Top 3 Mattresses for Couples

The eminence of choosing the apt mattress for yourself lies in escalating the quality of sleep, for your partner and yourself. It is important to note that there is no singular perfect mattress; this is applicable not only for couples, but lone sleepers as well. That said, there are some factors that couples need to consider while mattress hunting.

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Certain characteristics need to be prioritized, and some of my personal evaluators include top-notch quality, durability and excellent value; the latter of which is often given highest priority to. While each of these factors are equally important, motion isolation and the choice of customization also play key roles. My top 3 mattresses for couples are as follows:
  • Helix
  • Loam and Leaf
  • Sleep Number

Helix Sleep

This unique bed-in-a-box is sold exclusively online, thereby extending good value. However, what makes them stand apart from the others is the customization options they extend to sleepers.

Before making the purchase, their website directs customers to a “quiz” that collects basic data about potential sleep preferences that the customer may portray. These criteria mostly relate to the temperature and firmness preferences, along with some other basic factors. Based on the responses, a personalized mattress will be extended towards the customer.

It doesn’t stop at that. What is often overlooked with Helix is that personalization can occur on either side of the bed. This quality makes it particularly convenient for couples. For instance, you and your partner who are willing to invest in this new bed may each, individually take this test, and produce a bed that has each side customized, based on personal preferences of each.

Apart from this, the great price point that Helix has to offer makes it the only one like itself in the market to offer such depths of customization. This explains why Helix ranks 1st in our mattress for couples pick!

Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf is one of the top reviewed mattresses, apart from already being known as the best mattress to suit side sleepers. Additionally, its motion isolation property makes it ideal for couples.

Being a high-quality memory foam mattress, and portraying an online business model of purchase, Loom and Leaf has your back in terms of value of purchase. It is significantly more affordable than many other mattresses in the market, with varying specifications.

Since motion transfer is a quality that most couples are not crazy about, this mattress is particularly beneficial for couples. Your partner tossing and turning on the other side of the bed may no longer affect your beauty rest, with the blessing of Loom and Leaf.

Sleep Number

Sleep Number is yet another winner in terms of promoting personalization on either side of the mattress, which does present a certain advantage in the couple’s mattress choice list. Apart from this, they do extend an air-mattress technology that customers are increasingly loving.

Having said that, there is a downside to Sleep Number, in that it has been found to be polarizing: some people love it, but some hate it. The price range is also on the higher end as well, questioning whether there is a good value of purchase. The best option would be to test it out yourself, before buying it online.

Any Other Mattresses That Would be Eligible?

As a focal point, I’d suggest you revolve about the first 3 options presented to you; but you might want to branch out. Focus mostly on the key features that are sought after, while searching for the ideal mattress for couples. Some of these are as follows:
  • Latex foams: Some of these foams present good cases of motion isolation, but not all. It mostly depends on the particular mattress being considered.
  • HD memory foam: Memory foam in general may or may not have the best motion isolation, but the higher the density, the better the motion isolation is.
Innerspring with pocketed coils: Most would think that an innerspring mattress would be the last of considerations with regard to motion isolation. When the mattress makes use of pocketed coils, however, the motion transfer is relatively low.

How bad is Motion Transfer?

Sleeping with someone else in bed can be disturbing, especially if you’re one to get bothered by the least of motions. How one addresses this is simply by finding the right mattress to nip it in the bud: by providing great motion isolation.

This means that your partner applying pressure on their part of the bed does not affect you. The best way to find out the level of motion isolation is trying it out personally in the showroom. While focusing on the motion isolation factor may seem rather insignificant, a good night’s sleep can be replenished with the right mattress.

How Do I get the Right Feel?

While motion isolation is a major factor couples must consider while mattress shopping, the more significant issue is finding one that both individuals are comfortable with. This task is tougher than it appears. Individual preferences differ vastly; one person may be a side sleeper, and a back sleeper, while the other one may be a side sleeper, who is on the lighter side.

Many factors exist, that can help an individual determine whether or not they will like a particular mattress. Often, it’s best to go with the right compromise of an option. Digging deeper into the layers of the characteristics and preferences of each sleeper, find common ground and find the mattress that lives up to these standards.

Another option would be to go with the customized mattresses, which in my opinion is often the better option. No one likes compromising, especially when it comes to selecting the right mattress. This is particularly applicable when both partners are very different to the extent where compromise is no longer an option. Sleep Number would be the right option here, where each side can have an adjustable firmness.