After writing about mattresses and sleep in general for the last couple of years, I can say one thing with absolute certainty: comfort is the top most priority when it comes to sleep. While shopping for mattresses, people look for mattress with the most cushioning and comfort. There are also people out there who do not get the level of comfort they expect from their mattress, which is where pillows play a very important role.


The use of multiple pillows seems to have become the norm now, mainly because of how comfortable the experience is. I, myself have been using 2-3 pillows when I sleep. I have always thought that 2 thinner pillows are better than using one big, fluffy pillow. For this very reason, I have always used 2 pillows. This arrangement always seemed to provide me with more support and kept me satisfied. At least it seemed that way to me.

The truth is that you only require one proper pillow to give your head and spine the optimum support it requires. Anything more or anything less can be harmful to the said parts of your body, not to mention the fact that it will degrade your sleeping experience considerably over time.

Research has proven that the best position to sleep in is a position in which your head, neck and spine are kept in neutral position. Your body tends to stay in this position when you use one, proper pillow. The reason why I have mentioned the fact that you need one proper pillow is because your sleep gets affected if your pillow is too high, or too low. Such situations can lead to all sorts of health problems, such as stiffness, back and neck pain, fatigues, headaches etc.

There are many factors to take into consideration while picking the right pillow. These may differ from person to person, since everybody has a different body type, sleep position etc. Let us look at some of the most popular types of pillows.

The first type on my list is memory foam pillows. These pillows have gained a lot of popularity in the market, mainly because of the number of positive reviews memory foam was able to gain ever since it hit the market. There are many people out there who would go for a memory foam mattress, simply because when they think of the words “memory foam”, they are able to imagine the plush softness and comfort provided by it. Memory foam pillows are ideal for some people since they have the ability to mold according to your sleeping position, therefore keeping your head, neck and back constantly supported.

The next type of pillow on my list is the adjustable pillow. If you have never heard of this type of pillow, it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a pillow that allows you to add or remove the filling in it, therefore allowing you to change its size until you find a thickness that you are most comfortable with. This way, you can ensure that your neck and head remain in neutral position.

If you are still unsure about which pillow to go for, there are many companies out there, like Casper, which provide their customers a trial period with their pillows, which means that you can test them out before actually committing to it. This means that if you do not feel that the pillow is the right fit for you, all you have to do is return the pillow. I would recommend going for this option since the secret is to use different kinds of pillows till you find the one that best suits you. The main factor to take into consideration is the amount of support the pillow provides for your neck and head.

Now that we have talked about all the reasons why you should not use two pillows, let me mention a few ways in which using 2 pillows would make your sleep more comfortable, while providing support at the same time. One way to do this would be to sleep with one pillow under your head and one pillow under your knees. This would be in the case of back sleepers. For side sleepers, keeping the second pillow between the knees would provide optimum comfort.

For people who tend to sleep on their stomachs, find a neutral sleeping position would be relatively tough, which is why I would recommend that such sleepers should get some sort of full body pillow, which would provide the right amount of airflow, which is essential for a good night’s sleep.

So to summarize, try using a single pillow instead of multiple pillows because at the end of the day, you want to keep your head, neck and back in neutral position, so that you can minimize pain and stiffness, which will help you sleep peacefully. Hope the information helped!