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Pranasleep Vinyasa Bad Experience



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This is my review. Eight years ago, I got myself this Pranasleep Vinyasa mattress after checking it by lying on it at the store. When it was delivered I found it way soft and hurt my back. I got it exchanged for the Firm model. For the first four years, this worked fine for me. Then I started feeling lower back pains. Last year I tried avoiding the mattress and sleeping on another bed. And the back pains went away.

That was when I called the store and told them about the problem. They told me to try putting a board under the slatted foundation. But that did not help at all. The store tells me that if decide to buy a new mattress, I can get a good discount.


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Three years ago I bought my Pranasleep Vinyasa mattress paying four grand. It supposedly came with a 20 year warranty. It has developed a dipping of a whole inch and half. I got the store to come and check it out.

They tried adding a foam insert under the mattress but that didn't work. I tried setting up a board under the mattress and adding the foam insert even but neither has helped.

The store says it can't take back the bed because they say they have found some stain on it that I don't see at all. I wrote to Pranasleep who told me they have forwarded it to the store. I am still stuck with the sunken mattress.


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We bought a Pranasleep Vinyasa Plush mattress. When the DH thought it was too soft, we swapped it for a Firm, which we both found far better. It gives good support with its firmness and cradles me softly enough too. We are both comfortable in it and we are sleeping well after a long time. We are really in love with this bed.


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We bought a Pranasleep Vinyasa a few months back paying $4600 and ended up with the worst bed we have ever slept in. It has given us severe back pains. Even the kids suffered the same when they slept with me in the bed one night. We exchanged it for another slightly firmer Pranasleep.

I hardly sleep for five hours. My lower back and shoulders hurt real bad and I can't have a proper sleep even. Obviously, something is seriously wrong with this mattress. Exchange is given only once. So I am left holding this horrible bed now.

My earlier mattress from a different company that I bought more than ten years ago was very comfortable. I had bought it for just over $3000. I even feel I should have gone for the same brand rather than trying this new Pranasleep


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I believe that sleep quality is very important for good health. But in practice I recently noticed that although I am sleeping long enough, I am waking up with pains and feeling tired. Then it occurred to me that the problem could be in the mattress and so in the quality of sleep.

Three months ago, Pranasleep has given me a complete sleep set up customized to my parameters and that has totally changed my life. With the Pranasleep Super Vinyasa 4 Luxury Firm mattress, my aches and pains disappeared. I sleep well now. My energy levels are back! This mattress gives you great comfort and provides good support. It feels real good and does not heat up.


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We bought a Pranasleep Vinyasa for $5700 when they told us we would never have to buy another bed again. Within 6 months, both my wife and myself started having nagging pains in the back. In the last three years when we have been sleeping in this bed, we have made many trips to the doctor with severe back pains.

We have tried rotating the mattress regularly, but still it has started started sagging. The store helped us in getting in touch with the company about warranty, but they said the mattress condition did not qualify it for a replacement . To be fair, the mattress is hypoallergenic for sure. But it is most uncomfortable and it gives you absolutely no back support.


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Hoping at a better sleep without tossing and turning at night, I bought a Pranasleep Vinyasa mattress a couple years ago ago. This mattress soon started sagging and dipping all over and moving about in the mattress was just not possible.

Getting into the bed and getting out of it is a daily ordeal. It'd even hold body heat and make sleeping in the mattress impossible. It weighed a hefty 1000 pounds but still I tried rotating it. That didn't help much either.

I can't go for a new mattress at this time because I have yet to make payments for this one over the next five years! I know have been had and I am helplessly tied up with this mattress.