What to do about frizzy hair?



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1 Get enough sleep every day and try not to stay up late. It is too important to get enough sleep so that your brain can provide nutrients for your hair after sufficient rest.

2 I sleep on satin pillowcases all the time because I just love the feel of it and can't imagine sleeping on anything else, but many people buy satin pillowcases specifically for the benefits of their hair. If you are tired of waking up to bed head, dry hair, curly hair, or you are experiencing hair loss, then satin pillowcases may be the answer to your morning hair problems.

Beyond that, here are 3 things satin pillowcases for hair.


Reduce hair damage. The tightly woven fibers and smooth, silky surface of satin won't pull hair, allowing it to glide freely across the pillow, thus reducing hair breakage. The coarse fibers of cotton can tangle and pull on hair, causing damage.

Retains moisture. Cotton and even silk are highly absorbent and can rob hair of its natural oils and moisture. Satin has very low absorbency and can prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Eliminate bedhead. Tossing and turning each night usually results in waking up with hair that looks horrible. Since satin allows hair to glide over a smooth surface, it means you wake up with hair that looks very much like it did before you went to bed. As a bonus, it also helps extend the life of blowouts and extensions!

3 Relax your mental state, take rest and exercise properly

4 Shampoo frequency

Short hair once a day, women grow hair 3 days to wash once can, the hair is particularly easy to oil can be washed once every 2 days, do not need to wash every day, wash too often will cause oil loss easy to grow dandruff, hair is too dry and easy to frizz.

Before shampooing, use a comb to smooth the hair, in the wash, the water temperature of about 40 degrees, not too hot will hurt the hair follicles.

5 Choose the right shampoo and hair care products is very important.


To understand their hair quality to choose the corresponding shampoo and care products

Want to be healthy and shiny: choose a shampoo containing vitamin B5, small molecules can penetrate the roots and tips of the hair

For severe hair fall: choose a shampoo containing tea tree oil (astringent), VB5 (strengthening hair), jojoba oil (dissolving hair lipids), amino acids (revitalizing hair), and comb your hair and massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation.
In addition to their internal conditioning, daily hair care is also critical:

1 first tie the hair to a ponytail, apply the conditioner evenly on the tail, you can avoid applying to the scalp amount you feel the tail has been evenly coated with conditioner on it while applying while massaging.

2 Hair coiled up, set a disposable hair cap, and then tied with a leather band!

3 Stay! Always let it on the head on it!

4 Wash your hair, the head of the conditioner to wash clean

5 Wash with a towel to absorb the water on the head to the state of not dripping, I generally seven or eight points dry or so, the end of the hair coated with hair film, massage to assist absorption, coil up a hair cap for 15-30 minutes and then wash off!

6 Hair dryer hot air first blowing the top of the head blow-dry, away from a little, and then alternating hot and cold air blowing about seven or eight points dry in the hair tips coated with hair care oil (I use the L'Oreal essential oil), hairdryer vertical blowing, and finally cold air blowing to set it!

Enjoy waking up beautiful!
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