A lot of the new mattress companies manufacture mattresses comprising 100% foam, which is great for those who like to sink far into their beds, but for people who prefer a bit of zip and bounce, Saatva mattresses are built with 2 layers of innerspring coils that are foam-bound and provides just the optimal little amount of sinkage, thereby giving the pleasure of being able to bounce on it a little (but not too much). Let’s face it, even adults like jumping on the bed just for fun.


Apart from that well thought out foam-wrapped coils, it provides a lustrous pillow top (Euro styled), amplifying your comfort, all at a reasonable price point. Saatva of course also offers memory foam mattresses under the Loom & Leaf brand and latex mattresses under the ZenHaven brand, but the original Saatva mattresses that is sold under the brand "Saatva" are the innerspring ones, the ones that made them famous to start with and that is the one we are reviewing here.​


Layer 1 (Cover, Euro style pillow top)

This is the outermost layer. It was designed with the intention to maximize comfort. It comprises of a breathable cotton cover, soft and lustrous. The pillow top gives it an element of luxury, adding to the comfort provided.

Layer 2 (Memory foam)

The layer sitting under the cotton cover comprises of memory foam, which is known to be sensitive to pressure. This layer provides further lumbar support, therefore ideal for any age group. 100% foam composition is however known to lead to heat retention problems, which is why Saatva’s composition of the thin layer of memory foam is good forn those who like to cleep cooler.

Layer 3: (Contour coils wrapped in foam)

Over the support base is a set of contour coils wrapped neatly within individual layer of foam. The foam wrapped around the coils aims to minimize the motion transfer, and the coils provide the bounce. This layer is what gives Saatva it’s nurturing effect. With approximately 884 individual coils, the support is excellent in most positions you sit in! Talk about nurturing done right!

Layer 4: (Highly graded steel coils)

The support base lies at the bottom and is composed of steel coils that provide essential support and shape for the mattress. The customary hourglass shaped coils act as the premise of the entire construction, it supports the weight and helps maintain the overall shape. Saatva makes use of Bonnell springs in particular.

Bonnell springs are the most popular and have proven to be super effective. It is very strong which makes this a mattress that would support heavier sleepers pretty well. Saatva makes use of the 416 unit springs for a Queen size mattress which is a fairly good number.

Note: The base innerspring is covered with an insulation pad on top. These insulation pads are placed to prevent the foam from sinking too far into the spring gaps, thereby maintaining the overall longevity of the mattress. Look for the layer just above the base springs in the pic below.


Above is the simplified pictorial insight of the construction: (1) is the individually wrapped comfort coils (2) shows the rigid foam encasement at the edges for edge support (3) is the memory foam layer (4) is the base steel coil support for increased durability and (5) is the high-quality Euro pillow top and cover.

Again, Edge support is pretty good (look below)



The feel of the mattress is also defined by the thin layer of the cover. While mattress hunting, the first thing anyone does is plop right onto the mattress, and run their hands over the cover, ensuring the feel is just right. What better way to guarantee this feeling by providing a 100% organic cotton cover?

The organic cotton ensures that it is breathable in nature (evaporation of sweat is also swift, so don’t worry if you’re known to be a warm/hot sleeper) and further provides softness. Overall, it has a lustrous texture, very likable, indeed!

The Loam & Leaf cover is almost identical to this one, which was the first thing that struck uswhile feeling this cover. What really sets it apart, however, is the added feature of the Euro-styled pillow top.

The traditional pillow tops are sewn on top of the mattress, which does not provide it the aesthetics it deserves. With the Euro-style, the pillows are sewn neatly within the cover, providing an overall pleasing aesthetic, as well as longer durability.

Traditional pillow tops eventually lose shape and texture with additive use. This is not an issue with the newly instilled pillow tops that provide more longevity.

In the year of 2016, Saatva decided to upgrade their pillow top technology, by keeping the Euro-style, but changing the quilting pattern in the middle section of the pillow top. The quilting pattern was made tighter than normal, to provide added lumbar support, which helps attain proper spinal alignment while sleeping.

Most of us tend to neglect the lumbar region that requires the most support during sleep. But don’t worry, because Saatva mattresses have got your back (literally).

Saatva offers 3 levels of comforts (from firm to soft)


It is the firmest of mattresses, an 8/10 rigidity. Just like other Saatva mattresses, it wraps the coils within memory foam, but with a foam of much higher rigidity. Indeed, the initial cushioning of the body exists, but followed immediately is a feeling of firm support from the mattress. This is ideal for people who desire added lumbar support, generally the age group of 45 and above and do not like moving about in their sleep

Luxury firm:

Caught in the middle, lies Saatva luxury, that is a 5/10 on the firmness scale. This is the go-to option when you don’t prefer 'too firm' or 'too soft'. It is what 80% of the customers choose, as it offers a medium firmness: providing the required amount of lumbar support, while allowing you to dissolve into your heap of softness, but just enough. The luxury firm is what you often find in nice hotels. This is particularly ideal for customers who constantly toss and turn positions in bed

Plush soft:

Undoubtedly the only mattress manufactured by Saatva that offers the “sleeping amongst the clouds” effect. This is for sleepers who like to be cuddled by the mattress in a supportive embrace, thereby allowing themselves to sink (relatively) into the mattress. The foam used for this is much softer and conforming in nature. It ranks a 3/10 in the firmness scale. Ideal for customers who sleep on their sides and want to sink deep into the mattress. We prefer the other two, not this.

