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We have seen various mattresses and compared features, including the Serta, Sealy, Simmons and Original Mattress Factory brands but weren't entirely happy with any of them. Then we chanced upon a certain "Jamison" which surprisingly was very much like what we would love to have. Both my husband and myself liked the Jamison "Elegance" mattress.

So I would like to learn more about this Jamison "Elegance" bed. FWIW, we are 5'-5/140 stomach sleeper preferring a "medium firm", and 6'-0/200 side sleeper preferring a "medium soft".

Any helpful info is most appreciated.


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Jamison rolled out its TLC Collection of latex mattresses at the Fall 2012 High Point Market, with each of the TLC mattresses named after a butterfly. Jamison Bedding have been around for over 130 years now. Started as a furniture store in downtown Nashville, TN by Robert Jamison, today they are known for transparency and the quality and value of their products. For many decades, Jamison has been making the mattresses for prestigious hotels, including the Marriott chain, Best Western, Intercontinental, Choice Hotels and La Quinta. The much sought-after Marriott hotel beds are made by Jamison. They are also licensed to manufacture and sell Spring Air mattresses in KY, IN and OH. Jamison is now a part of the U.S. based manufacturer Solstice Sleep Products with factories in Columbus, OH and Tampa, FL. While Jamison has over 400 dealers in the south east, Solstice has presence in FL, OH, IN, MI. So you can still buy many of the Jamison's best-selling mattresses with the same quality, now at better prices.

Jamison mattresses in the TLC collection use multiple layers of latex over two different support cores of 8” integrated dual support latex / high density hotel foam for different levels of support and comfort for optimum pressure point relief.

FWIW, the TLC in Jamison beds is not about Tender Loving Care (could as well be?), rather it's for (what was earlier called the) "Talalay Latex Collection".


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I travel for work all the time and very often stay at the Marriott's. I'd once slept on a wonderful mattress at a Marriott property, that was like nothing I had slept on ever. I asked the lady who had checked me in and she told me it was a Jamison foam mattress.

Once back home, I lost no time in finding a dealer nearby and got myself a Jamison. I told my bf it's an "Equalizer" foam mattress. They will tell you, you don't need flip it, but we did turn ours from time to time anyway. Oh well, it sure wasn't any cheap. But who's complaining? We are sleeping well. I'm now sure you can never go wrong with a Jamison.


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They gave us 48 months no-interest finance option for the mattress. So I am paying $62 each month. I spend more than that on Starbucks. Ah well, coffee is worth it as well.;)


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The Jamison TLC "Elegance" specs:

Firmness: Cushion firm latex
Support Layers: 1” medium firm latex foam
Mattress Unit: 8” dual-gradient latex core
Foundation: "TruBalance" foundation
Warranty: 20 year non-prorated


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The plan is, buy an innerspring or foam mattress like the one Jamison makes specially for Marriott to Marriott's own design.

I weigh 110 pounds while my BF is 200+ and we stayed at Marriott Vacation Clubs many times. They had what they told us was a Jamison 11" inner spring at one place, and the Jamison 7" supreme foam at the other. We were both very comfortable in those beds while we stayed there.

Right now I sleep on a premium foam mattress I bought years ago that cost me over three grand. It has got a huge dip in the place where I always sleep and there's no way my back is rested properly. That gets me worried if my BF's weight will be an issue with the foam type mattress.

Any thoughts?


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Jamison improved the design of inner springs. It manufactured coils made from tempered steel fine wire. Jamison has invested a lot of design and engineering effort into its 'Jamison Smart Coils,' placed together in alternating right- and left-turns. These coils work in tandem when you sleep on the mattress, reducing disturbance to your partner in the bed. These coils are used in their Balance, Equalizer, and Vita-Pedic models.

On the other hand, Jamison's Crest Collection has its top-end pocket spring mattress. Jamison memory foam mattresses use Talalay latex, Visco memory foam and Omalon foam. Its Jamison Resort Foam mattress has all the three in layers.

Here is the foam closeup :D


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They told me the warranty does not cover an individual's comfort choice. So if a saggy mattress is not your choice of comfort, you bid goodbye to your $$$$.:p


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I'm not your regular guy, I'm 6'-5 and weigh a good 240 lbs. My shoulders too are overly broad. We bought a Jamison Latex a couple years ago after trying the mattresses at the store. And we haven't had a night's sleep ever since. While at the store, I've been mainly worried if the foam mattress would sag under my weight or get huge dips in the place where I sleep every night. Then I would get no support under me. I talked this over with the salesperson and we finally selected a Jamison no-flip latex mattress that had also a natural latex comfort layer on top. It cost us a bit less than the other Jamison models, though.

I was happy that it suited me perfectly and was very comfortable. That lasted hardly a week when I started feeling restless in the bed. So my wife, who is just 100 plus pounds at 5'-0, and I changed sides to see if it worked. We have been doing that every week, apart from rotating the bed monthly. While all that seemed to help, it was only less and less so by each day. One year into the mattress purchase, things were turning out too bad and I called the store. While at the time of buying the mattress, the salesperson had have me believe that the bed was good to give me support for many years, the store now said latex mattresses developing minor body impressions was a very normal thing. They also said comfort issues were not covered by warranty. By the way, they mentioned that there was a new regulation that mattresses needed to have new fire-retardant batting or lining, which eventually found to be affecting the performance of the latex. They still came over to my place to check on the bed, take measurements of the body impressions. But they told us these were not all that deep to be covered under warranty.

I kept up the calls to the store and finally they said they are informing Jamison about my complaints. That way they gave me some false hopes and bought time. Meanwhile this mattress has been going bad to worse each day and I haven't had proper sleep for a long time now. Of course, my wife had no problems and she liked the bed, but that I think is because she's hardly half my weight and so doesn't quite "sink" into the mattress.

You know it when I tell you that having a fight with my wife and ending up sleeping on the eight year old raggedy sofa is really a great relief, much more comfortable than this less than two years old mattress.


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I am 5'-10/170 and she is 5'-0/140 been married for 36 years now. We tried endless number of mattresses and we were convinced we were never going to find a mattress that was comfortable. Our last was bad, too, but we slept on it for most 10 years thinking there was no point in looking for a good mattress. We suffered all those years. But over 3 years back we went and bought ourselves a Jamison Caress King. We found it was a bit firm and even talked about returning it. And then we tried throwing a mattress topper over the bed for some softness. That seemed to work. A month or so later, when we got used to the bed and thought the bed too would have broken in by now, we removed the topper. The mattress did settle down and was really comfortable now.

Both my wife and I are really in love with our Jamison. Our fears of sleepless nights and waking up with body pains have proved wrong and the bed hasn't sagged, there are hardly has any dips in it though we rarely rotated it, and we never switched sides.

These days I don't like to go on vacation other than for a stay at a Marriott, because I can't stand the thought of sleeping on anything other than our Jamison mattress at home.


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The Jamison Mattress

Plus points
Has easy contouring which provides relief at the body's pressure points
Isolates motion efficiently
Good edge support. Easy to get off the bed, too
Doesn't make a disturbing noise.​

Minus Points
Not good over the long term. Sagging & body impressions may be seen much earlier by comparison
A bit of off-gassing odor that can be an irritant initially
Rarely, there may be a case of a particular mattress sleeping hot
Return policy and warranty terms are not that impression either​
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