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Mattress Costco Latex Mattress vs Sams Club Latex Mattress



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Greetings, everybody. Great to be here and would love some full-on interaction, so feel free to comment on anything I post.

My story goes like this – It’s almost time for my daughter’s 15th birthday, and this time being the vegan that she is, I know she’s growing up to be quite the environmentalist and she was reciting to me about the happenings at her school once, about how her teacher (her role model) bought a latex mattress (100% natural) after finding out the damages polyfoam has on the environment.

Currently, she has a memory foam mattress with innersprings (so I’m guessing a hybrid, I am not sure because my husband bought it for her ages ago), and she’s not complaining about it. It's just that I had read on this forum and others that it isn’t advisable to keep the same mattress for more than a few years and since we can’t even remember when we last bought this, I’ve decided to get my daughter a latex mattress.

Now, she, sort of, assumes that I do not support this “tree hugging” side of hers, and I want to show her how much I do. I am not on a tight budget, and if I find something spectacular that will blow her mind away, I will definitely buy that, as long as I find out that it’s mostly all natural and will last her a good decade (which is what I heard is one of the perks of latex mattresses).

I have narrowed down to latex mattress from Costco or Sam’s Club. Both are in my vicinity, and I am a sort of regular at both places. So guys, I just want to know if my choices are correct or should I look at some other place.


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Going natural and latex is good and would last a decade if used properly. But pray, why Costco. I ask that since you said the budget is not a constraint for you.


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Yeah it is not a constraint, and I also accept it is not the coolest comparison, but please hear me out. I only went to Costco because they have a nice refund policy and I don’t want to risk buying her the wrong thing and being stuck with it for all eternity.

I went there to find out about their latex mattress, which wasn’t in stock at that time, but anyway it’s back now, and they called me up. I checked it out, it was all nice and comfortable and is one inch thicker than the Sam’s Club latex mattress. That said, it is also made in China (the salesperson told me this, kudos to his honesty), but did mention that customers have raved about this product.

I was pretty set on this model, but then I realized that I needed to find the PERFECT mattress for my daughter no matter what, so I asked them to keep it on hold while I checked out a couple more. I did happen to go to Sam’s Club two days after that and found their latex mattress equally cuddly and cushioning. It was so comfortable, and I am not sure why so many people call it firm (maybe at the beginning?).

But I have set my mind on latex, and I’ve narrowed it down to these two models. Here’s my confusion. I don’t mind the Costco mattress, it’s nice, and since it’s latex, I don’t think I have to question the quality much, but I can’t help but associate the mattress with “cheap” when I hear it’s made in China (no offense to anyone).

I think it might have additional fillers in between that are not-so-green and defeats the very purpose of my gifting it to her in the first place. I also am not crazy about the cover of this mattress; it doesn’t seem too airy (not cotton or wool, so). It is, however, an inch thicker, so a little more comfort (although they both felt the same to me).

On the other hand, the Sam’s Club latex mattress is beautiful. It is soft while providing the right amount of firmness and also a little more expensive, but since I have the intention of giving her the right gift and not constrained to any budget, I don’t mind swinging it.

But I want to be sure and don’t want to spend hundreds of extra dollars on something that has the same quality as a Costco model; you know what I mean? I was able to check the latex manufacturers of Sam’s Club though and found out that it was either Latex International or LatexCo, which make use of only natural Dunlop latex in its production, so I am good there.

Also, can’t help but sigh in relief that they are all made in the US. Plus I love the Sam’s Club’s cover: it has a blend of cotton and wool in it, regulating the temperature just right and is so soft and breezy.

Again, the only issue that comes while buying the Sam’s is that the only size available at this point is the Twin XL, which works fine for a single sleeper, but I was intending on pairing it up with a nice bed frame to go with it, I even had it narrowed down to a nice antique-y looking oak frame but it’s not possible to find one for a Twin XL size, and now I am back to square one. I don’t mind searching if someone who has owned the Sam’s Club latex can just tell me what their experience was like, I am willing to know. I just want to make sure that it’s just right for my baby. Any insight on the same would be thoroughly appreciated; thanks so much in advance.


