Resmed s9 Elite vs Autoset



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We bought a Resmed S9 Elite for our son a couple months ago. Now we saw that one of our friends uses an S9 Autoset.

Is an auto set better than the elite? Should we consider swapping our machine with an autoset? We would like to know if their is any benefit in doing that?


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Let me tell you first off, your doctor is the best person to decide which machine is right for your son based on sleep study and his judgment.

That said, between the Resmed S9 Elite and Resmed S9 AutoSet machines, there is at least one important difference in addition to the cost.

AFAIK the Elite is meant for a particular pressure. The AutoSet on the other hand, is able to adjust its pressure as needed by the patient, automatically. It has sensors that detect events from time to time and help the machine to switch to the right pressure.

This ability to auto adjust the pressure can be very important in some patients who need it. If your son does not quite need an auto adjustment, it can be of no help to him. Apart from costing you more, the AutoSet could end up disturbing his sleep by changing the pressure every now and then.


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I remember that my AHI was over 110 when I went into treatment. With a pressure setting of 12 on my machine, my AHI vastly improved and would vary between 4 and 8. Then we set the machine up for auto, and since then it has stayed below two events all these years.

However, the overall treatment regimen is not that simple, and as already noted earlier here, your doctor knows best.


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I never knew anything about sleep disturbance caused by using the Autoset machine.

I am using the Resmed S9 Autoset and I have been sleeping more than happily all these nights. I started my treatment some 25 days back, the settiing then was 19 and now it is 13.


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I do not have any personal experience myself but I heard from quite a few people I know that they are far more comfortable with a constant pressure system than an auto.

And yes, at least some of them did tell me that the changes in pressure disturb their sleep. Seems it depends on the individual. Also, with the machine's settings and algorithms considered, there are far too many factors coming into play.

I myself do not face any issues with my autoset, like a disturbed sleep or anything.


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The data from my machine so often shows the increase in pressure when there are events and then returning to lower pressure. The pressure on my machine is set in the range 11-16 and it goes back and forth all the way, over five times in a night. Some nights it is more smooth and at times it is swings wildly all night.

I am sure it depends on the person and their condition. Even the amount of mask leak matters, naturally?

At least theoretically speaking, you could spend a couple bucks more, get an auto and run it in fixed mode until you need the auto feature. There should be no problems with that.


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Go ahead and speculate all you want and proselytize all you want about what works for you, but one size doesn't fit all.

I have been on the Resmed S8 AutoSet II for the good part of one year now during which I have averaged an AHI of 3. That was after switching over from my earlier machine, also an auto. Set the machine up for EPR-1 and 12.4 on straight CPAP mode. It has been so ever since.

Soon I noticed a good improvement in sleep quality. I believe the S8 adapted correctly and quickly to my needs with its EasyBreathe and EPR technology, and its algorithms. The changes have smoothed down from the earlier wild swings, too. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this website earns from qualifying purchases.