Best Sleep Masks: 8 Top Rated Eye Masks Reviewed

If you are one of those people who can’t sleep with even a little bit of light, then you are not alone? In fact I am one of those people who need complete darkness and silence while sleeping.

sleep eye mask

And really sometimes finding just the right sleeping environment isn’t easy and sleep masks can provide that efficiently by blocking out the light from falling onto your eyes during sleep, especially when you’re incapable of cutting it right at the source. Sleep masks also provide your eyes with the rest it deserves.

Having done quite a bit of research on eye masks I will be able to list out some good options. The eye masks I used during these tests can be classified into two sections, one specifically used during my sleep and the other, during my afternoon nap time in order to find out what is ideal for sleeping and what is more for mere relaxation.

I hope that the list of masks that I’ve enlisted will help you get your ideal eye mask, providing you the best night’s sleep!

I’ve made a list of 8 eye masks that I personally feel were better than the rest, reasons for which I shall be listing. I will also mention some concerns I have about them (if any exist) so that you may steer clear of it if need be. Without further ado, the list is presented below:

Alaska Bear Natural Silk

This sleeping mask is super lustrous in texture and very effective for a good night’s sleep. Further, it being light-weight in nature makes it portable and therefore ideal for traveling. Of course, if you are looking for an eye mask that is most effective with regards to being portable, super comfortable (and plushy) as well as keeping the light out, I think there is no better choice in the market today than the Alaska Bear Natural Silk eye mask; no doubt that this would be my #1 recommendation to anyone.

aslaska bear natural silk sleep mask

What surprised me was just how much light it was able to block out, effectively at that. Most of the eye masks I’ve noticed do a good job of keeping the light out, with about 90-95% efficiency. This one, however, is definitely 99-100%, even if the light source is super bright.

I also like the composition of materials. Did you know that they make use of Mulberry silk (all natural)? This is not only soft but also super airy, extending a nice, cozy feeling to the sleeper.

Further, the adjustable straps are elastic in nature so it’s not like you have to struggle with the fit at the back. The strap adjuster also makes it an easy job to find just the right sort of fit with your preferred amount of tightness.

A major concern I have about any eye mask in general is the material involved in the adjuster because this can be a pain in the butt if you’re a side sleeper, where the adjuster would press up against your skin. This mask has no issues with regards to that factor whatsoever. Long hair won’t be a problem with this either because the product does not make use of any Velcro.

I think that the Alaska Bear does a pretty good job in doing what it was assigned to do, reliably. Sure, there aren’t too many options with regards to accessorizing, so if you’re looking for an eye mask that provides cooling to your eyelids or aromatherapy, you may want to scroll down this list.

However, if you are in search of an eye mask that is simple but does its job efficiently, this is your fit. Oh, also you don’t feel the presence of the mask with this one, which is something most people will like.

Bedtime Bliss Contour

This sleep mask might just be one of the better contoured masks ever made in the market! Ignore the slight exaggeration, the reason why I think it’s an absolute delight is that not only is it super plush and comfortable (much like the Alaska Bear to feel), but it’s very effective in blocking out the light.

Bedtime Bliss Contour sleep mask

A particularly cool feature it has is leaving space between the mask and your eyes, so it’s not like once you put it on you have to keep your eyes shut. There’s plenty of room for you to move your eyes around and further, there is less pressure on the eyelids and eyelashes.

What I also liked about it was that even though it does not have any particular cooling effect, I didn’t find it resting hot even wearing them in the summer. Straps again, are very much adjustable and keeping it a little less than tight should do the trick. Further, the fact that the straps on this one also do not dig into your head, which is good.

We noticed that it leaves no crevice open that can allow a stream of light to flow in, making it very efficient! I think the company did a brilliant job in finding a one-size that fits for everyone, capable of blocking out the maximum amount of light.

And the case that it comes in is absolutely adorable: it has earplugs and everything. If you are in search of a contoured eye mask that gives enough room for your eyes, then I’d say for sure that the Bedtime Bliss is an ideal option for you.

3D Sleep mask by Prettycare

This is a nice eye mask that is made of memory foam. If you think about it, sleep masks are ideally simple materials; they are not built to be complicated; they don’t have many functions other than blocking out the light. Even so, you won’t believe how much thought companies today are putting into products like these, in order to make its design the most efficient for sleepers.

3d sleep mask

If you ask me, it is the only memory foam mask that I found efficient. It being memory foam, I had some concerns, but it is pretty thin and very portable due to its lack of weight.

Even better is the fact that it has a contoured shape and still feels as soft as normal memory foam (which we all know is SUPER soft) and provides enough room for you to move your eyes around from within the mask. Again, all the masks that I’ve listed here are the few handpicked ones that do an excellent job in blocking out the light.

The strap is adjustable, coupled with the velcro fastener in order to retain its shape. The velcor also does a pretty good job at keeping it in its place. They provide 2 sets of earplugs (yay). Added bonus, eh? I have seen a few negative reviews online about their edges falling apart faster than other brands but honestly, I did not experience anything like that. Besides, they do provide two in the pack so that should always do the trick when it falls apart (LOL).

I’d say that the Bedtime Bliss and 3D Sleep Mask do a great job in providing what you want if contoured styled sleeping masks are what you’re in search of. Let me point out that I like Bedtime Bliss sleep masks a little better as it just has a tad bit more room for your eyes to play around.


This mask is again made of Mulberry silk, and has characteristics that are similar to the Alaska Bear and Everest Essential eye masks. After all they are made of the same composition.

