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is sealy a good mattress brand



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Hey y’all.

So we made a quick trip to Leon today, which for those of you who do not know, is a Canadian mattress store. We have seen some great choices there, and the reviews are always good for it, so we decided, what the hell. Sadly enough, the salesman granted to us today was very annoying, and it seemed as though he badly wanted to make the sale, and was pushing us to make a hurried decision. This pissed me off, and when we told him we were here only for reviewing and that mostly our purchase would be made through means of online purchasing, he showed us attitude and stormed off.

Now I know that this is usually not the case with all Leon employees because in the past two months we have been walking in and out of that store and have a regular salesman who is allotted to us. For some reason today he was not in I suppose, because the manager sent this hot head to us, ruining my day. But honestly, I couldn’t give two craps, because the main reason I went there was to find the ideal mattress for my hubby and we have been thinking for a while now about this decision.

Anyway, we have had a memory foam mattress from Tempur-Pedic which was a good choice, because it lasted us a good 3-4 years, before it started to sag and become a tad bit uncomfortable. Truth be told though, it is still doable, just that we had some money saved up for some new furniture, and decided while we were going with that, we might as well go for a new mattress as well.

Our Tempur-Pedic is still with us, but we’ve kept it in our daughter’s bedroom because she didn’t seem to mind the amount of sag and had been complaining that her bed was excessively firm. She sleeps like a log now on our old Tempur-Pedic, so we are all happy. My husband and I are sleeping on her old mattress until we get our new mattress, and while my husband enjoys this mattress, I find it rather firm. It is not hurting my back as such, but it’s not the amount of comfort I was looking for.

The mattress is a Twin XL size, which allows us both to sleep on it (we are both of small stature), but my husband has been feeling pretty uncomfortable on it lately and has been sleeping in his sleeping bag. We thought of taking back our old mattress for another month or two from our daughter until we buy this new mattress, but she is making a big fuss over it so we might have to make this purchase sooner than we’d expected.

Now that we are aiming to have it shipped over the next two weeks, we have to decide on a mattress first. We are definitely not getting the memory foam, and the more I’ve been reading on it, I am finding myself drawn to the latex option. I’ve also read that a common misinterpretation is that latex is compatible with everyone, and this is not the case.

So I want to make sure I get a latex mattress that has a durable trial period, so we can try it out for a good amount of time before having to return it. Also, we are hoping we won’t have to return it because sleeping on the XL twin/sleeping bag is not an option we want to have to tap it again. Further, we checked for latex mattresses in Leon and were not able to find any :(.

So we are back at square one, with zero knowledge on the topic (except for what is written on forums) and badly need some insight from anyone who has used latex mattresses (preferably right after memory foam mattresses?). Also, we want to get something of good quality, even if that costs a little more (as I said, we have some amount saved up for this), but don’t have any experience with that.

Want suggestions that are both durable as well good quality. I am not looking for an online purchase, and Leon did have two options that had latex – one fully latex mattress and the other that had a latex pad. Which one do you think is better? I haven’t tried them out yet, and want to make sure they have good reviews before I go back there (don’t want to run into that salesman again:worried::worried::worried: ).

If anyone has any knowledge on these two, please shine some light here. Also, since it’s Sealy, something about the brand too? I have heard its good, but I see a lot of hate here and there. Much appreciated.


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It depends on what you’re looking for. The Sealy upholstery is what seems to be annoying customers the most, and I wouldn’t say that the quality of the mattress is good either. So you’d probably be better off without that. Sealy springs, on the other hand, is better off, but still no assurance on the quality of the mattress. If there are any suggestions, I can make it’d be to stay away from these big brands.

I know that many customers prefer a brand that is known on a global level, but if I am honest, they do not value customer satisfaction as much as they care about their sales. Of course, this is not the case with all the major mattress brands, but is a recurring scene lately and is best that you are aware of this.

Sealy is such a brand that started off with good products but recently has been included in the Big S’s which is avoided by a majority of customers. I don’t know how much you’ve read on this forum that you’re aware of the hate these companies are getting, but honestly, there’s a reason for this hatred. The customers have been noticing a constant amount of low-quality materials infused in the mattresses, while keeping the price the same, knowing that their customers are loyal, and will buy the product, regardless of whether they will like it or not.

