now, with zero complaints. One thing I know about the Bliss designs is that customization is not permitted, hence a change in the latex layers within the mattress is not possible, which is why they add the topper to the mattress in the first place. This topper is a 3” beauty, and lies within the ILD range between 14-16 and without a doubt is as soft as wool. It is also very plush and the most comfortable surface I’ve ever slept on IN MY LIFE. Now if I’m not wrong this very topper is added for both the World’s Best as well as the Beautiful mattress (this is what you were talking about in post 1) and I’ve been using it for so long now.

Also since @sleepmaniac pointed this out in one of the posts, where when the softening of this layer occurs, what do we do? It’s as simple as this since it’s a topper, you know that you can always take it off. What I did when mine started to soften was get it replaced. It’s not even that cheap and considering the amount of softness and comfort it extends, it’s a true steal in my opinion, at least.

The best part about this is that the foundation is still very much intact, firm and perfect for support in the lumbar areas as well as provides spinal alignment, while you get the new topper that has the right amount of comfort. This is so beneficial in keeping the core layer intact while just customizing (in a way) your level of comfort. If it’s too soft, you can even get a firmer latex topper that has higher ILD. It’s just that simple.

As a fellow side sleeper, I can vouch for it being lovely in eliminating pressure points as well as being the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. Further, my spouse, who recently had an ulcer in her stomach and had to undergo surgery had to sleep on an adjustable bed, and throwing this topper on that bed made her sleep like a log, that’s the amount of comfort I’m talking about.

Also, given that you both are rather light sleepers, I don’t think the possibility of either one of you sinking down to the base layers is even to be considered. If you both have varying tastes, a suggestion would be to get a firmer foundation on your side of the bed and the latex for her side, so that you both can sleep comfortably without having to compromise on comfort. This is just my opinion though.


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I am glad you had that experience with your current mattress, which is all the more reason why you’d promote it. Agreed that the topper is super comfortable but buying a mattress just for the topper doesn’t make much sense to me. Like @Tracy Perry said, you might as well just buy the topper then, right? Plus, in @Hero ’s case, they were planning on getting the latex foundation, so here the matter of excessive firmness was not even remotely the issue. In fact, getting some firmness in any way was the main objective. This, of course, I am assuming based on the fact that he mentioned he had intentions of going with what his wife had chosen, later exchanging it for the firmer foundation should any issues with, the softer mattress occurs.