Sleep Number iLE mattress - need both good & bad user reviews



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While I was considering various alternatives, including the Casper, Leesa and Tuft & Needle mattresses, the DP was more inclined towards the Sleep Number. So we checked out their website where we found that we could chat with a sleep specialist on their panel. After we explained things to him, this is what he had to tell us. Either the i8 or the iLE would be the right bed for us. Because we both were side sleepers, the thicker pillow-top would be perfect for us. He told us that the bed would have temperature balancing that would reduce swings in temperature.

Their i8 had what he called DualAir tech. It came with 3" PlushFit foam for hip, shoulder and back support. The hyper-soft quilting foam in the woven duvet pillow-top provides a plush surface, he said. According to him, their Sleep Number innovation series Limited Edition (iLE) mattress has a 3" comfort layer that provides soft, conforming support. Its design includes breathable air flow to maintain the temperature for comfortable sleep.

We were informed that the Sleep Number iLE was on sale. Also, they offered us one year deferred payment plan at zero interest until the end of the month. But when I checked out their prices, I was really taken aback. Those prices got me thinking.

So I did some reading up online about Sleep Number and its mattresses. At least one major mattress review site seems to suggest that this company's dealings could be designed on taking the customer for a ride. While the DP is still all for Sleep Number, I would like to know if their bed is worth the price even considering that it's on sale? If not what are my comparable alternatives?

Any helpful info is most welcome.


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We already had a Sleep Number and now we bought one more recently. This one has the FlexFit adjustable base to raise the head and/or foot of the bed. Raising and lowering worked fine. The massage function wasn't up to our expectations, though. Rather than just shaking the bed, it could have some Shiatsu bars so we could get some real massage. The sleepIQ app doesn't indicate if and when we needed to raise or lower the number or position of the head or foot. It only gives sleep progress.

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This bed is so darn expensive, I don't feel comfortable telling anyone how much it has set me back by. It's got inside it a hell of a lot of moving mechanical parts, I don't want to move this thingamajig an inch from its place because I could screw up its mechanisms. I guess I'll let the SN guys come over and do it every time their analytical engine needs moved.

It took me a long time to get adjusted to this contraption, just barely. I regularly remove the air in the morning and stow the bed aside. There's just one way you could set it up back in the morning, by the electric pump.

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What I like most about our Sleep Number is its FlexFit adjustable base. Other than that, installing the bed is a breeze, though standing it on its side when you need some space could prove a real challenge. All the same, the adjustable base is a real help when you are suffering from serious back problems, GERD or breathing difficulties.

You don't rotate and flip this mattress like you need to with other mattresses. Same goes with major sags and dips in the bed. My wife sleeps comfortably at a pressure of 100 on her side while I constantly tweak with the pressure on my side of the bed.

Another thing, if you like memory foam on top of the air bladders, you better not buy it from the store at a high price. I got foam rubber from the foam shop and it cost me much less.

The 3" of foam could comfortably fit in within the cover, you could open the zipper and slip the foam in. Sure, there are less expensive yet comparable alternatives to the Sleep Number today. But we are happy with ours.


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My three children sleep on Sleep Number beds and they sleep well. The DH also wanted to have a Sleep Number and finally convinced me to go for it. We bought the whole lot, the mattress, its base, a couple sets of sheets and even the dust ruffle at the home show. I still can't get to like the SN though. I couldn't figure out a way to make the split top perfectly straight. I am calling Sleep Number to come over to fix the thing.

This bed has cost me a whole lot of money while there are other mattresses that could be just as good at much lesser cost. The air bed we bought for our cottage didn't cost us a tenth of what the Sleep Number cost us.

Though it is all a single mattress, the upper half has a split in the middle. That drives me crazy.


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Keep trying for a couple weeks until you find your sleep number. I did the same, and once I got it right, I tried my older mattress and found that it was not as comfortable as the Sleep Number bed.


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My fiance and I were newly setting up our own place and I ordered the i8 for us. When I got delivery of the Sleep Number bed, I could not figure out my sleep number. At first we found the bed too soft and we had the feeling of sinking into the bed. With some tweaking we could make it harder but then it started giving us nasty back pains. Finally, we bought a 2" memory foam topper and put it on the top of the bed. Now the bed is the right softness and both of us find it comfortable.

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For about 3 years now I've been using the Sleep Number bed. Its FlexFit adjustable base is what gets at me, it squeaks all the time. I called Sleep Number people and asked them to fix that. They tried tweaking it a bit so it's not all that bad. When soon after it started squeaking a lot again, I made them come and tweak it a bit more. I guess there's no warranty cover for squeaking. I'm buying another brand bed. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this website earns from qualifying purchases.