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Hey there, @pennyheart and thank you for your detailed description of your two options considered although I have to ask, aren’t you concerned your daughter will see this? I remember trying to surprise my wife with some mattress accessories and got all kinds of suggestions from another forum and didn’t realize that my wife was following the thread until I saw her reply to it ;) (got some suggestions from her also).

Anyway, as a passionate environmentalist myself, I can’t help but salute you for all the efforts you’re going through just to show how proud you are of your daughter. I recall my father calling me a loser (he wasn’t the nicest man) for refusing to use air conditioning in my house.

Either way, I too was considering buying the Sam’s Club mattress in latex for myself and am actually in a bit of a hurry because my old bed is disintegrating the more I sleep on it. Lack of a sleeping bag just makes the situation more hurried, but I am waiting on them to reply back to an email I’d sent out to them, with some of my queries about their mattress. Have to say, no replies as of yet, but I have noticed on their site and through other forums that they are very responsive on the phone? This I cannot take because I am quite the introvert and get very nervous while making conversation with strangers (don’t judge).

Either way, it concerns the quality of the mattress, and as soon as they reply, I will post it here, so that anyone else who is considering buying this mattress needn’t call them up themselves, instead find the answers to their queries here :D

Always great to help those in need and if anyone knows whether Sam’s Club manufactures its latex from LI or not, please tell me. I am getting more and more impatient by the minute, and if they don’t reply by tomorrow, I am taking my business elsewhere (UGH). I mean aren’t some professionals hired to take care of their email? So frustrating.

Aside from this, they are a great company from what I’ve heard and even when I went down to a Sam Club they treated me like a King! Oh and also when did you check this model out? Last time I checked, they were out of this model (but I guess that depends on the club you visit). Did they happen to give you their card or anything? If you haven’t, you should check out the zoned latex model (which is my first go-to option); it’s relatively new but gorgeous and so flexible.


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Hello @pennyheart, that’s a real shame regarding the bed frame, but I don’t know if it’s as hard as you claim it to be. Have you checked out any particular store about this? I think that you should ask Sam’s Club itself for this information and depending on the headboard+footboard that is available there, I am sure that some companies exist that sell Twin XL frames for the bed that works just fine for this headboard+footboard combination. Worth a shot.


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Guys, guess who decided to reply after an eternity. I am glad they replied, and they replied to all my queries with relative ease. I like having these conversations with the customer care reps because you gain so much knowledge. One thing I’ll give them is that they do not withhold information or keep it from customers as a lot of big brands and their level of transparency is rather high (good thing, yes?).

I wanted to ask them since the latex layers are topped one after the other, what holds them together? To this, they replied that they are glued together with an organic glue (Saba organic glue) that is manufactured. The next important question I’d asked them was whether LatexCo or LI manufactured the latex used within these mattresses, to which they replied Latexco, making me thrilled and I think I’m going to go with this purchase.

Have you made up your mind as yet, @pennyheart? Also, considered the zoning latex? They did mention that this mattress is usually not found in any of the Sam’s Clubs, but an online purchase is possible. I guess I’d like to try it out first, considering it’s new to me and I don’t want to screw it up. Anyway, after telling them this, they did mention they have a good return/exchange policy and anything is possible. Even if not a refund, I think if I end up loathing this zoning model, I’ll just go for the good old Sam’s Club latex mattress that is infamous really. I don’t think you shouldn’t doubt while comparing this to a Costco model. I get that their refunding policy is amazing, and they will take back any mattress you give them, but that also says something about the quality of the mattresses you get. Plus, it’s your daughter’s birthday present. Hence I would suggest you keep it classy and go with the obviously better option at hand. The decision is yours, but you did ask for our insight, so just being as honest as I can. Also, since you were uncertain whether Latexco or LI made it, my query to them clears that up I hope.

Mel Emmett

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Hey guys,

I have read everything that is on this thread and first off, @pennyheart, hats off to you. I wish I had a mother as supportive as you, who even cared about anything I was passionate about, let alone be appreciative of it.

It’s great to see you guys work so hard just to get the right gift for your kids, even though I am sure they will appreciate just the efforts that you’ve put in to make this purchase. You’re a true role model for all the other moms out there. Anyway, I too have been itching to get myself a latex mattress.

