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Landauer Medstar Customer Service any good?



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My doctor reassessed and advised me to use the Resmed airsense 10 APAP with a new mask. I had already changed two DMEs earlier. When I contacted a new supplier, they wanted my doctor to send them his order. The process went through some botched mailing and finally they said they are ready with the machine for me, though it seemed the person at the end of the phone line was not quite sure exactly which machine they would be giving me. She assured me that whichever it happened to be it would work just as good and it made no difference to me. It would cost me the same anyway.

I was not happy with what they wanted to give me and in the meantime it was getting close to when I had to see my doctor about how the machine was helping me.

So I am back to square one.

I am now thinking Landauer Medstar. What do you people think about Medstar? Has anyone had a good experience with this DME?


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In last so many years, I have yet to see some good service from my DME, the Medstar. I had to go through three attempts to get the kind of mask that suited me.


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I bought my CPAP from Landauer Medstar in NYC and when I had some issues with the mask, they gave me a new AirFit F20 because it was within the 90 day period.

No issues.


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I got my first CPAP, the Resmed Air 10 (myair) and used it for three nights with the Resmed Mirage FX nose mask. Landauer Medstar had told me that they would deliver the complete system and install it at my place.

I found that with the nose mask, the skin on my nose was irritating and I had to stop using it. The DME gave me a replacement Swift FX nano mask. This one was comfortable. However, it made so much noise out of my breathing, I could hardly stand it for more than an hour.

When I tried to explain the problem to the DME, they suggested I try masks that suit me, meaning I had to do my own research. In short, it was my problem. Really? When they said they would bring the whole thing and set it up for me, I was so happy and thought they would be helpful, and not this!

Like the constant feeling of being exhausted that my OSA gives me is not enough, you can't expect me to experiment with my CPAP machine, its mask and its hose and all.


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But first, you make sure that some simple things are taken care of and that should help, mostly. Note that expiratory pressure relief (EPR) creates a sound every time you take a breath. Some people are more sensitive to some frequencies and may find this troubling.

See that the machine is set up on a stable sturdy surface, place a mouse pad or even a soft towel under it if needed. Get a tube holder to suspend the hose and keep it away from any surface against which it could be striking in vibration.


Sleep with your head and pillow in a way that reduces the noise being conducted.

You may need sleepPhones.


Tell Landauer MedStar your are going to dump the machine, mask and everything and buying a whole new experience from a whole new DME. Take a chance.

Get creative: drill a hole in the wall to run the hose through and move your CPAP to the next room.

BTW, there are also many, many other reasons why a noise is coming from the mask or the CPAP machine.

Good Luck.