Why use white noise machines to begin with? What is it and how is it beneficial to anyone? Is it really as effective as they claim for it to be? You’ll learn more about this through this article; here we speak extensively about white noise, addressing questions like: when it is most effective, what customers would benefit most from it and also the best white noise machines in the market today. Brace yourself, a whole lot of information is headed right your way.


Okay, so first off, what is white noise? To put it in simple words, it is one of the most efficient ways wherein you can mask the effect of noise around you in an effort to sleep better; it helps you fall asleep faster.

Who will benefit from this product?

If one is unable to find an ideal sleeping environment due to external noise, then this might be very helpful. For instance if you have annoying neighbors who like to blast music loud, you could combat that using white noise machines.

Many people find that when the rain drums against their roofs or let’s say there’s a storm accompanied by thunder and lightning, sleep becomes difficult, yeah- white noise machine can help here.

Another group of people who could particularly benefit from this product would be someone who works night shifts and comes back home to sleep. But then mornings are noisy, it’s when everyone is up and going to work and such. White noise machines can dull those chirpy noises. Let me also add, it's especially useful for people who suffer from tinnitus.

And from what we’ve noticed, babies have been found to sleep comfortably with white noise. Studies have shown that babies apparently do not get awakened by startling noises such as a doorbell or the phone when in the presence of white noise.

White noise machine options

So what about the styles we can choose from? Essentially there are two:
  • The pure white noise generating machine; the “pure” part of it just means that the sound that it generates gels in with the air comfortably, so it’s not like we feel it as a separate noise as such.
  • Then there are some machines that have white noise recordings, some of which can be some sounds you find soothing. Some people like to sleep by the sound of the waves crashing up against rocks, the rain tumbling on the roof, the babbling waters of a brook, or even the rustling of trees within a forest.

The Best White noise machines

As staff of a sleep related community forum, I have personally tested some white noise machines and gained information about some others via our awesome community members. So here goes a list of best options.


This is the best option out there for white noise generation. Even though it does not have too many fancy features or options to play around with, I think that the simplicity of it is what makes it stand out as effective; it leaving little room for confusion.

Indeed, the overall neat design of it and it being rather simple is appreciable. Yes, the options of the sounds it produces are less, in fact there’s only two. One is the standard white noise, which resembles the sound of a fan. This according to statistics, tells us that most people find this more relaxing than otherwise static white noise.

There are different settings available to the customer as well, which will help find the right pitch and volume that you might be looking for, something that is ideal for you. Further, their aim, much like others, is to avoid external noise, or drain it and help you fall asleep faster and longer.

Key points to consider
  • There are about 10 different settings for both fan and white noise sounds.
  • You’d be surprised how high the volume of this bad boy goes up! For some reason, some people blast them real loud and find it more effective. Of course, it’s a different thing that most people who do blast them as loud is probably because they have huge rooms and want the noise to fill the entire room in order to retain the sound from getting lost amongst the corners
  • You may leave it on all night, but if you are concerned about the environment and don’t want to waste too much power, there is a timer option.
  • It is also very much portable since it’s light and compact, it will fit in bags comfortably, so don’t worry if you’re one to travel a bunch. You can plug it in directly into the mains or even to the USB ports of a laptop/computer
What about potential disadvantages? The only thing I can think of is that there aren't too many options to choose from. This might not be ideal for people who like particular soundscapes for whom Cherry Koala (discussed below) might be a good pick. On the other hand, if you know that an ideal sound for you involves white noise or the fan whirring, then you may find this as an ideal option. Again, I also think that the minimalistic design makes it a little more attractive if anything.

Marpac Dohm Classic: The Original White Noise Machine

Marpac Dohm Classic is another great option I would recommend to customers, which is particularly interesting because it does not include any recordings as such; the sound comes from an internal fan that is within the generator. If you ask me, there’s no other machine in the market today that has this level of realism of producing white noise. As someone who personally appreciates the originality of white noise, I can say that theirs is definitely amongst the best.

To be honest, it being a pure and plain white noise machine, I’d say is an endearing quality, something that cuts right to the chase. I feel that the additional features of some other machines just makes it lose the reason why it was invented in the first place. The single job it was expected to perform is being done efficiently, and the lack of giving room for too many fancy features makes it good in my opinion, considering most of the added perks are barely ever touched.

What then is most gripping about the Marpac Dohm? I’d say their basic mechanism should be highlighted: essentially just takes in air into the machine and produces a white noise sound. This sound is found to be calming and soothing, often helping you sleep better. You can still choose from two speed settings and then you can also control the air that flows through it, which in effect takes a toll on the pitch and volume of the sound that is rendered. This can be done by twisting the collar, and again, I think the simplicity of it bags 10/10.

Key Points to consider
  • As far as I know, no other white noise generator produces its noise naturally. 10/10 for originality!
  • It leaves no room for looping, primarily because all the noise that is rendered, comes from the internal fan by merely passing air into it
  • It comes within a color range of white, black and beige! Pretty neat, eh? Speaking further about the design of it, I can say that the sleekness, as well as the overall unobtrusive design, makes it chic in the market.
  • Speaking of its portability, I’d say that it being light-weight makes it flexible regarding portability, so again, don’t you worry if you’re one to travel a lot.