My boyfriend fancies himself to be quite the tree-hugger himself, and honestly, it’s a little tiring how much I have to pretend to be someone else while I’m with him. But now I’ve almost gotten used to it, to the point where I feel ashamed of what I’m doing and think of protecting the environment in any way that I can. I guess some people do have good influences on you.

Either way, he is moving in in a week or two, and my old mattress is pretty raggedy, and I want to get it replaced with a new one. I did some research and was impressed with what Sam’s Club had, but they are so far away from my house that I cannot get myself to drive all the way there and check them out. I don’t mind making an online purchase, but not unless I try one out first.

I have heard customers rave over how good it feels and I know for a fact that it is a high-quality material, so factors such as durability and suitability do not even have to be questioned. However, it’s latex, and I’ve never used it before, I cannot afford to screw this up.

Also, I literally can’t afford it, because it is oh so expensive, but either way I did happen to check the Costco model out, and if I'm honest I liked the feel. Yeah, firmer than the memory foam mattress I’ve had until now, but I can make do with it. The price is also a little fitting to my purse and if I were to make this purchase this very evening, I could.

I was able to talk to a salesman who also mentioned that yes, it is only the latex that is manufactured in China, and even then they ensure that whatever they are using in the construction process of their manufacturing is of high quality itself.

You needn’t worry about it having additional fillers and such, but one thing is for sure, that they use some blends of natural and synthetic latex. So yeah, if you intend to get a mattress that screams NATURAL, maybe steer clear from Costco’s latex. Note that the quality of the product is still pretty good. What matters most is the value of the purchase which is high, and I’ve decided to go with that.

However, should this not work out for me, I have a backup plan of using the excellent refund policy that Costco offers, cash that in and go for Sam’s latex. One concern I did have with this though is that I am uncertain about their return policy. One thing is for sure; it is not half as good as Costco’s which is why I am not giving it first preference.

I think that having a good refund policy is extremely important at a time like this when we buy everything off of the internet without getting a chance to lie down on it first. Do you guys know anything about their return policy and whether it is not just an exchange, but everything can get refunded? The only thing I hate about Costco, however, is their shipping (UGH) it takes forever. In that way, I do sometimes wish that I’d just go with Sam’s, where I’d have the mattress the next day or so.


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Hi @Mel Emmett, I too am not completely certain about the return policy from Sam’s Club, but I can tell you whatever I know. Also, it does depend on whether you make an online purchase, or buy it directly from any club. They do, however, take great pride in their member satisfaction guarantee.

They proudly announce that Sam’s Club has almost dedicated itself to ensuring that their members go back with smiles on their faces after receiving quality products and services from the club that is unlike any other, at an exceptional value at that.

They also ensure that whatever service/product you are interested in, your levels of satisfaction are exceeded: more is provided to you, than what you’d expected (which is what I’m guessing what they mean by the extended club member satisfaction guarantee). They say that their quality and performance is unlike any other and guarantee members 100% satisfaction with their merchandise.

I am assuming this is not restricted to mattresses alone, but if you call them up, you can find out more about this. I will warn you though, that when they tend to speak of their club member satisfaction, a different level of euphony takes on and they do manage to speak more than they are expected to. I just let it slide, considering they are only proud of what they provide, and honestly there’s no harm in taking credit for that.

They do have three options for refunds: the first type is when you buy the product directly from Sam’s club, in which case you may just take it back to the store and get an immediate refund. Note that their trial periods or warranties are not mentioned on this very site, but their third option of calling them and cashing your refund is possible, so just ask them then. The second option is, of course, if you’ve made an online purchase in which case, you will need to go back to your account and then your purchases and request a return/refund.

Oh and some people do often have this doubt, that if you buy the product from a Club, is it possible to request a return online! This is not possible for them, and if you purchase from a store, you must go back to the store to return it.

Obviously, they do not fund the transportation also, so do not buy it if it is far away from you because that just means additional cost as well as energy consumption. Buying it online is rather hassle-free, and I suggest you do this. However, note that when you request a refund, they do not refund the shipping charges, simply because it was not their fault that you didn’t like it, which makes sense.

Of course, if the issue is from their part, i.e., let’s say for instance that the mattress came in like a damaged piece or such, they take care of the whole process, inclusive of shipping or intermediary charges, so in that way they are super-efficient.

