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This is a dedicated community page for American Freight Furniture and Mattress Jacksonville, FL. Here you may ask questions, discuss your concerns, post experiences and reviews. American Freight Furniture and Mattress is a chain of stores spread accross different states in the United States. The Jacksonville store in Florida offers specialty mattresses from brands including - Jamison Westbury, Stewart & Hamilton, Simmons, Perfect Care and Carlton Place. If you have visited this store, please post your opinions.

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Staff at American Freight Furniture and Mattress was exceptional. They took good care of me even though I had visited the store for the first time. That was way back in 2014. I am glad to say that even now I receive the same attention when I walk through the door and I hope it remains the same. A big Hello and a lovely ”come back soon” makes my day.


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I am not sure how to rate this store because they only allow 5 stars. Everything about this store is top-notch. The staff, the furniture selection, the deals, etc. I visited the store in January for some bedroom furniture and again in June and September for more pieces, and every item is still in mint condition, despite it being in a house with two toddlers and three pets. I have recommended this store to everyone in my family and friends.


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I am a great admirer of the American Freight Furniture and Mattress store located in Jacksonville. The store has good furniture at highly affordable prices. I have been a regular at this store for past few years, and can proudly say that every piece of furniture that I have purchased has been of excellent quality. One thing that however has not changed is the customer service offered at this store. It was the same when I was the first-time buyer and is the same when I a regular -- excellent.


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My family was visiting the store for the first time, and they just could not stop gushing about the store. Everything about the store pleased them, the staff, the products, the prices, the deals and the quick delivery. My family was so inspired by the store that they purchased quite a few lamps, and now I am searching for electric points where I can plug it in.

Jokes apart, a great store.


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We were visiting the store with a plan of looking at few mattress options and come back later and purchase one. However, the moment we entered the store, we were greeted by a great guy (can't remember his name) who led us to the mattress section and then very politely stayed few paces behind while we were discussing various mattress. Once we were done with the selection, he helped with the paperwork, and we were out of the store with a nice mattress in less than an hour. Would keep coming back to this store.


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Wanting to renovate my house, I had visited the store armed with a good hefty budget. However, when I entered the store, I could not see any sales rep. After some time, a guy comes and asks me what I want. I reeled off the list to him, and he asks me to follow him. He showed me some good pieces. He was not pushy, but one irritating factor was him simply walking off without completing the talk, and he just did not seem to bother. This is completely unacceptable. I can understand if there are many customers, and the store is choc-a-bloc, but the time that I came, at around 4:00, I could count customers on my fingers. One major saving grace was the quality of the furniture. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this website earns from qualifying purchases.