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Sleep pure sleep mouthpiece reviews & complaints discussion



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I was looking for a suitable solution for sleep apnea. I came to know about puresleep but like to know more details about it.

Someone who has used it may also add their inputs on how good it is.

Any info or pointers would be most welcome. Thanks.


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I have not used it but heard that Puresleep helps improve breathing in your sleep and prevents snoring. It claims to hold the lower jaw in a forward position. That way, your airway stays open without obstruction. For what you pay once, it runs for six months or more.

I would like to tell you though, that there are many such products and we cannot say which suits you best.


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I have been using a similar thing given to me by my dentist.

I think you should also do the same thing -- talk to your dentist and take his recommendation.

These devices last for some six months or more. So you can even change them if you find something better the next time.


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Welcome to SleepAider Forum, @BigTeeth. Good thing you asked about it on this forum.

If you are a snorer and your doctor has ruled out any sleep apnea, then I think you can try the puresleep solution.


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I bought this mouthpiece and used it with success. It helped my wife sleep better. But I must tell you that I am a hands-on guy and did all the fitting and 'customization' myself. If you snore badly then you can definitely try it as well I believe. Else there may be others out there that you could use straight out of the box.


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Until my people told me about it, I never knew I snored in my sleep. It was only slight so no one noticed it all these days. Well, I thought it's nothing big to worry now. After all, sleeping seven hours or more, I think I get plenty of rest at night.

But when I also started feeling a bit tired when I wake up (it wasn't like I have had a refreshing sleep) that I started worrying about it. My doctor said I don't have sleep apnea. He called it primary snoring or some such thing.

After seeing this video on social media, I called the guys and asked them about their puresleep. I thought why not give it a try. Went back to my doctor, got his okay and bought one online. They told me it was adjustable and all, so it must be okay.

I received one lower and one upper piece. You need to connect them and then put them through some boiling. You bite into the softened mold, and your personalized mold is ready.

Okay, seems it works after all. I asked my folks to sit up all night and watch over me. No one volunteered but at least no one complained the next morning.

For me, the good thing is that I started feeling more refreshed in the mornings.

Disclaimer: I do NOT work for The Pure Sleep Company and they don't give me a cent for anything I tell you.


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@BigTeeth Sleep apnea is a potentially serious disorder, you need to be under your doctor's monitoring and advice.

That said, if you want to know about PureSleep and similar products, I can give you some info.

If you do not have sleep apnea but do snore, you can go MAD. Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) keep the lower jaw (mandible) slightly moved forward so that you can breathe better in your sleep. These also have lots of other names like dental sleep solutions, oral appliances, mouth pieces or dental devices.

PureSleep is one such snore stopper.

Sometimes, the insides of our throat relax all too much in our sleep. You breathe and these slack tissues start vibrating in the air that you breathe, making a noise. Snoring is not all that rare. In fact, lots of us do it. We usually are not aware because we are sleeping soundly (pun intended).

So anything that can stop these loose tissues from shaking should stop snoring. You have snore stoppers coming in various designs and materials. Research has shown that these devices do help in preventing snoring.

There are prescription devices (could cost you a neat packet or maybe not) and then you also have those that you can buy off the Internet and try for yourself (usually cheaper). I would say, talk to your doctor and your dentist first. If you do not need any other kind of treatment, then you can safely go for one of these devices. Also, ask you doctor or dentist if they would suggest a particular type of device to suit you. Sometimes, a PureSleep or another similar thing may not work for you.

Some users have complained of a dry mouth or pain in the teeth or the jaw after trying a snore stopper. In any case, these are purely for temporary use, not for the long term unless your consultant says so.

After all, you may be doing a favor to yourself and, especially, those who sleep in the same room as you do.