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Organic products are well received in all parts of the world not just because its a trend but because of its benefits. Go organic with Indian's first Ayurveda-inspired mattress manufactured with all natural materials. Made from chemical free memory foam, the Livpure Ayurvedic Foam mattress comes with sandalwood infused latex foam, a natural latex foam to keep the mattress safe from dust mites and bacteria and an anti skid base.


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The best way to patch an air mattress is to make sure the puncture is clean, dry it thoroughly with a paper towel, then apply a rubberized sealant.

Patch kits are quick fixes that will last for about one or two days depending on how much pressure is applied to the area patched. Rubberized sealant provides the best long-term solution for patching holes in your air mattress because it flows into all of the nooks and crannies and adheres very well once dry. Use caution not to press excess material into any leak as this can either cause more leaks or block them up completely causing irreversible damage.
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