In fact, something that played with my brain was the fact that the three of them had so many similar properties that I had to keep going back to the tags to remember which one was which; they really did have very similar properties with regards to its feel.

The composition as mentioned is made primarily of mulberry silk, therefore leaving it unnecessary for me to specify that it is super comfortable and plush to rest your face against.

Purefly sleep mask

It is very airy, so you needn’t worry about the possibility of heat retention. The natural material used to construct it somehow relaxes me more than other synthetic materials, something about the natural property it possesses that gives me this confidence to confine in its comfort.

Further, it does have some nice, adjustable straps that does not include any Velcro: so don’t you worry if you’re one that suffers with long hair getting caught up in it. It is also designed for a large variety of head sizes so the fit shouldn’t be a concern, whatsoever.

Twisting and turning in bed should not render any sort of light creeping in from either side, so this might be the ideal choice for you. I don’t think there are too many differences with regards to the other two masks that I mentioned was similar to this one. Also, it came in an adorable case, making the presentation all the more exciting.

Imak Eye pillow

I think that the title itself did all the speaking: it is the eye mask version of a pillow, something that promotes enough comfort while being supportive to your pressure points and focuses on providing you with the relaxation you crave. I think this is the real definition of innovation: they have gone beyond simple eye masking or blocking out the light.

Further, they have taken the liberty to add 2 additional characteristics in order to relieve pain, something that a large chunk of the population often experience and wish to get rid of during sleep! Not only does it provide acupressure for the sleeper but further extends a cooling effect to your eye sockets, much like a slice of cucumber at a beauty salon!

The material used in its construction is Lycra which extends a very comfortable, soft feeling to touch. One concern would be the weight; if you are looking for the lightest eye mask, this would not be the best option. It is a little heavier than the average eye masks, but maybe not in vain. The extra weight is mostly because of the beads that are in the mask, in an effort to relieve pain in the eye muscles and your face.

Another little something that can be done to improve your comfort would be placing it in the fridge for a little bit to drive in that cooling effect. I have seen that on an average, it does keep cool for about half an hour, which should suffice in providing your eyes with just the right amount of relaxation and comfort.

I know that the weight can be a concern to some but honestly, I think that it might just be a good way to keep out the light from your eyes and also help in soothing them. Additionally, it has contoured space which enables you to move your eyes around freely, relieving the pressure. I think that in general, it goes well beyond any typical eye mask and deserves a shot, no doubt.

Everest Essentials

This sleep mask is a beautifully crafted silk sleeping mask! This mask I’d say has many similar properties to the Alaska bear mask. It is made of a lustrously soft silk fabric to begin with, which provides the most comfortable surface for your eyes to rest up against. The straps are also easily adjustable and can be used for a wide variety of head sizes.

Everest Essentials sleep mask

It has no Velcro in its construction, so you won’t wake up with the straps getting caught in your hair and such. Additionally, I really like the size and design of it all, must say that it does a fairly good job at blocking out the light. Just a tad bit less efficient when considering the other sleep masks above.

Additionally, it is very malleable in nature so sometimes you may feel the mask gelling in with the shape of your face. Some people may find that due to improper fitting, there is a higher chance of light falling onto your eyes.This one comes with a pair of foam earplugs as well as an efficient little travel case and is overall a good option, just not as good as the best 3 listed above.

Sleep Master Deluxe

A little something special about this model is its nice wrap-around design which was a nice surprise for me, although that is purely aesthetic and doesn’t say much about its functionality. So how good of a product is this? It provides decent comfort and adequate amount of light blocking.

SLEEP MASTER sleep mask

The material that is used for its construction is not only soft but super airy in nature, so you needn’t worry about it getting hot. It is made of satin, which will not cause problems while sitting on your face. Additionally, the straps have padding on it, so you needn’t worry about waking up with the straps pressing up against your skin. They also will stay away from your hair.

Again, the soft material is hypoallergenic in nature which makes it less susceptible to causing irritations and will not make impressions on your skin (strap marks and such) when you awaken. It efficiently blocks out the light and I was amused at how large and unique the design is, compared to many other eye masks.

Moving your head around does not let much light to sneak in, much of which is because of how well it is designed. If I do have a concern, it’d be that it may rest just a tad bit hotter than the rest, if you are in an already hot room. If you do not have air conditioning, I would not recommend this eye mask. But in terms of blocking out any source of light, it does a good job.

Earth Therapeutics

This is another one of my personal favorites; it has a very cute fit, made of super plush fabric and If you are one who really likes aromatherapy (I know I do), then I think you may really enjoy what this eye mask has to offer: lingering scents of peppermint and Valerian (proven to be a sleep inducer) will follow you around until you take it off. Something about the smell that is very relaxing and makes people want to drift off into a lulling spell of sleep.

Earth Therapeutics Dream Zone sleep mask

Speaking about the properties such as blocking out light and such, I think that it does a good job (I made it a fact that all the eye masks I’d enlist would be good in this factor). It is very comfortable to put on and is made of a lovely combination of silk and cotton, so the cooling properties speak for themselves.

Additionally, since they are both soft materials, the overall mask is also very soft and comfortable to wear and has a pleasant feeling up against your face. Straps are again adjustable, much like the others and you needn’t worry about the mask slipping off your face or tightening it too hard on your face to combat that issue. However, anyone who is allergic to flowers or even the scent of it, this mask is not for you.