Mattress Inn, 1006 Crossings Blvd Spring Hill, TN

3.7/5, 3.7 from 7 reviews
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1006 Crossings Blvd, Spring Hill, TN 37174, USA

Recent Reviews

  1. ronburgandy
    Delivery guys not courteous
    2.5/5, 2.5 out of 5, reviewed Dec 2, 2017
    I purchased two mattresses from Mattress Inn, and the owner was very polite and helped me with the entire purchase. While leaving, I asked about the approximate time for delivery, I was told around 11:00 am to noon and that the delivery guys would call me. When I didn’t receive any call from them, I called back and was told they were standing in my doorway and spoke very rudely. I tried to open the door, but these guys had plonked the mattresses just in front, and there was no room to move out. Finally got the mattress in, but they did not take the old mattress and again had to reason with them and eventually, they agreed to take it back to the store. Just for the poor service by the delivery guys, I am giving them fewer stars!!!
  2. brokenjunk
    Professional service
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 23, 2017
    We ordered a Simmons from Mattress Inn and was told delivery would be done within two days. As promised, the delivery guys came, placed the mattress on the floor, took out the old one and put the new one and asked me to check everything and after that they were on their way. The whole process took less than 20 minutes, and there were no unnecessary talks. I appreciate this.
  3. eloquence8
    Not a pleasant experience
    2.5/5, 2.5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 11, 2017
    My experience with Mattress Inn was good for a long time, but not the last trip. I had bought a crib for my son and within few days of using it, my son started complaining that he was not able to sleep properly. When I checked, one side of the mattress was quite lumpy. Not sure about the problem, I called up the store was told that I had to bring the mattress myself. I bought the mattress to store and was offered a cheap quality crib. I did not take up the offer and went to other store and got a right replacement crib for my son. The whole experience makes me wonder if I should go back again.
  4. Alfonso
    Excellent Customer Service
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 29, 2017
    I bought a mattress from these guys and was told that the mattress would be delivered in 2 days. When the mattress did not come, I called up and was told the stock had not arrived and was offered a loaner, but the material was different. I got a call the same evening and was told that it would take more time to deliver my mattress, but they have a loaner for the same brand. I said yes, and after some time Arthur calls up and informs that my loaner would be delivered the same evening and within few days my mattress would arrive. Now I am not sure which store would go out of their way to help their customers. Anyways, I got my mattress after seven days and a personal call from Arthur expressing regret for the delay.
  5. daniel
    Confusion Galore
    3.5/5, 3.5 out of 5, reviewed Jun 1, 2017
    I had gone to select a bunk bed for my son. Once I completed the selection, I went over the invoice and found that I was charged extra for a box spring. When I brought it to the notice of the sales guy, he apologized and gave me the correct invoice. While leaving, I inquired as to when the delivery would happen; I was informed that it would be within two days between 1 and 2 pm. When the guy did not show up, I called up the store was told that there would be no delivery since I had not paid for delivery. I went to the store and spoke with Arthur, and there I was told that the mattress was less than $500 and I would have to pay for the same. I made the payment and again inquired when would I get my bunk bed, was told within 24 hours. Surprisingly, the next day at 10 am the delivery guys turn up and deliver the bed. When I inquired, they said they had orders to deliver it ASAP. Guys, your service is excellent, but there is too much confusion. Please rectify it.
  6. Dick
    Lots of Choices
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed May 2, 2017
    Guys, Mattress Inn, is the best. The store has an extensive mattress selection. I was searching for a particular brand of King-size mattress and had searched many stores but could not get the brand. Went to Mattress Inn, told Arthur about my problem and he sent me to a salesperson who was extremely friendly and showed me many brands. When I did not get my brand, he asked me to check few others, and when I got a mattress which I liked a lot, Arthur ensured that I got the warranty card and got delivery of the mattress the next day. Thanks, guys. You are the champ.
  7. emelia
    Three Cheers to Mattress Inn
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Apr 12, 2017
    My parents had just come down to visit us and were not comfortable with the air mattress which I was using. Not knowing what to do, called up a friend who suggested Mattress Inn. We went to the store and the team out there was superb. When I talked with the Arthur (the owner) about my situation, he just smiled and got down to work and within 30 minutes we were standing in front of a new mattress which was surprisingly reasonable. The delivery guys were also very courteous and ensured that the mattress was a perfect fit. Rest assured, if you are in Tennessee and want to buy mattress then this is the place. Three cheers to Arthur and his team.

Store Details

  1. Mattress Inn is a popular mattress retailer located in Spring Hill, TN. They offer a good variety of mattresses and carry almost all the popular ones such as Simmons, Kingsdown etc.