Why do pillows turn brown over time?



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After using the same pillow for a long time, they tend to take on a mysterious brown color, which for some people is often yellow. This change in color begs the question, what happened to the clean white color of the pillows you bought long ago?

Let's take a look at why pillows turn brown over time.What causes it and can it be prevented?


It's perfectly reasonable to sweat while we sleep, and we don't realize it. Many people sweat excessively due to certain medical conditions, but in general, this is the body's way of regulating its temperature. However, over time, sweat and body oils soak into the pillow. And as the sweat dries, it can change the color of the pillow due to the presence of a substance called urea in the sweat.

If you sleep easily sweating, you can choose satin pillowcase, the cool feeling effectively reduce sweating, effective protection of the your cotton down alternative pillow.

Drooling in bed

Drooling is one of the biggest causes of pillow discoloration. If you examine your pillow closely, you will be able to identify dried stains from drool. These stains look like brown spots, and if you've drooled excessively, you'll find them everywhere.

Wet hair

Many people are in the habit of showering before going to bed; however, wet pillows can cause moisture to seep into your skin, leading to eventual discoloration. The moisture will draw in all the dirt and dust from your pillow, leading to permanent brown stains.

Beauty product residue

Most women and men have nighttime skincare routines that include moisturizers, lotions, or toners, and these products always leave a residue on the pillow. Some women have a habit of jumping right into bed after a long night out without removing their makeup. Naturally, the pillow absorbs all of the foundation, bronzer, and highlighter, causing discoloration.

Even if you can't stop these regular habits, you can give your pillows a light wash after five or six months. Purchasing soft pillowcases that can be changed and washed regularly is another good strategy.
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