They are still questionable when compared to Costco, considering how easy it is to return items there and is the only reason that most people (including myself) are so intent on buying from there. I too had decided to go with a similar situation, wherein I’d buy from Costco first, and if she didn’t like it, would return it for the Sam Club’s model which has more quality and would be an upgrade. Also, thank you all for your insight and all the lovely compliments. I just consider it my job as her mother to support her through thick and thin.

Mel Emmett

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Thanks, @pennyheart.

I came across this -

Apparently, there are some exceptions to the returning policy, wherein some of the accessories can only be exchanged. There is a segment within this link wherein the question of “how many days do I have to return an item,” and there is a bunch of other items mentioned here and their trial dates, but mattresses are not inclusive of this, sadly enough. This makes it a big issue for me because what if they are not refundable at all. I did try calling them but was not able to reach them; I guess all lines were busy so now I’m back to square one.

On the other hand, this makes my work so much easier. I am going with the Costco model for now and will later come back and check Sam’s Club, considering the moving in date just gets closer and closer, and I still have no decent mattress to present. Also, they lack in providing the right date wherein they may come to pick it up or how long we can keep it before returning it. That’s a total deal breaker, considering that they are not available telephonically either, so I guess I’m just going to go with the Costco. Also, with Sam’s Club, you have to retain its original packaging modules and what not which seems like a real hassle. This, or you are expected to mail it back to them.

ALSO just found out that you can order them in regular twin size models @pennyheart in case that was important to you. Even though more expensive, it is a better choice, considering the Latexco latex produced in America and that they have nice padded cotton and woolen covers atop of the mattress, keeping it nice and cool as well as breezy.


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Friends just wanted to pop by and say that if you have intentions of buying Sam’s Club latex mattress, you can get a discounted price if you are a member. I joined the club to have a nice place to chill and be away from my family, but it does have certain perks such as this. I recently got divorced and moved into my beach house, and I needed a mattress for it, and VIOLA, Sam’s Club to the rescue. I got it at a very reasonable rate, a King size that too and only because I have a membership here. Just saying, it won’t hurt, and you get many perks. They don’t sell only mattresses, you know ;)


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Hello guys. Sorry, I keep popping out of nowhere, but I was hoping I could get the answer regarding the Sam’s Club. Like @Alan7008 said over here, being a member does have certain perks, but I want to know if not being a member or having their card can help me make an online purchase of this mattress?

I know of another club similar to this, and without their card, you cannot make any purchase, so if someone could please clarify that doubt for me, that’d be a big help. I have sent them another email regarding that, but considering how long they took to respond to the last one, I am not expecting a reply anytime soon and would thus appreciate if someone could help me out. Thank you very much in advance. If anyone here is a Sam purchaser, do chime in.

I am pretty sure their return policies are a little more lenient than that. I mean, certainly, they do not expect you to carry with you a huge ass mattress to the club to request a refund for it? That’s nasty.

Anyway, I have included this also in my email to them and will let you know as soon as they replied like I did the previous time I sent out a query mail. I reckon that they are beginning to get a little antsy with the way that I am behaving towards them, but honestly, can you blame me? Their website has so little information that it is impossible to decide on one go. So many other companies do a great job with their staffing in the technology sector, where they ensure that their sites are updated, and have just the right information so that customers don’t feel the need to call in and ask their doubts.

I’d like it if a Sam’s Club member chimed in and gave a valiant fight against these accusations and let us know why they are not as efficient as they usually are (as a company) on their official website.

Also, something I had in mind was that when customers repeatedly ask you the same sorts of questions, shouldn’t it become fairly obvious to you that there’s a reason that the same question keeps circulating back to you and maybe it’s time to update the site and mention the information somewhere where the customers can get their answers? Sigh.

Anyway, back to my point, if there are any members of Sam’s club or anyone who has gone through with a purchase of a MATTRESS from them, please do let me know if buying without a card is possible (I reckon it is, just making sure). Oh, and if any Sam’s Club employees in the house, show this post to your boss so that they can make necessary amends because I’d love to tell them myself, but I can barely ever reach them. Other than that, they are a brilliant company.


