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Hey folks!

So here’s the deal. A couple of weeks ago a pipe broke in my parents’ house while they were away on vacation for about a month and a half. They returned home to a not-so-pleasant setting. By the time they had switched off the water, it was already too late, and quite a bit of damage had already been done. As you could probably guess, the house was a total wreck! The house had that weird odor to it. All the carpets and flooring were soaked, and almost all the furniture was ruined. My parents were distraught.

I have been helping them with the restoration of their house, which is why I am on this forum in the first place. I have been looking for a mattress that would be ideal for them, but have not been able to land on anything yet. It is ridiculous how tough a mattress shopping can be! I have been doing my research online for about a week-and-a-half now. Combining the research with some field-testing I did at various mattress stores, I stumbled upon a mattress called the “Westin Heavenly Bed.”

Although the salesperson at the store tried his absolute best to make the mattress sound like the best thing that has ever happened since sliced bread, I have read many reviews online with people saying that this mattress tends to stay soft and cozy for a short period, after which it starts sagging. Is this true? Because my parents are on a budget since they have quite a bit of work to get done on the house, I’d hate to see them spend a bag load of money on a mattress that would not last more than a year.

If there is anybody out there who knows a thing or two about this particular mattress, please help me out. I would be happy to read any suggestions.


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To begin with, I would like to tell you that you are on the right track by doing your research before purchasing a mattress for your parents. I too had done quite a bit of searching online and read my fair share of reviews and forums before buying a mattress a year ago. From my experience, a few of hours of research and trying out different mattresses at stores never hurts. In fact, it may help you save quite a bit of money.

Coming to the matter at hand, I had read quite a few reviews on the Westin Heavenly bed back when I was trying to buy a mattress. There are quite a few reviews out there, which suggest that this mattress may not be the best. However, there are also people out there, who have given this mattress amazing reviews, going as far as describing it as the best mattress you would find on the market. I am not saying that either of these reviews is wrong, and here is the reason why. The people who have given this mattress a good review tend to be the folks who have been using the mattress for a relatively short term, such as a month or two. The people who have been using this mattress for over a year mostly complain about the sagging issues because, in about a year’s time, the poly foam in mattresses begins to lull. So if I were to give you any advice, it would be to steer clear of the excessively generous reviews, as they will be talking about the mattress before the real issues start affecting it.

So, good luck. Hope you find the mattress that best suits you!


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From what I have read in your post, I was not able to figure out exactly what you were looking for. All I could comprehend from the information given was that you were looking for a mattress that is not particularly firm; a mattress more on the softer side.

I am not sure about it (so do not take my word for it), but isn’t this mattress made by Simmons? One thing to keep in mind when buying mattresses is the fact that most of them tend to sag after a year or two. Mattress sagging can be caused mainly by reasons such as inferior materials, soiling or penetration of liquids, etc. A foundation that has been designed poorly or frame can be a reason for premature sagging of mattresses. Mattresses can also start sagging if liquids manage to infiltrate the mattress, which causes the top layers of the mattress to compress. So, no matter how good a mattress is, it will stay soft and cozy for about a year or two. After that, it has a high tendency to sag. Usage of better, more durable materials in the manufacturing of mattresses would probably help companies make mattresses that would provide sleepers with better comfort and support.

The sleeper’s weight also plays a pivotal role in determining how long a mattress will hold up before it starts to sag. The heavier person, the faster the mattress will start to sag. Relatively lighter people tend to maintain the mattress in its original condition for about a year, after which it starts to develop a dip in the middle. A heavier person would develop a dip in the middle of their mattress a lot sooner.

If you do your research online, you will come across many reviews of this particular mattress, which label it as an excellent mattress. These are mainly the people who have been using the mattress for a short period. They probably have not suffered the effects of the sagging yet. Therefore, you may want to steer clear of such reviews.


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Judging from the information you have given in your post, you are looking for a mattress that will not end up costing you too much money. Speaking from personal experience, I heard many great reviews about this mattress when I was looking to buy one. I did end up buying it. I still remember being very satisfied with it for the first couple of nights. The mattress was very comfortable to sleep on. It provided me with some of the most peaceful nights I had had in a while. Although it was very cozy and comfortable for a couple of months, I had to face the issues of mattress sagging, as many people in this forum have mentioned. Both my husband and I are average-sized people. I would not characterize us as light people. My husband weighs about 230 pounds, and I weigh about 165 pounds. As mentioned in earlier threads of this forum, the heavier you are, the faster the mattress starts to sag. This led to me having back pains now and then.

