Thomas Dekker, the English writer, could not have put it more aptly. “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”

How many of you out there can say that you never got a crick in your neck from a bad night’s sleep? All of us would have at some point in time gotten up groggy in the morning with a real bad crick and who or what is to be blamed for that? Well, believe it or not, the pillow. Not just a good pillow but the type of pillow plays a major role in ensuring we all sleep like babies.


Pillow buying may sound like a simple chore, but the fact that our day revolves around how well we sleep depends a lot on the pillow we sleep on. Planning the type of pillow to buy is as important as planning to purchase a car that suits our needs. It is imperative that we factor-in many aspects before we make our selection of the pillow.

Consider the following before you select your pillow:

Take time to understand your sleeping position and your personal needs – The height of a pillow depends on how one sleeps. While the best pillow for a stomach sleeper is either a flat one or none, the back sleeper needs a medium thick pillow and the side sleeper needs a thicker pillow to support the neck.

  • Get to know your pillow filling: There are many types of pillow fillings ideal for different purposes. Be it for a medical condition, or the cost factor (certain fillings are more expensive than others), the feel of the pillow, etc. Consider the following types of pillows, depending on your need
  • Cooling technology pillows: These help in removing the excess heat, which some people experience while sleeping. They are ideal for people who like to lie down and watch their favourite Netflix movies long into the night.
  • Latex pillows: These are among the firmest pillows, which resist dust mites and mold. These pillows are ideal to contour and support the neck and also help in the alignment of back and neck.
  • Wool/cotton pillows: These pillows too are dust mites and mold-resistant pillows that are also hypoallergenic. These firm pillows provide extract support to the neck.
  • Down/feather pillows: Owing to their lightweight and softness, many sleep experts recommend these pillows, especially for stomach and side sleepers. The filling can be adjusted and moved around in the pillow as per ones requirement of support.
Memory foam pillows – These pillows are made of a denser material that is ideal for neck support. They are known to ease out the pressure points and also adjust to the shape and movement of the body, through the night.

Try out the pillow – Take time to try out different pillows before you decide on the one to purchase. If possible, lie down on the pillow for a few minutes and if that is not possible, try to lean against a wall with the pillow as a headrest. That would give a fair enough idea about the feel and comfort.

Take time to consider these factors and if necessary try out a combination of the pillows, based on your need. These tips should help you find your type of pillow, without having to go through the agony of more neck cricks and back aches, while you watch your favourite Netflix movie.

Netflix away into the night and sleep tight!