Sex on a Waterbed – Are Waterbeds Good for Sex?

Ever since its modern-day version was invented in 1968 by Charles Hall as a part of his master’s thesis project for San Francisco State University design class, the waterbed has indeed come a long way.

From its heydays in the 1960-1980s era, the waterbed slowly lost its popularity in the 1990s, mainly due to novelty wearing off and some practical difficulties like filling up the water, fear of leaks and arrival of new mattresses that offered better comfort among others.

waterbed sex

While the waterbed in the 21st century is still finding takers, it is at a relatively smaller scale. Modern waterbed mattress is highly sophisticated and now come equipped with features like foam padding, three-layered lumbar support, reinforced corners, and interior fibers which can control wave effect, among others.

Besides, companies are offering waterbeds that have airframe which does not need any support as well as sophisticated devices such as temperature control which would allow the sleepers to remain warm.

The main driving force for increased sales of waterbed was the promise of sound sleep and sex. In fact, the sex appeal was used a lot by waterbed mattress manufacturers to drive sales.

“Two things are better on a waterbed. One of them is sleep.”


Easy to Clean:

Cleaning a waterbed is easy. One of the aftermaths of sexual encounters is the mess that it can leave on the mattress and cleaning these would require work. But, waterbed have a vinyl layer, which makes cleaning after a sexual encounter much easier and quicker.

Bounce Adds To Rhythm:

Many couples love the bounce provided by waterbeds and unlike a memory foam or traditional mattress, waterbed adds more rhythm to their act. This is because the water in the bed moves along with the movement of a body and does not push against it.

Less Noisy:

When couples indulge in making love, waterbed offers them the best option in terms of keeping the bed noise down. This is on account of waterbed containing only vinyl and water without box springs which can be very noisy.


Waterbed provides equal weight distribution and allows couples to make love on any part of the bed and not worry about sagging middle, uneven corners, or rough edges.

Since the body weight is distributed equally, waterbed allows couples to indulge in lovemaking in various positions. The overall experience is definitely different and just the usual sex on a waterbed can feel new and exciting.



Though the bounce offered by waterbed is seen as an advantage, some feel the extra bounce throws them off their rhythm. This however depends on individual preferences.

One must ensure that water is filled just a little short of firm, else it can lead to stability issues. Below is a loosely filled waterbed which can be annoying.bouncy waterbed

Wave Effect:

Just like bounce offered by waterbed can act as a spoilsport, the movement of water in the bed creates a wave effect that can also throw a person out of his groove.

Constant Movement:

Since the bed is filled with water, there is continuous movement in the bed. While this may act as a turn-on for many, many others could find this constant flow a source of distraction.

Uncomfortable for some:

Waterbed might not be a very comfortable option for many individuals. For many, the most important progression after a lovemaking session is the time spent after the session.

While many couples prefer to spend time with each other or dozing off immediately, the free-form nature of the waterbed would not offer them the still-comfort.

Back and Neck Problems:

For many individuals who have issues with their spine (neck and back pain), a good solid support for the spine is very essential.

Waterbed, with its free-flowing nature and lack of adequate support, can act as a big letdown. Such people should only use the waterbed for fun and not as a daily sleeper.

“She’ll admire you for your car, she’ll respect you for your position, but she’ll love you for your waterbed.”

Other Options

While waterbeds are great for a fun-filled night, there are some other options too, like innerspring mattresses.

Many people love innerspring mattresses for sex. This is mainly because the innerspring offer individuals a predictable and a consistent bounce, making it easier to find rhythm.

Also, many users of innerspring mattress opine that innerspring mattresses provide good variety in terms of position, and users can also utilize the mattress edges, something which is not ideal on a waterbed.

However, innerspring mattresses also have disadvantages. The first major drawback is the noise, with the innerspring bed being the noisiest of all the options. Since mattress springs are prone to squeaking, there is a lack of discretion for couples.

Secondly, the innerspring mattresses are difficult to clean. These traditional mattresses tend to be very heavy, and the fabric absorbs fluids and sweat quite quickly, which makes it unhygienic.