We were lucky because the store we bought our mattress from replaced it without much hassle. The only problem was that they replaced the old one with the same model. We were optimistic and thought that maybe at least this time, there will not be any issues with the mattress (keep in mind, I did not know much about mattresses at the time). As you can guess, this mattress was even worse and started sagging in a matter of months! Again, the store’s return policy came to our aid, as we were able to return the mattress once again. They charged a restocking fee of about $250, which I did not take as a big deal considering how much money I would have made if I sold a used mattress in mediocre condition as well as the amount I would have had to spend on a brand new mattress. Overall, it seemed like a good deal to me.

Since the WHB did not work out for us, we tried out many other mattresses. We tried out memory foam, which did not suit us. We tried latex mattresses, which also could not get the job done for us. After all the mattress related absurdity we had been through, we decided to sleep on the mattress we had in the guest room. It was a very customary, firm mattress with no pillow top. We figured that I was having back pain, regardless of which mattress I was sleeping on. So we decided to stick to that mattress for a while. I did not see the point in spending $1000+ on a mattress that will end up sagging in about a year or so since most stores do not take back products after a year, or 3 months, or at all.

I do not think I am the first person to be left unsatisfied with a mattress that is advertised deceptively, and I am sure that I will not be the last. There are so many people on this forum itself who have faced numerous issues relating to mattress shopping. I, personally, do not think there is an ideal mattress being offered on the market. I do think that people have to make certain compromises when it comes to mattress shopping.

One thing I would advise you to do is to check out the return policy of a store before buying a mattress. Trust me, it can make a world of a difference. It could help you avoid throwing hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the drain!

Hope you found this information to be helpful. Good luck!


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Hi @johnson

First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your experience. I agree with you on what you said at the end of your post. You certainly are not going to be the last person who is left dissatisfied with the mattress they buy. Since the time I started living on my own, if I think about all the mattresses I have bought so far, I do not recall ever being completely satisfied with a mattress I have bought. There has always been at least one field in which each mattress is lacking. I guess this is because there are so many people out there who want something different out of their ideal mattress. Since it is practically impossible for a manufacturer to make a customized mattress to agree with the many needs and demands of each customer, they manufacture mattresses made of the components, which they feel, are the most important elements a customer would look for.

After this, the manufacturers put their products out on the market with quite hefty price tags. When people buy a mattress, they expect a lot more quality and comfort out of it since mattresses are not considered cheap; at least for most people. These mattresses tend to stay in that fluffy and cozy condition for a year or two, after which they start to feel more saggy, and less comfortable.

The reason why most people do a good deal of research and field-testing before buying is mattress is to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a mattress which only stays in decent condition for a couple of years before having to move the massive piece of garbage out of your house, having to look for your next ‘ideal mattress’. Essentially, people are trying to minimize their losses.

I wonder why mattress shopping becomes such a tiresome chore. It is ironic in a way that people end up spending many sleepless nights looking for an ideal mattress!


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Hey guys!

After reading this forum, I understand that I am one among the several people who have been short-term users of the Westin Heavenly Bed. I too bought and used this mattress for about a year. I bought it after hearing all the rave reviews given to it, both online, and by people around me who have used the same mattress. Upon using it, I realized that the people knew what they were talking about. I felt like it was exactly what I was looking for. It possessed the ideal balance between comfort and support. Moreover, it stayed like that for a couple of months. After that, the feather-like comfort of my mattress gradually started to decline. Just like the other people on this forum, after about a year, the mattress started to sag, and I was no longer getting the comfortable sleep my body so desperately needed.

I had bought my mattress from a Nordstrom, mainly because they claim to have a very hassle-free return policy. This was not the case though. I had to contact the store about six times, all in vain. This led to me having to call the customer service number provided by Nordstrom. I had initially called them up to complain about their lack of co-operation when it came to returns. However, as it turns out, the customer service helped me set up an appointment for them to come pick up the mattress from my house. Even though it took around three weeks for them to come pick it up, I am just glad that they did.

My tip for you would be that if you want to buy a mattress from Nordstrom, I would suggest you contact their customer service instead of contacting the store itself, as this could save you a lot of time. As far as buying a mattress is concerned, I’ve not found my ideal mattress, which is why I do not consider myself qualified to give you my opinion.

If you do find a decent mattress, make sure to post it on this forum. I could use some suggestions at this point.

Good luck finding your mattress!
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