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Hey everyone, I am fairly new to the mattress biz, but I have been reading up a lot about it and also because I find that there’s so much to be aware of before actually making any purchase. I wanted to chime in, not because I have any experience with mattress purchasing or even know the alphabets of this industry, but because I had a doubt. I too was quite interested in the Sam’s Club latex mattress, because what they had to offer seemed to be of high quality and I fell in love with the way it felt. With my dad being a member I can get it for a good discounted price (The SC in New York) and am thrilled to buy it.

Before that though, I asked my dad to give me a week’s time so that I could mull on the decision and because I was bored, decided to do some digging up on the mattress and the company in general. I was quite surprised to see the mattress that I lied on and how it is made by Innomax(?) Is that even right? Is there something fishy about this or am I just stating something that everyone else already knew?

Check out the mattress on their official website, and you’ll start to see what I’m talking about. The company has been manufacturing mattresses for nearly 42 years now! What’s weird about this is that there are barely any customer reviews on the site, as to whether they are reliable, or hell, if they’re a real company, because I’d never heard of them and for some reason, this whole process seems a little shady. That in itself is acting as a barrier when it comes to me buying the latex mattress from Sam’s Club, but if anyone has any additional information about this, please let me know?

I badly wanted to go check the mattress out in person just to find out more about it, but unfortunately, their only showroom is all the way in Colorado. There’s no way I’m going all the way to Colorado just to find out if it’s the same mattress. Decided to make a phone call first thing tomorrow morning and find out. I will update you over here once I get the required information.


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I hate to break it to you @DrHerbert, but you’ve got it all wrong. I think you got a little confused with what @ParryHotter has said, which I’d like to clarify too. They are both separate companies but work in collaboration with one another. Sam’s Club sells two mattresses made from latex. One of them is the mattress you guys are talking about, which is made by Innomax and has that additional layer of polyfoam in it.

Believe it or not, this mattress to is excellent as the poly foam in the support layers proves to be very efficient. Polyfoam, in itself, has a bad reputation of tearing easily or softening faster, otherwise causing a noticeable amount of sag. Note that this issue only exists when it is present in the comfort layers. The other latex mattress that Sam’s Club sells is 100% natural latex and is the one we have been discussing this entire thread. Please do not get confused, and worst of all confuse potential customers who might be interested in buying it.

Sam’s Club is terrific in terms of quality, and they do not compromise suitability for the customer either, you may have noticed that we did mention their level of pride when it comes to customer satisfaction. The mattress we have been talking about this entire thread is the American Sleep Organic mattress, which is made 100% of pure latex and is sold by Sam’s Club!

Note that it is very much similar to the other latex mattress that they sell, the white night premium organic latex mattress. Note that the ultra foam that you’d mentioned is just an innovative inclusion. In reality, it is just zoned Dunlop latex. Plus with InnoMax you needn’t worry because they manufacture latex that is produced by Latexco (just like Sam’s club) and they make use of zoned Dunlop, which is equally good.

Also for those of you who are curious, I ended up buying my baby girl Sam’s Club latex mattress, because she deserves nothing less :D


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OMG peeps, @ParryHotter is right. I don’t know if this is authentic information or if this is one of those hoax setups that other competing companies do, but from what I was able to find out as well there’s something shady about Sam’s club mattresses as well.

When I asked around, I was able to find out that they do not manufacture mattresses that are 100% natural latex after all. That too I was considering buying this mattress so trust me I know what I’m talking about. I was taken aback and decided to lay off the purchasing of any mattress until I got my facts entirely straight.

Apparently, this mattress has a top layer of ultra foam that is 3 inches thick (which is essentially polyfoam), and I don’t know whether you know this or not, but polyfoam is a petroleum-based product. To think that people who wish to turn to the greener side are being cheated with plastics that are non-biodegradable. Further, they are very flammable, hence dangerous to not only ourselves but other lives as well as the environment in general.

I’ve also heard that the flame retardants they use in it are made of harmful products. This is a real ball-buster because I had my mind pretty much set on the latex mattress from Sam’s club. What a shame. Oh and apparently, over the polyfoam layer, there are just an additional two layers of latex, which are both 3 inches in thickness, making up for the “latex” in the latex mattresses they claim it is.