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Store Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses Johnston, RI



This is a dedicated community page for Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses Johnston, RI. Here you may ask questions, discuss your concerns, post experiences and reviews. Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses is a furniture and mattress retailer having stores across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Offers specialty mattresses like - memory foam, latex, hybrid, etc from brands including- Beautyrest, Aireloom, Niropedic, Elevate, Restonic, Tempur-pedic, Spring Air and Serta If you have visited this store, please post your opinions.

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New Member
My old mattress, though very comfortable, was not giving me the same feeling that I used to get previously. Not wanting to end up with a bad back, I started visiting various mattress stores wishing to find the perfect mattress. Late in the day, I landed up at Cardi’s. The sales person was a pleasure to talk with. Very friendly and polite, he answered my questions and assisted me in getting the mattress which not only fit my budget but was also great to sleep on. Thanks, Cardi’s, would keep coming back for more stuff.


New Member
I had some guests coming over and was running short of good mattresses for them. I went to Cardi’s Furniture and Mattress and told the sales rep what I wanted. He was very responsive and showed me some great stuff which was well within my budget. I ended up picking two mattresses, and the delivery was well within the timeframe given. Since I had saved some money on a mattress, I added a bit more and ended up buying a good bed for my son. To say I am pleased with Cardi’s would be an understatement. Big cheers for the guys at Cardi’s.


New Member
I had gone to Cardi’s at Johnston for purchasing a bed. But the staff was not at all friendly. We did not know where to search for the different models, and when we inquired, we were not given any satisfactory reply. In the end, we ended up wasting 1 hour at the store, and nobody even came to check what we wanted. I do not think I would be stepping into this store again.


New Member
We used to buy stuff from Cardi’s Raynham store when we were in MA, so you can say we are regulars. While visiting our family in RI, I chanced upon Johnston branch of Cardi’s and went inside the store, without anything particular on my mind. I met the manager (I think Bob, not sure about the name), one of the best guys I have dealt with till now. He was an encyclopedia on mattresses; was very friendly, made me feel comfortable and helped in finding a suitable mattress and even gave a special discount.

Raynham, you have competition.


New Member
I had gone to the Cardi’s Johnston Store hoping to buy a good mattress for my house. When I walked in, there were people but nobody who could guide us. Nobody seemed to notice us and not even one person came up and asked us anything. Not planning ever to put my foot in the store.


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I had purchased a mattress from Cardi’s situated in Johnston, RI. I was informed that my mattress would be delivered within two days since they were out-of-stock. I waited for four days, and finally, when the mattress arrived, it did not look like a factory sealed stuff. Thinking it might be due to the road trip, I let it go, but the guys who delivered were not courteous, did not speak anything. They just came, plonked the new mattress on the floor, took out old one, put the new one on the bed and just walked off. Though the service was good, I think the staff can be a bit more courteous when it comes to dealing with customers.


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I always pride myself on doing thorough research before buying any stuff; especially when it comes to buying a mattress. I wanted to buy a good firm mattress and did research on Amazon, and visited other stores before I reached the Cardi’s in Johnston, RI. Since I knew what I wanted and the budget, I thought the whole thing would be completed very quickly. I went in and was awestruck by the models available and the knowledge of the staff with regards to the products in the store. I was shown some other models that were well within my budget and was more comfortable than what I planned to buy. I ended up purchasing a completely different model and got a store discount also. The mattress was delivered to my house very quickly by the delivery men. A big thank you to Cardi’s for a great shopping experience.