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Tips For Selecting Your First CPAP Mask

After a person is diagnosed with sleep apnea (obstructive, central or mixed), the next step is to buy a CPAP mask. Many users just...
waterbed sex

Sex on a Waterbed – Are Waterbeds Good for Sex?

Ever since its modern-day version was invented in 1968 by Charles Hall as a part of his master’s thesis project for San Francisco State...
PAP machine

Tips to Choose a PAP Machine

Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy is the most common treatment type for sleep apnea and is delivered using a PAP machine. Typically, the PAP machine...

How Often Should You Replace Your Pillows?

How often should you replace your pillow? Well, there is no formula you can use to calculate the time after which you should replace...
gel foam mattress

Does Gel-Infused Memory Foam Really Keep You Cool?

Mattress companies out there realized that adding liquid gel to memory foam helps it retain all of the goodness of memory foam mattresses, while...

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