Aerobed Queen Air Mattress from Costco



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Some five years back we purchased the AeroBed Opti comfort Queen air mattress with headboard from Costco, and used it regularly for about 2 years and the rest of the time it was used sparingly. Recently I found it has sprung a leak in a crease at the top. Well, during those five years, we have regularly slept on it, so that was nothing we did not expect.

Now I visited one of their stores to check out the same mattress to purchase. I found that they have made major changes to the mattress. It is still elevated but much lower than it was before. I was told it was 18 inches. The new Queen is some 7 in narrower and as much shorter, too. It is made of plastic whose thickness has gone down and I am skeptical of its durability.

In my older bed, we could comfortably lean on the headboard, which you can't do with the newer one. You need to rest the headboard against a wall to do that. The edges on the bed's top side are softer and will collapse under weight. Although you won't be sitting on the bed and specially on its edge, it only goes to show how flimsy the bed has gotten, while earlier the bed was sturdy throughout, including the edges. That makes you think the bed is now made to last much less than it was earlier.

Sadly, the older model is no longer made or stocked, so you can't buy that anymore. Since it is considered one of the best air mattresses, I wanted to alert those who may be planning buy a new AeroBed that the product has changed quite a bit.

On the brighter side, there sure are some good things about the new model. Like its remote inflation control and the air deflation valve. To reduce pressure, you don't need to open the air door. You can let off a little bit of air at a time using the button on the cap. The remote inflation control has its own cable so when you want to pump in some air, you can take the remote on to the bed.


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This one is our third. The AeroBed air mattress is great when you use it very sparingly, for a guest, say. Definitely not for daily use. If your guest is staying just a couple nights, I'm sure they will be delighted with this bed. Sadly though, on the third or fourth use, it could develop a leak and "floor" the guest. Costco has an awesome return policy that works well for us. Every time we have a short stay guest, we buy a new AeroBed air mattress from them and use their return policy. Yeah, sure, buy this product.


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I bought this bed eight months ago when I had plans to move and did not want a traditional mattress in place of my existing one. I have used it for several months and it worked well. Now it has started losing air so I have to keep filling it repeatedly during the night disturbing me and robbing me of sleep. The retailer said they could not help. So I went direct to AeroBed makers Coleman. They will be sending us a new bed.
If your mattress is less than two years old, I strongly suggest you contact the company for help.


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I have bought an AeroBed Opti Queen air mattress with headboard from Costco and used it for a year. It was always in the same room and it was used with all possible care. Recently, it has been losing air and I can't see anything that could be causing a leak. After I inflate it, it would retain the pressure for hardly a couple hours, after which it would be flat.

When I spoke to Coleman company they offered me a 25 per cent off on a new air mattress. I would say 25 per cent was no big deal, when I could easily buy another brand and save. There was a sale going on and I could even get a 20 per cent off with a coupon. Coleman is a large company that has a large number of products, so my expectations were naturally better than what they offered me.

Anyone planning to buy an Aerobed better do a thorough research first. I know there are many others who have faced similar problems with their Aerobed. I must say I have been lucky because many of these beds don't work for even that many days. Not just AeroBed, let me tell you, I am not going to buy any Coleman product again.


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First off, let me tell you that this bed is really a great idea. If only it wasn't for its poor quality of material and workmanship. It could make for an awesome guest bed for those unexpected guests who drop for an overnight stay. Sadly though, there's no way I could stop its seams coming off in the middle of the night leaving my guests not in a bed but a mess of plastic sprawling. The top side of the air mattress has defective pleated sections between the rows of channels which create bumps on the top side. As the weak link in the design, the seams give away when you depend on them the most.

I took up the matter with Coleman asking for a replacement under warranty. Coleman has happily given me a new mattress in exchange. Once again, the new bed repeated the same old story and this time around Coleman would not exchange a second time.

As I said, I really loved the idea of this bed and also Coleman had a great return policy. So I went ahead and bought one more air bed. It failed and got replaced, which went the same way, too. That way, four beds have failed in all. But Costco is yet to fix their defective design. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this website earns from qualifying purchases.