What about the potential disadvantages? Of course, the fact that there aren’t too many options of sounds to choose from will not appeal some. The lower range of pitch may not be low enough for some people and yes - there is no auto timer, so it stays on all night unless you wake up and turn it off.

Some customers want white noise that is authentic. For those of you, I say go with the Marpac Dohm, there’s no other option in the market that is quite as authentic. That said, I think that the authenticity of the Lectrofan is equally good, just that it has a wider range of options to choose from, so that’s why it ranks higher in my book.

Cherry Koala Sleep Tones

This is a sound therapy machine that produces not only white noise but also a variety of other natural sounds along with the option of timing it, aka, a timer:


There is a large chunk of the population that doesn’t like the white noise alone. I’d say for someone who is looking for a machine that has a wide variety of natural soundscape ranges; the Cherry Koala might just be the ideal option. It is made beautifully, makes the standard white noise just fine, and also has other sounds of nature included.

Further, the speakers gel in well with the sounds and can play at good audible volumes too, while providing decent sound quality. It does not have the Adaptive sounds technology, but for the price - it is great value.

It also has a timer, a feature that I find necessary for any white noise machine. Funnily enough, there are many machines out there that do not have the clock, and since this is one of the few that have them, we feel it's important to highlight.

Key points to consider
  • Built extremely well, the design is expressive. The build is rather small, and compact, taking lesser space.
  • There are many sounds to pick from, and it’s not limited to white noise alone. There are many other sounds available, all of which are relaxing indeed.
  • Easy to use, even if there are many options to choose from. There is also a turn dial that can help you navigate through the options.
  • There are four timer options, 15-30-60-90 minutes playing, or of course, it can play for you throughout the night.
  • The higher range of the volume is pretty high which can help you block a broader range of noise.
  • There is a fancy LCD clock display as well.

Let's also nitpick some... it does have a clock, but for some reason lacks an alarm functionality. Even so, I’d say that the product is good, just that the manufacturer missed a trick. The machine has a particular amount of looping, something that cannot be avoided. Even so, since some of them are sounds involve a certain level of repetition anyway (for instance, the waves crashing against rocks), so it doesn’t really matter for those particular cases.

But for other sounds, for instance, thunder crackling you may notice the looping. Even so, I’d say that it is the best option to consider if you’re looking for some natural sounds, particularly if you’re in search of a reasonably priced product. That said, I wouldn’t say that the control over the white noise that Cherry Koala seems to have is as efficient as Lectrofan or Marpac Dohm. But overall this is definitely a well priced well-rounded product.

Sound+ Sleep fidelity

This sleep sound machine is the most advanced product on this list! It has many responsive features and makes use of high-quality recordings. Sure, it is a tad bit pricier, but considering the number of natural sounds it produces (that and of course, other added perks), one would say that it’s not badly priced.

It has what the manufacturer calls "adaptive sound technology", the ability to detect the volume and pitch of external noise and adjust its volume just enough to overcome that noise and render a peaceful environment to sleep in. It reduces the volume if the volume of the external noise is dying down and amps it up if the external noise increases, a feature which is designed to give you a predictable environment to sleep in.

I’d say they get 10/10 for innovation and use of technology, and you’d be surprised by how accurate it actually works. I think this brilliant idea shows how much thought they have put into the overall process and that is something that needs to be appreciated.

Key points to consider
  • The range of soundscapes is insane. It has over 400 soundscapes and all of them (which we have personally tested) are very accurate to the sounds they claim to be; pretty realistic if you ask me.
  • There is a wide variety of recordings that are randomly infused into the generator to prevent looping.
  • The richness of it all comes through subtly: for instance, forest sounds include the cooing of a cuckoo bird at various times just so that the customer feels as though he is really sitting in a forest.
  • The stylish design is ideal for the modern home today. That, and of course the fact that you need not control it on your own when the external noise increases/decreases around you is clever.
  • The range of timings available is useful, and you won’t have to leave it on all night.
  • You can play around with the buttons to find yourself just the right pitch and volume with regards to the noise that you hear outside. Further, the quality of the speakers is good, blocking out most, if not all of the external noise that you might be hearing otherwise, helping you sleep soundly.
I’d say that the price is a little high, something that not many would be willing to swing, but If you are looking for a great sleeping experience and don’t mind spending just a smidge more, this is one advanced white noise machine that won't disappoint.

HoMedics Sound Spa

If you are browsing through potential options amidst the lower priced machines, we’d say that this is definitely one of the better ones. Of course, other brands sell their products in the same price range, but I think that it’s important to evaluate each one of them based on the value of the purchase. Better to buy smart than end up regretting what you bought in the first place.

What’s special about the HoMedics Sound Spa? I think an endearing feature about the same is how good the sound quality is, especially at the price they’re offering it at. Also the the sound is prett6y much adequate to mask reasonable range of external noises.

Key points to consider
  • There are 6 different soundscapes that you can choose from: White Noise, Rain, Thunder, Ocean, Summer Night and Brook .
  • There are 15, 30 and 60 minute auto off timers available.
  • It runs on batteries, but you can also plug it directly into mains.
  • Super portable and very convenient to use. In fact, it can be fitted inside a suitcase with ease.
If you’re looking for something that you don’t need to put too much money into and want a nice, soothing sound playing in the background which will help you sleep, then I’d say that this is a good inexpensive option for white noise generation.