An Irish proverb goes that, “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

One could not have said it better. Who does not look forward to a good night’s sleep, especially, after a long day’s work, more so with today’s hectic lifestyle. But can we vouch that we do indeed sleep well everyday? In today’s “blink ‘n’ miss” relaxation world, our daily life is filled with hectic schedules, with very little time for ourselves.

We are living in a hi-tech professional world with highly demanding timelines, which do not leave us enough room to catch up on our sleep. Therefore, the little time we get, it is important that we get good sleep. And one key aspect to a good night’s sleep is the mattress… a mattress that does not leave you stiff and aching the next day.

As per experts, a good quality mattress is ideally designed to last between five to ten years and it is supposed to be replaced at least every eight years, the reason being that mattresses generally wear out by then. However, this is considered a myth by some, as the life and usability of a mattress depends on many factors.

Though it is said that eight years is the ideal time to change a mattress, this could vary anywhere between five to ten years, depending on how well it is taken care of, how often it is rotated and how often it is slept on.


Let us consider the reasons for replacing our mattress –

  • It is a known fact that human body changes with the progression in one’s age. Hence, it is believed that every few years the mattress needs to be changed to suit our body shape and size, without causing any discomfort
  • Over the years, dust mites, dead cells, body fluids, pollen and various other allergens collect in the mattress.

    They not only give an unpleasant feel and smell to the mattress but also add to its weight. Moreover, they can lead to rashes and other skin related conditions, if one is allergic to the above mentioned allergens
  • Sleeplessness owing to constant tossing and turning the whole night or even changing positions through the night
  • Waking up with body aches, sore muscles, stiffness, not-so-fresh feeling and even numbness or tingling of our extremities as a result of sleeping on a worn-our mattress
  • Worn-out and aged mattress, with lumps, indentations and sag
  • Change in one’s lifestyle, from being single to becoming a couple
After having discussed the reasons to change a mattress, it can be said that how well we feel when we wake up in the morning reflects on how good a mattress is that we slept on and vice versa. However, let us not blame all our bad mornings to a bad mattress and that… is a topic for discussion, another day!

Having understood the reasons to change or not change a mattress, all that can be said is that a mattress should provide us comfort, not discomfort!

Is it time to check your mattress?