How to decorate our home for Halloween?



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In a flash, Halloween is here. In this dark and lovely holiday, I wonder if you are ready to call your friends to come home and have a good time? Want to have a lively and fun Halloween, the atmosphere of the arrangement is so important. Various classic elements of Halloween, pumpkins, bats, ghosts. There are countless of them. Look at the "masterpiece" of the crooked netizens, the ghostly and mysterious atmosphere, with a hint of playfulness. A variety of classic elements of the collision hit the weird, hit the fun.

Halloween color strategy​

The traditional Halloween style is black with orange as the theme color. Black is represented by spiders, bats, witches, etc., while orange is represented by pumpkins. With two shades of black and orange as the main color, you can create a strong Halloween feeling.

About the legend of Halloween, there are many versions. But all versions are almost inseparable from the "ghosts" as a representative, black is one of the most popular colors of Halloween. Therefore, the use of black to match other colors, to create a scary atmosphere, in Halloween can be seen everywhere.
Black is the lowest brightness, but with a solemn, steady color, it gives people a sense of retreat, contraction, in a holiday like Halloween, the interior color black and white gray, pure black sofa, black and white stripe blanket, black pillowcases, white curtains, a variety of neutral colors together, simple atmosphere at the same time also create a cool atmosphere.

Create a Halloween atmosphere, in fact, in addition to the living room, room recreation area, the kitchen is also the place to render the holiday atmosphere, especially at the home party, the kitchen is one of the most popular places. Lay a layer of the black and white tablecloth on the center island table and place a black holiday pumpkin. Then put the dark bats on the wall, and the simple Halloween atmosphere is here.

Halloween was originally a holiday that praised autumn, just as May Day is a celebration of spring. One of the main colors of Halloween, orange, is the color of pumpkins. Pumpkin color has no standard reference color, it is a mix between red and yellow, is a warm color in the warm color, is also a symbol of the harvest in Halloween representative color. In a small corner of the room, you can also create a "pumpkin" as the main character of the Halloween theme scene. The ground is covered with red hot maple leaves, a pile of harvest pumpkins scattered on the ground, even a small place, can be filled with Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween decoration strategy​

Halloween in addition to the extensive use of black or orange to dress up the home, but also through some strange and quirky small objects to create a Halloween atmosphere. For example, creepy skeletons, eerie bats, and a variety of chic wallpaper, and so on.

Ghosts are recognized as a symbol of death, and skeletons symbolize death and short life. Since Halloween is a ghost festival, to begin with, it is only natural that ghosts and skeletons must be a common thing for the holiday. Use the skeleton to decorate, not fun. In addition to human skeletons, animal skeletons also appeared, the two together, as if to see another world.

Bats usually only live in graves, caves, and abandoned buildings. In legends, witches and vampires can take the form of bats, and because blood-sucking bats are the only mammals that drink blood for survival, bats are often associated with death or evil rituals, so they are seen as symbols of evil. Sheets of black bat stickers are pasted on the wall, irregularly placed to present a natural state. The stickers are fixed at only one central point, displaying a three-dimensional effect.

In many cases, people regard spiders and spider webs as a symbol of weaving life. But on Halloween, they symbolize dark, scary places or long-forgotten haunted houses. Black spiders and spider webs spread on furniture to bring out the holiday spirit. Mirrors, desks, walls, all wrapped in spider webs, and a few creepy spiders hanging from the web, such a combination looks eerie and fun on Halloween.

Jack-O'-Lantern is a symbolic object to celebrate Halloween. Legend has it that a man named Jack was so mean that he could not enter heaven after death, and because he made fun of the devil he could not enter hell either, so he had to carry a lantern around until the day of judgment. The choice of pumpkin lanterns is not limited to the traditional orange, but can also use white, black, gold, and so on. The size of the shape, the greater the difference, the better the visual effect presented, and the feeling of weirdness comes out at once.

Halloween can use some easily identifiable words to do decoration, such as "boo" and "spooky" to render the Halloween atmosphere. Imagine in the dark and windy night, suddenly out of some window a ghost shouting "Boo! Such elements can be displayed in the form of pillow patterns, balloons, small blackboard, etc., is also very useful to set the holiday mood.

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