Does Gel-Infused Memory Foam Really Keep You Cool?

Mattress companies out there realized that adding liquid gel to memory foam helps it retain all of the goodness of memory foam mattresses, while reducing the amount of heat retained by the memory foam. This theoretically should helps improve the overall sleeping experience.

The Gel Technology

While this phenomenon has not been scientifically proven, here is all you need to know in order to understand how the gel works. Since gel is a semi-liquid, and liquid can be an effective way to cool a surface, the combination of gel and memory foam can help you have a great sleeping experience, while minimizing the amount of heat trapped.

gel foam mattress

Here is the tricky part though. Unless a liquid is able to evaporate, it tends to stay at the temperature of the material surrounding it.

Does Gel-Infused Memory Foam Keep You Cool?

The effect that the gel will have on the mattress is inhibit its ability to heat up, causing it to warm up at a slower pace than the mattress.

So, if you think about it, the gel has a positive effect, but it probably does not have as much of an effect as some of the companies make it out to be. This is evident from the fact that many customers have reported that gel mattresses are able to provide the cooling effect they need, but the effect tends to wear off by the morning.

Placement of the Gel

One factor to pay attention to is the placement of the gel. This plays a very important role in the amount of cooling provided by the gel. The most ideal placement of the gel is to have a layer of it placed over the memory foam, sort of like a buffer between the memory foam and yourself.

This placement has proven to provide a higher level of cooling, when compared to others. An example of a mattress that uses this kind of technology is theĀ Bear Mattress, which uses a foal foam made with graphite.

As mentioned above, the Bear Mattress uses a technology in which the gel layer is over the memory foam, which apparently helps in increasing the amount of airflow, and helps the mattress get rid of the heat trapped in it over 7x faster than other regular memory foam mattress!

How this technology works is by using the gel as a barrier between your body and the heat-trapping memory foam, which in turn makes it easier for the mattress to keep the temperature increase under control.


Now, for those of you out there who are viewing these gel-infused memory foam mattresses as the best solution to heat reduction, you may want to take a look at other options out there, such as better types of foam. Research out there has shown that plant-based memory foam sleeps fully 25% cooler than gel memory foam.

So hold on before you fix your mind on these gel-infused mattresses! Take a look at all the factors discussed above. If you are satisfied, then go ahead and buy a gel-infused mattress. If not, there are always other types of memory foam which help in heat reduction. Hope this article got you one step closer to deciding which mattress to buy. Happy shopping!

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