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Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker



New Member
I have tried this symptom checker on the web site of Mayo clinic for possible help.

It gave me a list of possible causes for the symptoms I chose and related factors. What do you think about the symptom checker on mayo clinic's site? Has anyone experience with checking their symptoms on this checker? What if I want a "second opinion"? Are there any other such web sites where I can check my symptoms?

Thanks everyone.


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I am not a doctor but I have used the Mayo Clinic's symptom checker many times and found it useful. I also tried one on webMD which seemed to be good.

One thing I noticed about the mayo clinic's site is that compared to other sites, the list of symptoms is compact. It is highly selective, more like the one from AARP.

Also, there are some software tools for your desktop and your smartphone that you can buy and use. These are more comprehensive.


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Snoring with sleepiness --> 1. sleep apnea 2. hay fever 3. sleep disorders

I found the relation easily on netdoctor.


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Remember, though, that along with the symptoms, your age, ethnicity and personal and family medical history also matter a lot when you are trying to find the possible cause.