Over the last couple of years, I have reviewed several different mattresses, and I have talked about the main components of each mattress in detail. I have talked about the main factors that one should take into consideration when shopping for a mattress, such as comfort level, durability, price, etc. I have mentioned how there is an ideal mattress for every person out there; each person just needs to do a little research before buying one.


So basically, I have talked about everything one must take into consideration before buying a mattress. However, I recently received a question, which triggered me to write this forum: “Is a mattress with good sleeping comfort just as good for sex?” This made me realize that this is one factor that I never really touched on. I have talked about the ideal mattresses for couples in the past, but that was based on sleeping comfort, and not sex. When it comes to sex, the mattress you buy should be of high quality, with good bounce, reduced noise, as well as comfort.

What Makes a Top Mattress for Sex?

  • Ease of Movement: When it comes to sex, it is always better to go for a mattress which is easier to move in. A mattress that makes your movements stiff is the last thing you would want while spending time with your partner. A mattress that makes movements easier would make your overall experience a lot more enjoyable.
  • Comfort: This is an important factor to take into consideration when buying a mattress in general. Sleeping comfort is the main reason why people decide to switch mattresses. While comfortable sleep is important, comfort during sex is also a very important factor to take into consideration while shopping for a mattress. This helps make your overall experience a lot more pleasurable.
  • Bounce: For obvious reasons, bounce is a very important factor to take into consideration when talking about sex. Many people will agree that the constant up-and-down motion plays a very important role in setting the mood for the couple, which helps them get going. In a way, the bouncier the mattress, the more enjoyable the experience.
  • Lack of Noise: This may not be a big problem for couples who stay alone, but people (such as parents or students) who share a house with other people may want to consider this factor. The importance of privacy while spending private time with your partner may be a lot more if you have a couple of roommates, or even worse, your family!
  • Edge Support: You may want to look for a mattress with good edge support, because even though it is an important factor to take into consideration when shopping for a mattress in general, it is a critical factor when it comes to sex. A mattress with negligible edge support would limit the usable surface area of your mattress, which means that you will not be able to move around as much on your mattress, which will make your overall experience a little less satisfying.
Now that we have talked about all the important factors, I will recommend 3 mattresses which I think are ideal for sex, based on the factors mentioned above:
  • Saatva: The main advantage about getting an innerspring mattress is that they are bouncy, have good edge support, and have the perfect comfort level. When I say perfect comfort level, I mean that this mattress is soft enough to give you good sleep, but not too soft that your knees and thighs will end up sinking into the mattress. Personally, I think innerspring mattresses are best for sex. More specifically, the Saatva is my top recommendation. This mattress has three firmness options (firm, luxury firm and soft), all of which would be perfect for sex. Compared to other mattresses on the market, these mattresses are priced reasonably. With prices ranging from $600-1400 for different variants, I would definitely recommend this mattress to any couple looking for one.
  • Love and Sleep: This mattress is also a good option for couples looking to put it to good use, especially because of the great bounce it offers. The bounce this mattress offers is one of the factors that makes it very appealing, and this is all because of the Energex Foam it is made out of. Other reasons to take a look at this mattress are that when compared to other mattresses, this mattress does not make as much sound, and also does not heat up as fast. The heat factor is one every person should take into consideration, especially because your mattress is like a “third participant” in your sex life, and you do not want the heat from your mattress to ruin your experience.
  • Leesa: Unlike the first 2 mattresses, the Leesa is designed to be more bouncy. This is probably the most attractive trait of this mattress, as the comfort level is decent while sleeping, and above average for sex. The fact that your knees and thighs do not sink in as far as they do in memory foam mattresses is another advantage.
Now, with the help of this simple table, you should get an idea about the main factors of major mattresses.
Mattress Comfort Bounce Noise Reduction Ease of Movement Edge Support
Memory Foam

Readers of this forum are requested to take all the recommendations into consideration, as I have tried to put all the useful information related to mattresses, and how to figure out whether or not they are ideal for sex. Keep in mind that I wrote this article with the intention of helping every reader out there look for a mattress that is both ideal for sex, as well as for a good night’s sleep. Happy shopping!