Imagine…you just invested a lot in your dream mattress after a lot of planning and saving up to buy THE ONE…and then your child decides that it is best and most comfortable place to urinate!

What is that first thought in your head? One of your prized possessions… gone down the drain? No matter how upset you might get with your child, you can do nothing about that…nor can you blame the child. After all, where else could the child feel a similar comfort…after the parents lap, of course!


We will try to put to rest this worry of yours and show how you can get rid of urine stains and the smell and get your mattress back to almost being new…without having to invest much.

  • If you happen to notice the stain when it is fresh and still wet, the best immediate thing to do is to soak up as much moisture as possible with the help of a paper towel or sponge. Once that is done, baking soda will do the rest…soaking up whatever little moisture is left. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can do an even better job of soaking up the urine from the mattress.
  • The next step is to get rid of the strong urine smell and the best buddy for this job is the laundry detergent. A laundry detergent not only works best in getting rid of urine smell but also helps in breaking up dried-up urine stains. A mixture of laundry detergent (a couple teaspoons) in a cup of hot water will do the magic. This mixture can be used in either spraying or wetting the stain. Another combination that does the same job is a mixture of water and vinegar (in equal parts); though vinegar has a strong smell, it goes away over time but does its job well.
  • The laundry detergent-water mixture needs to be applied to the stained area and the place blotted well to remove any residual urine or moisture, in order to prevent mold. Ensure this is done immediately after the initial blotting of urine.
  • Baking soda too does a wonderful job of getting rid of urine smell and also prevents the smell from seeping into other parts of the mattress. The mattress needs to be dried out for at least 18 to 24 hours and then the excess baking soda sucked out with the help of a vacuum cleaner. The mattress is then ready to be aired out in a place with good ventilation, to ensure that there is absolutely no smell left.
  • If the mattress still smells of urine, then it needs to be taken to professional stain removers; however, this is more the case in older mattresses that have been riddled with urine stains, repeatedly.
  • Just follow these steps and we are sure that your mattress will be as good as new, and you can enjoy your sleep without being bugged by the smell of urine.