Sinkage Levels

These tests results are for the Luxury Firm comfort variant and might interest customers, and I mean, why not? How else do you compare mattresses, and find your ideal match?
  • Lying on your back: An average of 1.5-2 inches (for a person from 140-200 lbs)
  • Lying on your side: An approximate of 2-3 inches experienced.
  • Sitting on an edge of the bed: A depression of close to 3 inches was made.
  • Standing in the middle: Sinkage of 5-6 inches occurred.

Bounce Levels

Since it is a spring mattress, the first question that would pop into your mind would be, how far 'deep' can it 'bounce' off a body. The bounce in the cover layer exists but is not too much since the mattress does not contain super springs or latex. The bounce produced while dropping a 9-10 pound object on the surface: about 6 inches which in my opinion is optimal for most people.

Motion Isolation

If you have a companion in bed, motion isolation is an important factor. This is essentially how much your companion would get affected if, let’s say, you were to sneak into bed. This depends largely on the weight of the person sneaking in.

Upon conducting a small experiment involving dropping an object weighing around 10 pounds onto the bed from a height of around 2 meters, it was found that little counteraction resulted in the neighboring areas. This is a good result and the reason behind its nature is because of the lightly pocketed coils in the second layer.

As the coils are not tightly coupled together, the bounce that results is not a great deal and the spread is contained. However, if a much larger force was to be applied, say the person coming into bed were to plop right onto it, naturally, the springs in the bottom level would be nudged at, causing the bouncing effect to be more pronounced.

Alleviates Back Pain & Stiffness?

Saatva says that the “Spinal Zone’ sleep technology will help reduce back pain and stiffness. They say this is facilitated via an active wire support in the center third of the mattress.

According to information on Saatva’s website, this zone helps maintain optimal spinal alignment thereby providing good support, improved weight distribution, and lessens pressure points. The mattress has received the approval of the Congress of Chiropractic State Association’s Seal. If you suffer from back stiffness and pain, then opt for the luxury firm comfort variant.


One advantage Saatva offers is you don' have to cough up sales tax. Depending on your local sales tax, that’s an added discount of about 100-150$ right there. Further, the three levels of firmness are all priced the same.

The prices vary depending on the size required. The larger you go, the higher the prices are (reasonably, at that). Saatva further offers two thickness levels (11.5” and 14.5”) which are both priced the same.

Made in USA

Saatva proudly declares itself to be an American company. However, it does have links with Canada, where they have two factories that help with the production and sales of mattresses to Canadian customers. Their mattresses are further known to travel less than 1000 miles, which adds to reduced carbon emissions. Even though they try to source most (if not all) products required for the mattresses in America, they cannot guarantee this 100%.

[format=h2]Eco Friendliness[/format]
Guaranteeing a high level of eco-friendliness, Saatva’s advantage lies in its lucidity with their customers. Nothing is hidden, and they are transparent about the materials used for manufacturing.
  • The cover contains organic cotton (100%).
  • The steel used for the springs are recycled steel.
  • The memory foam used comes from polyol, a natural plant base, and in most cases, the soy plant.
  • The flame retardant used is made of wood pulp.

Who may or may not like this mattress

You may like this mattress if you
  • are looking to buy mattresses online
  • are looking for a good value
  • need good spinal support as well as comfort
  • hate waking up in a pool of perspiration
  • toss and turn frequently in your sleep, as Saatva’s repositioning is brilliant.
You may not prefer this mattress if:
  • you need the full memory foam feel
  • you need to sink deep into your mattress
  • you’re the kind who needs to try out mattresses at the store (it’s availability is limited to online shopping).

Interesting Stuff

The two thickness levels provided by Saatva are 11.5” and 14.5”. These measurements are taken without considering the pillow top (which is about another 2 inches). Technically, they are understating the thickness by not including the additional bonus of 2 inches which adds plenty to the heavenly feel.

The existence of multiple sets of coils throughout the foundation of the bed (Layer 1) prevents the bed from compressing at any one point alone, as they work collaboratively.

The lumbar support provided can be felt with the help of a little, fun experiment. Lying across the bed in a East-West position will be different from that while lying in the (ideal) North-South position. The reason is that the lumbar support has been designed in the North-South direction, and while sitting in any other direction will show you the slight lack of it, and therefore you can note the significant difference.

Return Policy

For those of us who need to get a good feel of the mattress before purchasing it, don’t shy away from Saatva’s online purchasing policy. They provide a generous return policy, wherein the mattress delivered to you may be used by you for upto 120 nights, within which you are allowed to return it, with a refund. No questions asked.


Overall, we were thoroughly satisfied with the mattress. It is great for people who are in search of that innerspring feel. Its extended use of springs provide lumbar support and competitive prices make it a quality brand one cannot ignore.