That said, the use of latex mattresses is always a great idea, as opposed to the standard polyfoam mattress. If you are buying from Sealy, then all the mattresses are bound to have about 0.5-2” of latex in the upholstery (which is good) but will also have about 3” of polyfoam (or memory foam) which is bound to break down soon anyway. So even though you get the feeling that you’ve invested in a greener mattress, the chances of it breaking down soon are still the same. It’s pretty sad that even in their latex mattresses, they make use of this standard polyfoam which is not the ideal material in mattresses unless it’s in the base layers. If you want an all latex mattress, that’s well and fine, but I suggest you go try it out first because just like you said, it’s not necessarily for everyone. But you might just find yourself loving it.

I know of people who have had second thoughts about latex but can’t possibly think of another option now. There are many brilliant brands out there that I suggest you try out (try another retail store around you). Where exactly are you living? Note that latex mattresses are pricier, but that’s only because it is much better in terms of quality, and you’d be much better off with one because its standard lifetime is about 5-10 years and customers are always happy after this investment. If you want something that will last you that long, I’d say you must stay away from Sealy though.


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Hello @Mattresso, thank you for your valid feedback. I currently reside in Alberta, if you know of any local manufacturers that would be a great help. Also yes, I don’t mind getting any of the latex mattresses from any company, just that I’ve been looking around and I haven’t seen many 100% latex mattresses that are within my budget. Some excellent latex mattresses that I liked was up to $500!! I am sorry but that is way over my budget, so I think I will just get something that is not completely latex. Oh, and also my budget is $2-2.5k


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Hello @Destiny36, Sealy is a globally recognized brand and in my opinion, has a great value. The price is very reasonable, and it will last you the amount that you’re paying for. Sealy produces a great line of mattresses that is known as the Posturepedic, which is AMAZING. I’ve had this mattress for the past four years, and even though there is a slight amount of sag, I am making do with it (and not just that, it is still really comfortable!). I would say that any Sealy mattress is good, but of course, I can’t vouch for other lines. In my opinion, of course, it’s a good mattress, but I would suggest you don’t listen to anyone else and try it out yourself :)


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As @Mattresso said, the Sealy is a good brand name, that’s for sure. Because of this great instilled trust in the brand, lots of customers have been buying mattresses from this brand for years now. But honestly, if you’re asking if the mattresses being manufactured now are good, the answer is no. No offense to what @Tsuzuko said, but this is just my honest opinion. Also if you check on this forum also, you can find out that a consensus about this brand is that it has been cheating customer’s trust for a while now, in using low-quality materials in their construction. So my opinion would be to steer clear of this brand. If you’re looking for a proper latex mattress, that too in Canada (that too for a queen sized mattress) under $2500, you will find some trouble looking for that. But there are some places where you might just find them if you’re lucky. Try calling and asking before you go there, though. I would suggest a Sleeptek latex, which will come within $2500 (last time I checked). But even if it does touch $3000, I will say that you go for it, because latex will not break your trust, not ever. This is only because Natura or even Sleeptek makes use of good quality products, and since latex in itself is of better quality than the other products (such as polyfoam or memory foam or even innersprings), it will last you a good decade if you’re lucky. I have been using mine for the past seven years, and it is still as beautiful as ever. At first, it was a little firm, but it grew on me.

I’d say that even if you get it and find that it is a little firmer than you’d expected, keep it for a while.


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@Destiny36, Sealy, in general, is NOT a good brand, it is part of the Big S’s, and there’s a reason why there’s so much hate for it. Why do you think that is? Much like yourself, I was sold at the low prices and bought myself a Serta mattress. Worst decision of my life.

The reason why these Big S’s are getting so much hate is simple. They make use of super low-quality materials in their construction process, which reduces their durability by half (at least). My mattress did not even last a year! Now, this may not be the case with all the Big S’s but is a trending scenario. Especially if you’re going to latex, there’s a good chance that the Sealy is going to betray your trust.

You’d think that for those prices, they are selling you your dream, but will make use of synthetic material (and claim it is 100% natural), resulting in you ending up with a product that will last you 2-3 years at max. That opposed to an actual 100% latex mattress that will last you the better half of a decade (at the least).

My parents use an authentic latex mattress that has been there for the past 12 years, and they still love it. Most of the mattress they’d sell will be infused with polyfoam, with some random parts having latex (mostly top layer) and there’s no way of telling unless you tear it open and test it.

Do not fall for what your salesman tells you because most of it is fabricated. Since we are not professionals, chances are our gullible selves will fall for it. I am not a professional myself, so I cannot provide you with specific details about the same, but I suggest you go to similar latex threads on this forum to get some good brands for latex mattresses.

I would advise that you stay far away from Sealy, or any other Big S brand. You have done well by creating this thread and posting your concern because most people just fall for the low prices.